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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and internet.

The Sean Hannity Radio Show has over 500 affiliates nationwide and counting. Sean is heard by roughly 13.5 million loyal listeners a week making him the second most listened to talk show host in America, according to Talkers Magazine. Hannity has been the recipient of 2 Marconi Awards for Nationally Syndicated Radio Host of the Year and is a three-time consecutive winner of the Radio & Records National Talk Show Host of The Year Award (‘03, ’04, ‘05).

Sean is an accomplished author with two #1 best-sellers. His first book, “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism,” rode the NY Times best-seller list for a remarkable 17 weeks. Hannity’s more recent book, “Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism,” debuted at #1 on the NY Times best-seller list and held strong for five consecutive weeks. Sean’s latest book, “Conservative Victory,” released in 2010, quickly became #1 on the NY Times best-seller list as well. More information about “Conservative Victory” can be found here.

Sean has the unique ability to reach out and connect with his audience proven during his highly successful “Hannitization of America Tour,” which brought hundreds of thousands of like-minded Americans together. He has visited markets big and small from coast to coast since his syndication in 2001.

Sean’s Freedom Concerts began in 2003 to raise awareness and funds for The Freedom Alliance, a charity which provides scholarships to the children of slain U.S. military personnel. In 2007 the concerts grew into five massive events resulting in over $10 million for The Freedom Alliance and were attended by over 60,000 people in Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Cincinnati, and New Jersey.

A gutsy talk-show host who always lands on the “right side” of the issues, Hannity is the host of the #1 9PM prime-time cable debate show “Hannity.” The executives at Fox were so confident in Sean’s ability to attract viewers that the #1 cable news network asked Sean to launch a weekend program. “Hannity’s America” kicked off on January 7, 2007 and immediately captured the #1 prime-time cable slot at 9PM on Sundays.

Sean Hannity’s energy, charisma and Reagan conservatism has scored high points with audiences and critics alike as he continues to be one of the hottest commodities in media.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity2 hours ago

Topics of discussion are likely to include Trump's choice of General H.R. McMaster as the new White House National Security advisor, and the Department of Homeland Security rolling out the President's plans to combat illegal immigration.

Christie Milford What a bashing you give Trump Libs! Are you working? Do you contribute to your great country? Do you really love America? So why are you Whining? When you have the BEST President, so glad Obama has gone !!!!!! what a disaster he is was and wasted so much Americans money and time!
Daniel Niedermeier Trump has gotten more done in 30 days than Obama did in 8 years
Leslie Burgess Thank you Sean Hannity! You are clear, concise, focused, fair, TRUTHFUL! I value all you are doing for our country, for OUR VOICES to be heard, and for our president!!! God bless you sir!
Diane Croge Moffa where was Mc Cain when Obama was aganst Fox news journalists??????Yea, thats what i throught.....MCCAIN.....he's losing his grip and he doesn't like IT
Bertha Doherty i like how they say Trump attacks the Press ??? When in fact the Press is attacking and lying about Trump!!!
Dale Smith ""Liberal One Track Mind Reporters"" in the White House Press Conference today are Dents or Selective Hearing impaired , When it comes to"" illegals IN The United States "". Spicer explained it perfectly if you are IN " The United States Illegally "And Break U.S. Law, have a ""Documented Criminal Record"" illegals Will Be Removed of the United States,, Deported Out. Spicer cannot explain it any clearer than that.
Monique Patane-Belmares Did you hear Terry Moran on GMA this morning? He referred to the Trump Administration as a REGIME. So offensive! Last I checked, the US has a free and fair election!
Bill McKeighen It's hilarious, the press conference just started and the #snowflakes are already bouncing up and down in their bubbles! Don't pop it with your safety pins, you might end up back in the real world.
Anne Montgomery I think we are all looking at the Liberal Media News in the wrong light. Since SNL has lost it's comedic appeal we now can turn on CNN (Comedy News Network) 24 hours a day and get all the Great Jokes we need. Grab some popcorn and have a blast laughing at all of those liberal comedians. Enjoy!
