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Sean Hannity’s energy, charisma and Reagan conservatism has scored high points with audiences and critics alike as he continues to be one of the hottest commodities in media.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity4 hours ago

Mueller on the move...

What a friggin witch hunt. Please call the Department of Justice comment at 1-202-353-1555 and ask for the real criminals like Comey, Wassernan-Schultz, Lynch, Rice, the Clintons and Obama to be prosecuted.
This is a far cry from Collution. However, if he didn't register as a Foriegn Agent..when he was working for Ukraine, he gets in trouble. Isn't this what Podesta's brother did? Why isn't he indicted?
Time to start indicting all the left wing idiots who created this mess... We all know who they are and what they've done, yet still no justice by the rule of law under our constitution... WTF...???
No Hillary indictment yet??? Like anyone is holding their breath to see real justice come out of Mueller's witch hunt.
Robert Mueller used a fake dossier to launch an investigation under the auspices that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians to steal the 2016 election and broke the law by firing James Comey. Nothing Robert Mueller has written, said or done for over a year has a grain of sand sized relevance to that. Let me repeat this as a lawyer. Not one thing Robert Mueller has spent 6.8 million of our tax dollars and a year of our time on could be used to prove President Trump committed a crime of ANY kind. Nothing. Zip. Nadda. Bupkis.
When Mueller is busting you for a crime committed over a decade ago, that has nothing to do with Russian collusion, you know he’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel....
This Sht needs to stop and the ball needs to start with Obama and the Clinton's who have blatantly disregarded the law .
Mueller thought by Indicting Manafort and Gates he would scare them to tell him of Trump Collusion. Then he found NO COLLUSION, so its lets get tougher. All these Charges will be thrown out. Go after Obama and Hillary and you don't have to threaten anyone, all the Evidence is there.
Well he may be guilty of this crime, this investigation was not for this. Now let’s move onto Hillary and Obama!
Sessions needs to get a Special Counsel to investigate the FBI, and Intel Community! And the Uranium deal which Muller and Rosenstein was in it! The snakes have to be brought to justice! If Sessions doesn’t do it, Trump needs to fire him!
Still small potatoes, and nothing designed to bring down our government. I want to see someone step on the neck of these anarchists INSIDE the government, who are actively working against our nation and our people.
Our DOJ allows Robert Mueller, with his 0boma/ Clinton donors to prosecute & investigate Republicans! The corrupt DOJ does nothing in Prosecuting Real Corruption of our FBI !! Corruption in the highest places. CONGRESS where are you ?
This is a joke.Manafort is suing Mueller and the entire special council.So Mueller out of revenge is increasing his charges.Muellers time has come.
Mueller is a Stool in the Deep State Resistance and Needs to Be Exposed for Who he is Really working for and it sure isn't We the People! He is a Circus Ring act to Distract from the Real Corruption in Our Government!!
Will keep after him until he can force him to lie about the president so he can try and frame Trump. No evidence to investigate so bully the little guys until they give in and help you lie. Openly disgraceful. Just shows us how fraudulent this whole matter is. Hillary works with the Russians but they investigate Trump.
When are they gonna charge the Podestas??
Isn't he supposed to be investigating the Russians? What does this have to do with the Russians? His job should be officially over. This is a classic example of a fishing expedition. It's only end result will be uncommitted viewers will realize how insane the hate filled Democrats and leftists are. Globalist heads are exploding all over the world, including Obama and HRC. REAL Americans took our country back from the global elite. My healthcare is too expensive ($900/month for my family). Time to step away from socialist rule and let capitalism work. My car insurance is just $25 per month (from Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC. Let the free market handle health insurance! 8 years of lies and even more of Liberal corruption made Trump possible. Thank God we will have some real leadership in office for the next 8 years. It's time to forget about Obama and the catastrophe he was.
Wasn't Manafort working for Podesta at the time of these crimes ?
When does Christopher Steele, Glen Simpson and the rest of fusion GPS get indicted for exactly the same thing?
so what does all this have to do with Trumps so-called Russian collusion? Or are they going after these ones hoping someone will say something, whether its true or not to save themselves. Are they doing the same thing to these people as they did Flynn? Why is it always one side that investigators go after and never the other side
This is such nonsense. Where are the other indictments for Steele, Fusion GPS, etc...? Oh wait Mueller would have to indict himself.
..and the russians with fake facebook accounts ..( like ...12 or 13 guys ), He's a real stallion isnt he! There is your 68 million dollars in action.
lol again huh? Wow I can see his investigation is going brilliantly, indicts 14 Russians for posting something on Facebook after President trump won and now back at Square One with Manafort. But then again Manafort was a go-between for The Russians and Podesta Group which is also tied to hildabeast, who knows, hope springs eternal right?
He will be a billionaire by the time he finished! And we the taxpayers will be broke! Mueller was hired to investigate Russian meddling! He should be resigned or start investigating Hillary and Dems!
30 more indictments to come soon in another state! Manafort has been chased by Mueller and Weismann for over a decade! Joke investigation!
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity5 hours ago


