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Green Wave, the nickname of the sports teams of Tulane University, was adopted during the 1920 season, after a song titled “The Rolling Green Wave” was published in the Tulane Hullabaloo in 1920. From 1893 to 1919 the athletic teams of Tulane were officially known as “The Olive and Blue,” for the official school colors. In 1919 theTulane Weekly, one of Tulane’s many student newspapers at the time and the predecessor of the Tulane Hullabaloo, began referring to the football team as the “Greenbacks,” an unofficial nickname that also led to another: the “Greenies.”

Tulane competes in NCAA Division I as a member of the American Athletic Conference (The American). The university was a charter member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), in which it competed until 1966. Tulane, along with other academically-oriented, private schools had considered forming the Southern Ivy League (aka Magnolia Conference) in the 1950s. It joined the newly formed Conference USA in 1995. In 2012 the university announced it would move to the Big East Conference (later renamed the American Athletic Conference) in all sports in July 2014. There are 17 Green Wave intercollegiate programs.

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Banks ➡️ Encalade 💰

#RollWave #BeatSMU

Tulane Football
Clinton Lamar Norwood Beat SMU. When they played us this past week they beat us with the run but when we forced them to pass, they were out of luck. Go Encalade. He had a fantastic game!!
Phil Martin Does anyone know the condition of player who had to be charged off the field during last week's game?
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Tulane Football3 hours ago

Happy Birthday to ya, Jarrod Franklin!


George Huguley Happy Birthday Roll Wave 🌊
Dwayne Brue Happy Birthday!!
Valeria Jones HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀
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And your Juice Squad Waves of the Week are:

🌊: Miles Lapeyre

🌊: Glen Cuiellette

🌊: Monty Montgomery

#RollWave #BeatSMU

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Tulane Football21 hours ago

Your Special Teams Wave of the Week vs. Houston Cougar Football:

🌊: Zach Block


Erin Ketterman Annalisa Sega <3
Linda Bernard George "Roll Zach" !!
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Tulane alum Cairo Santos is now a Chicago Bear!


Brad Muller Should have NEVER gotten rid of Gould in the first place. Everyone misses a few, but the guy was money.
Pete Protolipac Now why would they let Connor Barth go after he did a nice thing and tried to kick a souvenir into the stands at the end of the game?!?!
Tyrone Smith Connor Barth misses the exit door wide right
Kevin Gow Jr. When will the Mccaskeys get waived?
Rob Wellen Best move of the season. Getting rid of Robbie Gould was the worst move Leadership has made.
David James Hahn I still can't get the commentary out of my head. Barth kicks the ball, immediately "holy moses" 😂😂😂😂😂
Elias Ballew About 24 hours too late.
Johnny Rumble As a Chiefs fan I can tell you this guy WILL get it done for you. Easily make between 85%-90% of his kicks. Not that issue is taken care of, time to deal with Fox.
Andrew Fuller You know, finding a new K could have been done during the bye-week, before Barth missed the game-tying FG yesterday. Just sayin'.
Josh Aldrich You know who wouldn't have missed that kick so badly and thus avoiding this whole uncertainty at the position? Robbie Gould.
Jacob Walter Should never have came down to a field goal in the first place ....still need to startover at the office level...just a way for them to point the finger at someone ...ya that was a horrible kick but still y'all know work needs done up front is what I'm saying
Carlos Mendez The funny part of this whole ordeal is he rips up grass and throws it up in the air like that helped, he still messed 15 feet away from the field goal
Jeremy Neller Can you waive the owners and get somebody who'll invest in the team? Should've never let Gould go. He was WELL worth his salary. You get what you pay for...
Greg Bresley Not bashing John fox, however I long said the Chicago Bears are a blue collar fan base team. Therefore the Bears need a blue collar coach like “Iron Mike”. Not a technician of the game leave that for the team coaches. My beloved Chicago Bears need a head coach who swears, spits, smokes cigars, man handles a few of the defiant players and flips off the media when need be. Now that’s a winning Chicago Bears Head Coach.
Matthew Shaffer Why bother??? The season is already shot!!! Barth was bum!! Great move letting Gould go!! Fox needs to go and hire John Gruden!!!
Tyler Schneider Y’all know Trubisky is happy. Did you see the look of disbelief on his face as he watched that kick sail into the visitors tunnel....or at least towards it. Barth doesn’t have the leg to kick it far enough to actually land in the tunnel
Drew Meise Got rid of one of the best kickers of all time. Still haven’t forgiven this organization for shipping their soul down the river to get a couple people on offense for Jay Cutler. Sad
Adam Shapiro I don't think it's the kicker that's wrong with the bears ever since the year they lost to the Packers in the nfc title game the offense has been pedestrian and there's no running game and no game breaking receiver but the owners are too snug with their wallets to acquire those things
John Benante Actually, if you let our Rookie who just made three plays to get into scoring position take a shot in the end zone to win the game, you don't have Barth missing a game tying field goal. You instead hive yourself a Chance to win. Waive the whole coaching staff. Blame the kicker all you want but bad call taking Mitch out when you have enough time and enough downs to take a shot in the end zone to win. Worst call I've seen in my life.
Milo Keith Mordhorst Jr Conner been bad all year and our brass don't sign anyone else till week 12. Also don't play prevent defense with 6 minutes left in the first half. We have a management problem, not just a kicking problem
Nick Rogers Let's be honest, our drafting had been LEGIT besides Kevin white. If we don't draft a bust in him this team could be totally different. Not a great team but we are competitive every week. If we had Cam Merideth we would be even better this year. We aren't as bad as everyone says we are.
Patrick Kilmartin More to Bears Problems than a Bad kicker but with that being said Still glad to see them move on from Barth
Mark Hoben Tough week for Connor Barth, best of luck to him. Exciting game yesterday, tough way to lose. #BearDown
John Leonard Everyone get over the Robbie Gould era - he was great, but he was due 3.75 mil and 500k roster bonus. couldn't keep him. I see young kickers all over the league(KC, Philly, Dallas, etc) with guys i've never heard of doing the job. Pace has to do his job before the ship is sinking.
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Here's your Waves of the Week on Defense:

🌊: Jarrod Franklin

🌊: Rae Juan Marbley

#RollWave #BeatSMU

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Announcing the Offensive Waves of the Week vs. Houston Cougar Football:

🌊: Jonathan Banks

🌊: Terren Encalade

#RollWave #BeatSMU

Tulane Football
Tulane Football2 days ago

Relive last night's victory celebration with freshman Tirise Barge:

#RollWave #BeatSMU

Tulane Football
Julie Desselle Smithey Teamer!
Linda Bernard George "I love it " !! "Roll Wave Always " !!
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And it keeps on rolling...


#BeatSMU #RollWave

📸: Parker Waters

Tulane Football
Tulane Football3 days ago

The Green Wave make it two straight with the win over Houston on Senior Day!

RECAP, STATS, NOTES, HIGHLIGHTS 📝: http://bit.ly/2jBkmD7


Sandra Kennedy Go Teddy! I loved the backflip.
Ed Mayo Congrats Tulane!! Will Saints make it a triple win weekend in football?
Christopher Encalarde Go my cousin !!!!
Ace Weiser that Homecoming loss is now more costly than ever.
Akeia Encalade Johnson My lil boy 😜
Carlos Joseph Lewis Go Tulane