Joseph G. D'Orsi Question for all to consider! Will the people who are vehemently opposed to President Trump accept the recent profits many have earned in the stock market? If not, would a consideration be given to donate the recent profits to the many people in need of food in the USA or to help with the famine in African countries? I have and will continue to support those who help others.
Jenna Norwitz Sean Hannity, we need you now more than ever before. Thank you for being a voice of the American people!
Dale Lois Ulmer Hope you read this Sean Hannity . Does this teacher know the meaning of ethics?
Jim Morton Sean Hannity: Something important to point out - in case it's not been said before. The Constitution made a free press a vital part of our society so that the people would/could be informed about what their government was doing, spending money on, saying, approving, agreeing to, signing, etc. A government by and for the people demanded that the press be free to tell the people what was happening in an ever increasing population spread across a vast nation. The issue as I see it is that the press is calling out Trump as though he is trampling the constitution by bad-mouthing the press. When,...The President of the United States said "The press has become an enemy of the people" - he was right! Why? Because the media is not the check and balance on government - WE ARE! If the press only gives us half the story due to bias - then the people don't have all of the information necessary to make responsible choices as they see fit. The media has a constitutional right to be unfettered - for a reason! But the reason isn't free speech per se'.... it is because they are given the freedom to inform US and then WE make informed decisions. It enables us to monitor the government that WE elect into office to do what WE want. Our framers KNEW what would happen in government by the people if the people were blind. So.... a free press. But today we have the majority of the press taking one side and furthering it instead of giving us all the necessary information to make choices with. That IS an enemy of the people - and an enemy of our democracy.
Trish Tucker Loving our President. God Bless him and his family. And Thank God for Hannity who stood by Trump thru it all. And Thank God for Fox news. They are the only ones we can truust !!!!!! (Not too crazy about Juan Geraldo and Bob Beckell) but the rest are GREAT !!!!!!!.
Theresa Harper We have been wanting this since the 90s...our Federal Government has been very slow and ineffective. Finally, something is happening. Look how many millions of illegal aliens are estimated to be here now? omg
Lisa Nasco Quoted: Dear Government, I am what you call the silent citizen. I have watched our schools turn into propaganda breeding grounds and still kept silent. I am the silent citizen that watched the rise in welfare recipients and still kept silent. I am the silent citizen that watched jobs leaving us and factories turning into ghost towns and I stayed silent. I am the silent citizen that heard our Ex-President inflame the hatred towards law enforcement and racism and still kept silent. I am the silent citizen who watched as congress shoved Obama Care down our throats and heard a democratic leader state, lets pass it first then we can figure out whats in it, and I kept silent. I am the silent citizen that watched my premiums go threw the roof, i started to become angry but still stayed silent. I opened my pay check up and continued to see my taxes rise and my wages reducied and I was angry but still stayed silent. I am the silent citizen that watched an administration refused to call terrorism what it truly was, I am angry but still stayed silent. I am the silent citizen that heard a man begin to say the things i wanted to say, but I still stayed silent. I am the silent citizen who was starting to become more bold, and more confident. I am the silent citizen who during the election become a bit more vocal regarding my views and it cost me some friends and family. I am the silent citizen that will not be silent anymore. I am now the vocal citizen, the empowered citizen that will voice my opinion. I will do all I can to help secure the future for generations to come I AM AN AMERICAN AND WILL NOT BE SILENCED ANYMORE. I shared this quote so please copy and share 😊
Chas Rams I am staggered that so many conservative or evangelical Christians would see a man who is a bully, who made his money by casinos, who has had several wives and several affairs, that they would somehow paint him as a hero, as someone that we could stand behind. To choose a person who stands against everything that Christianity believes as the hero ... is not something that I understand at all. A number of high profile evangelical Christians have parked themselves in the “Never Trump” camp, pointing out that the candidate’s policies and actions don’t reflect Christian values.
Ron Aragon I'm for America following the same rules as Japan regarding Muslims. After 911 and in light of the continuing Muslim mayhem happening throughout the world today especially here in America, it shouldn't even be a question.