The Dossier RESEARCH began with a RHINO Republican origin!!! John Mccain and Jeb Bush was behind the start of it and handed over to Clinton later. This was known for well over a year. This is not criminal on their part but shows their true colors. But the origin of the idea of using Russia to get dirt on Trump was birthed by Mccain and Bush
No one, from Lois Lerner to Eric Holder, or any political/government workers should be able to plead the fifth. They need to be held accountable or face stiff jail terms for not cooperating in an investigation!
Sorry, but pleading the 5th is an admission of guilt. You're either hiding your own lie or someone else's.
It makes sense, McCain has always been against President Trump. He has been rubbing shoulders with Schumer way too long. Like Clinton and Obama, they all banked on Clinton winning and that their crimes will never surface.
McCain is the one that supposedly passed it to the FBI who and I quote Hillary Clinton"John McCain is my favorite Senator... And we know what TRUMP said about him . He wasn't wrong either McCain cost 134 sailors their lives because of a stunt that's a fact..
No government employee should be allowed to take the 5th re something they did while on the clock working for the american public.
John McCain - guilty of promoting Anti- Trump rhetoric. Repent while you still have time. Or retire immediately. You are not helping the US.
Anytime a government employee pleads the Fifth he / she should lose their job and any accrued benefits. It's pretty much stating the job duties were illegal.
They need to give Congress the power to jail these people that will not cooperate with the investigation. They want to plead the fifth, put them in jail on contempt and let them out when they want to talk.
Government officials should not be allowed to plead tje 5th.... can you imagine if something happened at your job and you told your boss..i plead tje 5th...... politicians never have to pay or answer for their crimes.... it's total B.S.
Everyone knows that McCain is RINO. He has been trying to undermine the President since the election. I supported his run for President but lost respect for him when he started doing things he said he was totally against when he was running for office. That one of his associates is involved in Fake Dossier comes as no surprise. 🤨
Why is anyone surprised at mccain, he has been on George Soros payroll for years
What does Johnny have to say about this? Notice who has disappeared as of late - not a peep from McCain, Comey, Obama, Lynch, Powers, Rice, Clapper...even Hillary, Podesta, DWS...everyone has gone dark. They are afraid. Very afraid. They should be. We are on to them.
If they have to plead the 5th with regard to government business, they need to be fired and have their pensions taken. Why is this allowed to happen?
And, this associate connected to McCain! No surprise? McCain the turncoat republican > that alerted the President immediately abt dossier > like his pants were on fire! The one that colluded with Schumer with thumbs up signal.... saying he & his theatrical vote was defeating the Obama care solution. Hateful spiteful creature.
I am beginning to hate the 5th. My advice is no matter if you steal, rob a bank, what ever you end up going to court for, take the 5th. Case closed!
This is all a waist of money, time, & Patients, because nothing will happen even if they came right out & said they did it which test my patients be ause I get pissed that rules & laws don't apply to them, which I 've waisted time watching & hoping I am wrong & there all gonna get nailed to the wall & after all that, it just tells me of how much money. has been waisted for nothing !!!!
I told ya Magoo was dirty.
If he chooses to plea the 5th, let that be his admission of guilt and haul him off to prison til he decides to speak. That 5th ammendment should not be able to be upheld by Government officials in order to hide the truth from the taxpayers who pay their salary.
So sick of all The obvious collision and still everyone is either retiring with full pension or placed in a different department quietly or completely walking free! This is completely disgusting! All the while we have this Mueller guy trying to dig up anything to give Dems dirt on the President to impeach! All this on taxpayer dime!
I doubt if McCain will ever return to Washington so they will never be able to question him directly. My guess, he had a big part in this Dossier. He has always been a sore loser and he has been angry ever since he lost his bid for the Oval Office. But with the brain tumor, he won't make it until the end of this investigation.
McCain needs to be walked out of govt and anything related to this pig should be burned. He's an embarrassment to everyone.
Mccain and lindsey graham , and bush were all working with the Clintons . These people all wonted to keep the power in the group.
They should not be allowed to plead the fifth! They know their jobs and public figures and all that comes with it! Pleading the 5th is as guilty as they come!!
The 5th is going to get used alot in the incoming months. Corrupt politicians and fbi must be held accountable.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity5 hours ago

Iran threatens to WALK AWAY from Obama's failed nuclear deal...

