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Green Wave, the nickname of the sports teams of Tulane University, was adopted during the 1920 season, after a song titled “The Rolling Green Wave” was published in the Tulane Hullabaloo in 1920. From 1893 to 1919 the athletic teams of Tulane were officially known as “The Olive and Blue,” for the official school colors. In 1919 theTulane Weekly, one of Tulane’s many student newspapers at the time and the predecessor of the Tulane Hullabaloo, began referring to the football team as the “Greenbacks,” an unofficial nickname that also led to another: the “Greenies.”

Tulane competes in NCAA Division I as a member of the American Athletic Conference (The American). The university was a charter member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), in which it competed until 1966. Tulane, along with other academically-oriented, private schools had considered forming the Southern Ivy League (aka Magnolia Conference) in the 1950s. It joined the newly formed Conference USA in 1995. In 2012 the university announced it would move to the Big East Conference (later renamed the American Athletic Conference) in all sports in July 2014. There are 17 Green Wave intercollegiate programs.

Tulane Football
Tulane Football was live.9 hours ago

Live from Let's Talk Football! #RollWave

Tulane Football
Linda Bernard George I love the fact that we can be here watching !!"Roll Wave" !
Marion Turner Wish I was there!!! Thank you Tulane for putting it on Facebook!!!!
Scottie Rodgers And we're live! Program to start in a couple of minutes.
Steve Estes It's time for Tulane football
Kevin LeDee That's my coach πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Darrell Heltz Roll wave. Can't wait for the season to start.
Stacey Leglue Wish I was there! Roll Wave 🌊
Al Simons Hello fellow Greenies
Stacey Leglue I'm pumped 🌊🌊🌊🌊
Linda Bernard George "Let's Roll Wave " Linda and Foots from Thibodaux are watching !!
Linda Bernard George WOW Lisa ,,Got ya Helmet ,,,you said you were gonna get it !!
Morgan Pfost Rolll Waveeeee
Darline Brooks Taylor Roll wave.
Linda Bernard George Hey Parry ,,Hey John Leglue ,,Hey Jet ..Hey Dontrell Hey Ade !! "ROLL WAVE" !
Greg Robichaux Let's roll wave!
Scottie Rodgers Gus Kattengell sits down Green Wave seniors Parry Nickerson and Dontrell Hilliard
Terree LeDee It's going to be an exciting year!!
Marion Turner Love my Tulane Green Wave!!!!
Ian O'Leary Sounds like a good crowd
Jason Potuto Roll wave. Good luck this season
Linda Bernard George Hi Liz ,,,,its Linda & Foots from Thibodaux !!
Austin Bloom πŸ’šπŸŒŠ sending #HeartChakra #HighVibes #TulaneYogis! #RollWave #πŸ’šπŸŒŠ
Linda Bernard George Hey Liz Z !!
Linda Bernard George "Let's Roll
Matt Edens When do we beat LSU again :) time for a rematch.
Tulane Football
Tulane Football16 hours ago

β€ͺThat's a whole lotta Angry Wave! ‬

β€ͺCome to Let's Talk Football tonight for a chance to win this awesome basket!‬

β€ͺπŸ“Boomtown Casino‬
β€ͺ⏰ 5:30 PM‬

Harold J. Werling Any idea where I can get an Angry Wave football helmet decal? The back window on my car is kinda naked...
Shawn Mefferd I'll be there! Crossing fingers to win!!!
Jonathan Peters Where can I get this at
Al Simons This is the first year, in many years, that I feel so pumped/psyched about a new season. Bring 'me on. Our Angry WAVE will drowned them!!
Tulane Football
Tulane Football2 days ago

Are you in town this week?
Then we'll see you tomorrow night 5:30 PM for the annual Let's Talk Football event at Boomtown Casino! Come mix and mingle with Coach Willie Fritz, his staff, and this year's senior class.

Out of...

Stacey Leglue I wonder if we can bid on items if we are not there? Does anyone know?
Tulane Football
Tulane Football with New Orleans Recreation Development Commission and 2 others at Joe Brown Park.2 days ago

Tulane Coaches & Players shared their expertise with over 250 children on Saturday.

Take a look!

Tulane Football
Clinton Lamar Norwood Get that New Orleans city back!!
Colleen Dietz My SIL!
Tulane Football
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Tulane Football Season Ticket Mini Plans are now available!

Grab yours TODAY! > http://bit.ly/2tIbM8e #RollWave

Tulane Football
Tulane Football3 days ago

"You've Heard the Voice. Now Meet the Man."

Awesome article on the voice of @TulaneAthletics, Todd Graffagnini!

Check it out:

Cathleen Kornegay Walter Love you, Graf!!!πŸ’šβšΎοΈπŸ’šπŸˆπŸ’šπŸ€
Linda Bernard George Gotta love our "Graff" !!
Kerry Wehmeyer Agree
Allen Leglue He does a great job
Robert C Kent III You are the best, Todd!!!!
Darryl Gilevich NICE, Congrats ♧
Mitchell Allen Wood dick derbes is very proud of todd!
David Schroeder love his passion for the Wave!
Elida Ibarra Abadie Andrew Abadie
Tulane Football
Tulane Football added a photo and a video β€” attending Cheer and Football Clinic at Joe Brown Park.5 days ago

What an awesome morning at the Joe Brown Park! Thanks for having us @SugarBowlNola & @NewOrleansBowl! 🏈🌊

Tulane Football
Tulane Football6 days ago

Due to inclement weather, Tulane Football Camp #2 will now begin at 6 PM for all positions. Registration opens at 5PM. #RollWave

Tulane Football
Tulane Football6 days ago

It's Jabril's birthday too! Have a great day, Mr. Clewis! #RollWave

Drew Madere enjoy your day! Roll Green Wave!!!!
Allen Leglue Happy birthday wish you many more
Linda Bernard George Happy Birthday ,,Have a great one !
George Huguley Happy Birthday
T Peter Breslin Happy birthday!