Charles Wayne Hennessy Can we move on from the nostalgia of the Obama Era and start thinking about how we are going to cooperate with the current President and administration. We don't have President Obama and we don't have President Clinton. Why ask Sean Spicer what you need to believe about how the Government operates. Go back to High School and retake Civics, or PoliSci 101, K?
Janine Rintala Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is headed by Steven Goldstein. He is a counsel to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer. Shame on him for pushing his own agenda in the name of the Jewish people and Anne Frank by calling President Trump anti-semitic.
Sonia Downey I don't think the press are interested in talking about Trump's pick for National Security Advisor or the President's plan to combat illegal immigration - they are only interested in talking about what they think will destroy him - therefore talking stupidity!!!
Barbara Cullen Snowflake Hannity attacks the media every night. Why not have Milo on your show and he can tell you all about Father Michael. And Sean Patrick can tell Milo about his days as an altar boy.
Edward Marquart III Just remember this redhat ALT REICH morons, hannity is NOT a newsman, hannity is NOT a journalist, hannity is NOT factual, hannity is a opinion shock jock masquerading as real news. hannity is ALT-RIGHT hannity is FAKE NEWS hannity is the wwe of politics. hannity is political entertainment. (Bad entertainment at that) hannity is not political reality. hannity is your drunken older uncle sitting at your table during thanksgiving. hannity, ingraham, levine, limpberg are the reason the country is divided. the redhat ALT REICH side is still the minority. 78 million+ Americans voted against FAKE45 So when the FAKE45 dictatorship is rebuked hannity and his slimy punditary chums must all be arrested and locked away at gitmo in isolation for the rest of their miserable lives. hannity and his slimy punditary chums are a cancerous blithe upon our great nation that must be eradicated. hannity is RADICAL CHRISTIANIC TERRORISM hannity is ALT 4TH REICH
Matt Coombes Was looking for a picture from Stargate SG1 of Apophis - the Egyptian God of the Night or Darkness. Look who turned up among the Wiki photos. Is it really or just the actor as a look alike !!! ..
Bob Tinker Mellinkoff Hello Anyone There? This is your senior citizens speaking? I read about 41 billion dollars today going to refugee's for insurance, food stamps, HUD. I read each day about VA, Workers, Black Neighborhoods, Obama Care repeal but not one word about Seniors. Remember US? We have the worst medical that most doctors won't take, and those that do are the worst doctors. Have not got a raise in 4 years, first time in SS History since Obama came to be. What are we chopped Liver? Can't afford Liver so it must be the dog food many seniors have to eat so they can pay their bills. Do you know or care that if you make over 900 a month that you cannot get the help you give to immigrants, millions illegals, and their children for dental, fulll medical, homes, food? Not to mention the money you send to other countries We paid our dues, we worked hard, we are being ignored and want to know why we are not being mentioned. I see this insulting commerical about not touching our Medicare or Social Security benefits. Are you kidding me? These benefits are below poverty, the worse benefits for any American and you think that saying you are not going to touch them this is comforting and we should just shut up and thank you? Is it that we were not as smart as others or saved enough and should have. Many had children to raise as widows, were outsourced from their jobs having to work at McDonalds and other situations beyond their control. Not all are getting pensions on top of SS, or born fortunate. Not our faults Why are we being ignored? Seems you want us dead is that the reason sure seems so. Every day I hear of another senior not getting medical care as Medicare does not even cover a physical exam once a year. Doctors now tell you when you are in the offfice they cannot order this or that as Medicare willl not cover it. the copays, deductibles take out of our little bit we get. Then we have to pay 20 percent if Medicare even covers it. To get a supplement policy is for most of us a quarter of our income, leaving us homeless. I had surgery recently and had to go hundreds of miles to the one doctor that would help me, and he first turned me down because of my insurance and fear of not getting paid. Now I will probably not be able to pay my part and be plagued by bill collectors, just what I wanted to do my last years. I can barely eat as I cannot afford to get what I have left of my teeth fixed and do not go out anymore as I feel like a monster. Worked all my life and something would be better than nothing. But not alone so much worse than me. I pray for seniors and Americans without every day that is all I can afford. I could not care less about the refugee's or their rights which they have none, have done nothing for America. NOTHING. Remember each day thousands of us become seniors. And we still can vote thank God. So maybe this year you can utter the words SENIOR CITIZENS and make up for the years we have been raped of our benefits that we earned for those of you now on your way to being one of us. What about us? We may be old, but we are not deaf but the sound must be off, as not one word is uttered about us or hope.