The two clowns Obama and Kerry sold us out to Iran the biggest supporter of terror while Iranians shouted death to America and Israel. Then Iran got $150 billion. The clowns should be arrested for treason. Iran never stopped their nuclear program.
Kerry initiated this whole thing his burka wearing daughter is married to a high official in iran regime. Crooked through and through
Obama sought to downgrade America, and boost Islam’s position in the world. Iran gets hundreds of billions in ransom, we get a nuclear Iran & a totally destabilized Middle East.
Do we get our money back or did Obama agree to a “no refund” deal as I suspect? In other words did America enter into another terrible one sided deal. We all know who Obama is.
They don't give a crap Barry already gave them what they wanted,plane loads of ca$h!..big buckos !! Greenbacks !!!!
THen give the money BACK!!!
Can we send them a trillion in cash to keep them in ??? Oh wait, that’s Obama’s idea. My bad
But,but,but......Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry said it would work!!! BUT,BUT THEY SAID IT WOULD......OMG NOW WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO! Oh yeah we already did do something. We have a new President and a new administration that has already proven that we wont play anymore games!!
Of course they will. Now they have the cash money spent and all the weapons paid for. Why would they need a deal with us. Maybe they should read The Art of The Deal by Donald Trump. Ameteur politicians negotiating policies they don't care to understand. It's not mine kinda attitude because it's not there money.
It was a fake deal to begin with. Obama gave them everything to get them to sign. When you negotiate from the side of weakness it will always fail.
As an Iranian / American we were disappointed and sadden with Obama’s nuclear deal , his administration knew so well Iran will defy and hide all the activities , yet they went ahead with this terrible deal. May God bless President Trump.
Obama wasted 1,5 BILLION in the horrible Iran deal...only a completely corrupt president would give orders to pay $ 400,000 in CASH and deliver it by plane secretly overnight. Even when caught there was no outrage...imagine Trump delivering cash by plane overnight
Let the Iranians walk away, Oboy gave them everything they wanted with little or nothing in return. But, there is a new sheriff in town! One that doesn’t have a grudge against Israel, one that isn’t into leading from behind, one that isn’t into fundamental transformations, and one that says what he does and does what he says! Oboy was the king of bad deals anyway! Obamacare, Bowe Bergdahl, and this Iranian deal!
Can you just imagine if Pres Trump had sent billions in cash in wooden crates to Iran in the middle of the night? Can you only imagine what would happen? He sure screwed up their whole plan by winning that election!!
Obama needs to Pay back the money he handed Iran on a plane in the middle of the night before he goes to jail for collusion.. etc...
of course its a failure - just the same way everything else Obama touched or had something to do with has failed.
Obama already gave them the money, hello, it's like paying the contractor before the job is complete and they never finish the job because they already have the money and run. Or, getting the Nobel Peace Prize and never doing anything to earn it. Why would Iran stay if they already received billions snookered out of Obama? Exactly
You people really think they were sticking to it in the first place money they got from that clown obumer and they are laughing at us for putting people like him in office I wonder how big of cut he got
Irans is upset that Obama and his minons aren't around anymore to give them stealth drones, hundreds of billions etc
8 years with all of this people nothing but corruption and still trying to ruin our country thank god their not in the White House any more..
Iran never intended to obey the deal anyway. Trump threatened to do the same much earlier than this...which he should.
Have them return the money that Obama paid them to ransom prisoners, as well as the billions he funneled to them to support their terrorist friends, off the books.
What agreement?! They haven't kept one part of this phony 'agreement'. They have spent the money Obama gave them to support terrorism and have continued their development of nuclear weapons.
Another Democrat failure - How much money did Obama fly to Iran to buy their vote only to never comply.
Could see this one coming months ago. Obama and his bagboy, John Kerry, should be held accountable. Iran has probably spent all those billions already financing their terriorist networks. Obama just wanted to show some underground support for his Muslim buddies. Made to appear gullible, but it was intentional. Now let's start prosecuting!!
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity6 hours ago

WATCH: The President threatens to pull ICE agents, Border Patrol from California...