Sean Hannity
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John Baker And as usual, the mainstream media will not report the rioting in Sweden and the Trump haters will pretend it didn't happen.
Glenn Pray Coming to a city near you if liberals have their way.
Barbara Nichols Not the kind of immigrants who came here generations ago. They were hard-working, law-abiding people. They got no handouts of any kind, and had to sacrifice much to get ahead. Now these violent people think they have the right to disobey a country's laws, and then protest? Maybe Sweden should have vetted them more carefully.
Kathryn Blankenship Our President makes passing reference to Sweden publicly in a rally, knowing the media will pounce on his every word, using the vehicle of the rally to put Sweden in the news here, as it had not been up to that point, to show the Americans what we are facing and dealing with. Brilliant. this HAS been happening throughout Europe and our "news" media does not cover it. That is "fake" news...not telling us what is going on, not just misrepresenting what is.
Eric Peter Nothing new for those us that pay attention to what is actually happening around us and not living in a utopia full of false peace and unicorns. This has been ongoing for a long time now over there. The media doesn't like to talk about it though.
Gregg Bittner But CNN says this has happened before and is nothing to worry about. That Sweden has no immigration problem and Trump is wrong. Wow CNN is sure keeping up the fake news and trying desperately to discredit President Trump. Why doesn't the organization that gives the license to CNN shut them down?
Nelda Taylor Havener They will deny it just like they did the other report of the rapes and turmoil. They don't want to ruin their image.
Debbie Clouse Zachary-Barnett To date, the only thing you can fault Trump for is telling it like it really is!!!
George Danny Yesterday, they arrested a terrorist cell in France. In UK they arrested 5 on their way to join ISIS. There were riots in Sweden all night long. A terror truck stopped in Barcelona driven by a "Swede" And they are still rioting in France.
Sara Mitchell Religion of peace strikes again... by all means let's let them all in!
Anna-Lena Ostby Yet the swedish government wants the world and especially president trump to know that all is good in Sweden and Swedish youth hate and fear president trump and insists that Swedish citizens love their Muslim refugees and no mass rapes or violence against indigenous Swedes occurs ... what a joke
Kathy Nieves President Trump is always right! The media keeps on trying to bring him down but it never works. Wake up America!
Chuck Bland Now the press will say that Trump is a "witch" since he can conjure up events as necessary to support his statements - why can't they just say he is "right"!
Bill Laemmel Sean dig into Obama n Soros shadow government. Trump is keeping us out of a Civil War but it's not going to last forever, Trump supporters are getting tired of all the lying.
Dave Bennett Did you know that they will put you jail in Sweden for telling the truth about there muslim problem,just like L .Lynch tried to do hear.
Leslie Shelton Howard Warning to media, if you don't report truthfully what's happening in the world because it doesn't support your narrative, then President Trump will call you out and will spotlight the actual facts when you refuse to.
Dawn Scholl Imagine that. And the Media put bills called him out on it. I only watch Fox News, cause I now I'll actually here the truth. I might not like it..but it's the truth
Matt Edwards I went on Gossipcop and highlighted the violence and rampant sexual assaults over there. The responses I got.... Death threats, jokes about rape, women literally telling me "Who cares?" and of course labelled as a "sexist Nazi". Yep, I'm sexist and a Nazi because I have a problem with women and children being raped. The left are completely insane. Even more nuts three of my comments were flagged as violating Facebook standards. All three said the same thing... "There IS a problem with rampant sexual assaults and rape by refugees in Sweden" and yet the death threat I flagged was deemed suitable content after FB reviewed. Unreal.
Elle Laurent Trump is playing 4-D chess with the media. They are still playing Chutes and Ladders so their viewers can follow along.
Herbert T. Holcombe Jr. Coming to a theater near you. God help us unless people wake up and see what is coming around the bend. It is two extreme narratives thanks to the liberals, the media and the elite. They want to make it look like there is just a couple of crazy people out there crying out the sky is falling. There is more than a sky falling, there is a sh%%storm coming down. It is now easy to understand why Noah had a hard time getting people to believe.
Sara Contreras Swedes are more interested in not being called racist than protecting their country from terrorist, they ask for this.
Karen Bryson But the delusional feminists running that country claim that everything is fine and Trump is a big fat liar! I think it's obvious who's lying and covering this crap up. I guess Swedish women aren't the right kind of women for the feminists government to protect!!!!
Mike Burton The news media said over the weekend that there was no violence and that Trump was making fake news? Hmm. Uncontrolled immigration is really an invasion by any other name. Assimilation is not a word to be found in Islamic dictionaries.
DS Brandt Proverbs 28:1-28 The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue. A poor man who oppresses the poor is a beating rain that leaves no food. Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive against them. Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely. ...
George Haynes If you keep calling them the "MSM" people will look at them for legitimate news which they've proven time and again that they aren't. Call them the Left Media or Liberal media ..sorry for the divisiveness but had they done their jobs like professionals and reported truth only they wouldn't be marginalized right now .
Sean Hannity
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Chris Varga Good for her. Who do these people think they are? Expecting everyone else to be tolerant of their ideas but not respecting anyone else's. Some of these Muslims have a lot of nerve (I said some and not all for you liberal crybabies out there)
KaRen ChrisTendom as a Christian Lebanese who survived the civil war that muslims waged against us Christians for 15years.... i salute Marine Le Pen for Not wearing the oppressive islamic hijab!
Scott Moscrop Finally, leaders of the western nations that refuse to grovel.
Andre Bourbeau She should eat a bacon sammish when she talks to him ...
Carol Willingham Good for her...acceptance is a two way street. Why do Christians always have kowtow to Muslims but they never return the courtesy ?
Jeff Moyer Good for her! WTF should she cover up and bow down to this guy because he is Muslim? Why does everyone else have to capitulate to them?
James Matthews Tolerence goes both ways. She wasn't saying that no other woman should be covered - thus respecting their beliefs - she was just saying that she wouldn't be. Any reasonable person would allow that, thus respecting her beliefs. Ah well... such as the case. Good for her!
Patricia Holtzman Courchene It's about time. It always rankles me when I see female reporters and other women visitors to Muslim countries wearing rags on their heads as to not offend the Islamic men. So you can imagine how I felt when they dishonored our female sailor by forcing her to wear that rag on her head.
Ryan Poloway Good for her, this is great! As said above why do Christians constantly have to adhere to Muslim Culture yet the Muslims never return the courtesy, acceptance is a two way street.
Mark Matlock that's ALL you need to know about it right there in plain logic. The man was simply non-inclusive of ANYONE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN"T DRESS THE WAY HE WANTED THEM TO DRESS. They don't want to work with others, they want to rule others. Not for this country.
Rosie Rodriguez Good, she isn't Muslim! Tried if that crap. No offense to the religion.I am not Muslim, so I shouldn't be made to wear one ANYWHERE in the world. I Dont give a #$%* where I'm at
John Wallace Considering what has happened in France the last few years, I'll bet she does better than expected. After Brexit and Trump, liberals will power freak if she wins. C'mon France, the looney left need another kick in the teeth!!
Toni Raia FINALLY!!! Now THAT is a Womens March! God bless her for standing up for the women who truly have no rights!
Lee DiViesti A woman who understands who she is and that she represents free people with unalienable rights. She understands that she would not be representing her people or her own personal convictions by symbolically wearing a Hijab. She is not in subjection to allah or sharia and she showed it in her actions. Great leadership!