My heart hurts for Conservatives who have jobs and families in CA and really can’t afford to move to United States of America! Shame Liberals have run CA in the ground by letting illegals vote and having a cesspool corrupt govt! God help those who are stuck there! 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
Some of us are still trapped in the socialist state and are saving money to leave. It's difficult when you are senior citizens. Why doesn't he just send in the troops, arrest moonbeam and while he's at it, get Pelosi and Waters too.
Heyyyy......there's plenty of us in California that didn't vote for governor moon beam and we need the rule of law implemented here with these nuts
No more federal help of any kind! Cut them off completely! Then watch the people revolt against the California government!!
If they're not going to abide by Federal Law, they shouldn't get Federal protection. Just stop them on the roads coming out of California so they don't infest the rest of the country. EDITED TO ADD: I'm not talking about American citizens, but the illegals that Cali is welcoming with open arms.
Hey California residents...If you're sick of California, move to the United States !
We in California need President Trump and God more than ever
California's government is in shambles and does not reflect the will of at least half of the citizens living here. Please, Mr. President, don't desert us to the insanity disguised as political correctness, tolerance, and freedom.
Decertify all California votes in federal elections and elections for congress until the state is compliant with federal law.
Wrong move, Mr. President. Send more ICE agents. Back them up with the U.S. Marshals and the National Guard, if necessary. Law and order needs to be restored.
Do it! Peliosi has turned San Francisco into a HUGE sh*thole of a place.
There are some Great American citizens in California. We need to arrest & Jail Gov Brown and the big city mayors/council men/women in the big cities for harboring criminals. With new leaders, California could be Great Again.
Shot across the bow. Wake up Jerry Brown, Diane Feinstein and the rest. Wake up CA voters and vote Republican before it's too late. This is CA's last chance.
California wants to be their own country!! Maybe President Trump has a point!! The rest of the states have to pay for all of California's messes!! Maybe California should clean up their own act!!
Please do it! Feel bad for the decent residents but they need to learn how to elect their officials and to respect the laws of our country. Enough is enough with Mr Brown, Pelosi, Maxine Walters and the rest of tha gang!
I would do it in a heartbeat! Take all those ice agents and border patrol men out of California and put them in our schools and protect our kids! Let California take care of its own problem because they created their own problem!
Mr. President, that is why we need the ICE agents in California. Our governor and elected officials are failing to protect the rights of LEGAL citizens.
I feel for the good people of Cali but it is time to get tough with Moonbeam Jerry Brown and his off the chart Left-wing Lib cohorts! 45 MAGA! 🇺🇲
California would become a ‘sh**hole’, or (as Lindsey Graham put it) a ‘hellhole’. You’d better wake up California !
I dont blame him for threatening it...good grief they are trying to do their job which is a federal law and California refuses to cooperate...we could use these agents other places. Until the great americans of california stand up to their govenor nothing will change...stand up for your state or it will get much worse than it already is.’ve got to vote those corrupt politicians out of office. Stand up and fight for your beautiful state.
Do it President Trump. You are doing a great job and mostly all that I hear California doing is complaining about every single thing that you do....especially the Hollywood bunch. Well, enough is enough. Do it!!
They comply with Federal laws or arrest them. Start with those in charge. This is like a spoiled child pitching a fit.
Californians must support and vote for Travis Allen for governor in the next election. He is the only republican running for office that supports President Trump and his agenda! He is California’s only hope of turning things around!
Do it and while your at it build a wall on their eastern border and regulate who comes in and out. Let them waddle in their own hog pen. Leave the southern border wide open.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity7 hours ago

The party of tolerance, right?