Kris Rhodes-Sauerwein . To assume that women from other nations should adhere to Muslim ideas about proper attire is ridiculous. I think the French presidential candidate did the right thing in refusing to put on a Hijab for this meeting. Any woman who would put it on, and claim it was out of respect for the Muslim culture, is deluded. They have zero respect for women in the first place. Adhering to their idea of proper attire for women is asinine, considering she is not Muslim.
Frank Ross Finally a French politician with a backbone. Would the Muslim Cleric wear a Crucifix if he met with the Pope? Would he wear the Star of David if he had the guts to meet with an Israeli politician? Of course not. Good for Le Pen for refusing.
Jamie Gunn Hamm I wouldn't wear it either. That is not her culture. Respect goes two ways. They should respect her beliefs in not covering up just because she is a woman.
Earle Ecabert All I can say about that is , Nicely done. There is no reason for you to wear one, You are not muslim and your not trying to be. Therefore I feel you did exactly what you should have.
Geisha Serafin I applaud her she's in her country and she's not going to wear a hijab. Please, stop trying to impose your beliefs on others because I'm sure you don't allow others to do it to you in your country. You want respect then start first by respecting others. 🇫🇷
Mark Hauser Good for her. I don't understand how this is considered an "extreme" point of view by the same cowering idiots who claim to fight for women's rights
Monica Ridout The tide is turning.. This is hopeful. Don't let the media dictate and spin the election like they TRIED to with the USA! Made it sound like Hillary had it in the bag when it was always Trump!
Gayle Booker There is no reason why any women but a member of that religion should cover their hair.Be true to your own religion beliefs not dictated to by someone else's religion.
Barbara Donahue This is what Obama did when he visited the Middle East for the first time and we were disgusted by his bowing to these people. Applause to this woman for not caving to this ridiculous request.
David A Wright I know that a lot of French people see this woman as an extreme conservative, damaging to the country! Sounds a lot like the liberals here in the USA eh? Lol Good for her and standing up for her right. She does not have to assimilate, those people need to assimilate to the laws of the French people just like here in the United States, etc., etc., etc. Looks like sanity is finally coming our way and in Britain, Germany and France as well thank God!
Eric Peter Why would she ever be expected to bend her values and culture by wearing it? Makes no sense. Tolerance and respect goes both ways.
Sean Hannity
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Jeri Jurate Petkus There's is something really really really huge, the the liberals are hiding and are in fear of being uncovered .....and that is how much they've screwed the American people.
Hope Vinson Martin The press is greatly out numbered by plenty of level headed Trump supporters. We are too smart to fall for their repetitive lies. They are literally hanging themselves.
Russell Hines The Army taught me to never stop until we planted the American flag on the top of the hill. So liberals either get out of the way or get run over.
Jenny Stiles You know, if you don't read'em, watch'em or comment on all their media sites and links pretty soon they won't have jobs. That's how you win that war, no shots fired either.
Jody Childress I think a lot of us showed this past election that we declared war on them. Who actually believes anything they say anymore?
Chad Belcher Only half Hannity but they were at war with half America for eight years so tell trump to keep driving the agenda down their throats.
Scott Fulton Sr. American's do not listen to lying news media anymore and this is WHY "We the People" came out in droves, in horses and buggies, in cars, in buses and voted for President Donald J Trump,"We the People took back our America from the Left Elites that have stolen the lives of us Americans"!
John Robella As Conservatives we can push back the Liberal media by not watching their news casts which give them ratings, and boycotting Hollywood, and continue to support Republicans and our president.
Kenny Triola This only proves Trump was the right choice. Those that love this country won this election. We are sick of athletes taking a knee during the national anthem, "celebrities" inciting anarchy, the media forfeiting integrity for ratings and political agendas, hate groups perpetrating violence over false narratives, and anti-Americans burning/stomping on flags. Want to blame someone for your loss? Take a look in the mirror. You are what united this nation to come against your wicked ways. We are not equally divided, we are equally united with two different causes. Good over evil won this election. Right over wrong prevailed. Either suck it up and get onboard with making this nation great again, or get behind us all together... we ARE moving forward!