Isn't Chelsea a child murderer as well? Didn't she have an abortion and she is all for pro-choice. So a child murderer who backs other child murderers is getting mad at a child murderer. OK in liberal terms I guess it makes sense. If you can see the child it is wrong, if you can't then it is ok.
Curious a child shoots children and it’s responsible firearms owners actions that are the problem. I think she should eat another tide pod
When I read the headline, I thought she finally grew some common sense and was talking about the women who have abortions, especially late term when child murderer was mentioned. But, no, the fool is blaming the Republicans when the shooter was actually a Demorat.
you should have watched the NRA speech which Wayne rocked by the way...because it is clear that the dems are to blame...and for the record, you're not funny, you're a nasty foul mouthed fool!!
Hey Chelsea...Speaking of Child Murderers, Can you please comment on abortions, and why its ok to murder a thousand children a day, and why YOU support murdering a thousand children a day? Thanks !
The problem with her statement is that the guy who killed the children was a democrat. So how is a republican responsible? She has no common sense or logical thinking whatsoever. Their elitist mentality shows their ignorance of real world issues and times.
Democrats had power for 8 years...they did not solve this issue...guess what Chelsea...Democrats control Chicago, which is now the murder capital of the nation...they have not solved this issue. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens leaves guns only in the hands of criminals and crazies...your liberal policies don't now go crawl back into your mindless hole and rethink how to solve the problem because what democrats have done so far has had ZERO impact on the problem. Trump will solve it...and then you will complain about the way he did it. You are intellectually challenged when you continue to bloviate the same crap year in and year out and accomplish NOTHING when you have power...
In 2009 and 2010 the democrats controlled the White House, The house and had 60 votes in the senate meaning the republicans couldn’t stop anything even if they wanted to And the democrats introduced ZERO legislation regarding gun control or the NRA Move forward to today and every democrat is screaming gun control and hating the NRA Guess when you have all the power there isn’t a need to create a election issue. They could have passed any law they wanted with zero resistance and they did nothing. So forgive me when I don’t believe your rhetoric and fake concern now.
'Child murderers' are the ones who support abortion..... But I guess that's just stating the obvious. 🙄😑
What exactly do you say to someone like that? Or something like this - We've been hearing "If you don't pass gun control then you must hate our children and want to kill them" That's just so insane I don't know what to say back :-/
Guess she didn't get the was democrat that shot those kids and it usually is a democrat that does the killings, the beatings, the riots, the highway kidnappings, murders babies in the womb, ........ democrats!
I think she says this stuff to get noticed. She is a has been. I think I would worry more about sexual predators in Hollywood then anywhere else
You know conservatives have children too and they are as concerned about the safety of their children from womb to tomb as liberals. There are two major differences: 1. The conservatives work for ways to actually make the schools safer and not pass feel good legislation that has a political agenda. 2. Conservatives don't abort their babies
She so vulgar:( why isn't she so concerned about abortions , teenager death while txting n driving n drunk driving?? She is a fraud n just a nasty woman:(
Seriously Sean Hannity, Stop posting this crap on your page or I will have to unfollow you too! Please make your page better than all the others. We care not what the celebrities have to say either way. They are clueless but this POS gal has nothing positive to say. She is a trashy drunk. Therefore putting her on your page brings down my opinion of you.
Well if you wanna discuss the murder of children.. Planned Parenthood murdered like around half a million last year then sold their dead bodies for profit...
Are you out of your mind Chelsea? Check witch party affiliation almost all of the mass shooters have been from..Democrats Not one a member of the NRA! Chuckie must have needed her to spread more lies and hate! She is disgusting!
Dear Ms. Handler, I am in complete difference to your statement. Although I am independent, I have on occasion voted more than once Republican. I kind of look upon it as a level headed decision. Not too avant garde, I am very reserved, leaning towards what I was taught as a child. Now then, I haven’t murdered anyone. I stand for life. Would you murder me for that? I love marriage, I love children. Oh. And I love God. And despite you and your peers judgment I hear His voice and follow.
Use to like her but not now. It seems like every single celebrity is a liberal Democrat. I respect the few celebrities that stand up for the truth. The Democrats blame republicans on this evil mans murders and it was this mans own fault he did what he did. When are we going to put the blame on the person responsible. It’s like they don’t even blame him.
Pro abortion, gun carrying bodyguards, do nothing for the homeless, the sick those in need. Let me think, why should anyone (except liberals and haters) pay her ant attention?
These liberal escaped mental patients make complete fools of themselves each and every day..... People have finally caught on to how sick these low life's really are. I only hope they keep doing what they're doing. The hole they are in is getting deeper and deeper. The Democraps have no message, are completely broke, want higher taxes...etc.... This is a loosing argument.... Hahahahaha !
She is so irrelevant. The vast majority of these sufferers of TDS have such a small following it is not worth the time. It is the only way they get attention.
That coming from a person who murders children by abortion...if you agree with it, that's who you are, is that what you're saying?
Sean Hannity, really no one cares about this or any other of the folks out of Hollyweird. For the most part they are has-beens who are looking for attention. What if no one said anything?
She supports the muder of thousands of unborn babies every year! Tearing their limbs off, puncturing their heads etc....devalues life!