Debbie Quimby Hixson I'd hoped the press would get the hint after the outcome of the election--we don't agree with their slant. But, no, they have doubled down since then! The constant focus on insignificant details & pitting non-enemies against each other is tearing America apart at the seams.
Billie Whitaker Klein the press has forgotten , we the people elected Donald J. Trump as our president, We the people can see thing for our self and we know they are lying, and they are bias and we actually have a MIND of our own and most people are NOT brainwashed stupid follwers
Pamela Kuney McBride That's ok Sean. We are stronger than they think we are. We already played their game once and won. That's why we have President Trump. They didn't win then with all their lies. They won't win now.
Priscilla Hanka Since they can't manipulate us, they're attacking us. Guess what? They are exposed. They lose! Period! Even my Dem friends, especially lifetime Dems, have switched parties because of the overt lies, distortions and corruption of the mainstream media and who they support!
Konnie Patton Mikes Thank God FOX is #1! At least a lot of us are getting the truth. John McCain needs to go home! Freedom of the press doesn't give them the right to lie and distort the truth. McCain I guess believes freedom of the press gives them the right to lie. As Hannity pointed out last night. 90% of the news media staff is liberal! That means that agenda is being shoved down peoples' throats continually. After hearing lots of liberals commenting on TV, I doubt seriously they watch much that has to do with educating themselves at any level though.
Cesar Moreira The news media, except Fox and a few others, only cares about their political ideology which they reflect in all of their reporting. They consider anyone that disagrees with their political ideology to be non important. They have been at it for a long time now and have convinced themselves that they have the moral obligation to act as opposition instead of unbiased press as it should be.
Buck Kiep Is there a web site that lists the corporations that advertise on CNN, MSNBC and other far left media outlets that spread fake news and conceal true news stories from Americans? These companies should have their products and services boycotted for supporting the left-wing medias' Orwellian attack on the American people. Why are they afraid of truth?
Diane Nardini He's is correct. I watched his conference and the watched as Shepard Smith lied about it the same day. He is one journalist that I will not watch any longer. I watched his fake tears reporting on Katrina and it made me sick to my stomach because you could see how fake he was. When will Fox stop this and make them report real news. Only 3-4 people we watch on Fox. Hannity, Carlton, O Reilly occasional and the two judges. American people are sick of the lies and propaganda
Robert F Godde We have elected a man who is exposing the malfeasance and using alternatives to the mainstream media to undercut their power. The public is also taking advantage of these alternatives. You could argue that the system took too long to mount a counter-offensive against the Leftist onslaught, and I would agree. This is a common complaint of representative republics, that they don't respond to problems until they become full-blown crises. Trump seems to have a clear vision for how to execute the counter-offensive. I'm looking forward to the next eight years.
Kathleen Turner Some speaks the truth. Every time I see CNN bring a conservative on their show, it is to try and shred them to pieces. They gang up. Usually 4 to 1. They don't let them finish a complete sentence or ask them questions that most would be ill equipped to answer without notes.
Marsha N David Graham Free Press means honesty of reporting, not attacks from unnamed sources, and personal bias! The media oohed and gushed over Obama for 8 years and was pushing the Hillary narrative during the election. Now, all of a sudden they are flabbergasted because no one trusts them, it is hilarious!
Josephine Tomlinson Hall-Blackwell Is it because we won't read their "trumped-up" garbage hype, or the hyped-up garbage about Trump? We need for our news medias to be truthful "propaganda" not just smoke screens to cover what they are really up to. In fifty years we are not going to know what really happened today! Let them suffer the consequences
Roxanne Pavan-Ciampi He demands transparency & truth. Journalists are supposed to be objective & base their findings on facts. It's disheartening but they aren't exactly the American people's friends when they choose to sway & dilute stories to their liking. Sour grapes. Children will act like children & adults should behave like adults.
Beverly Hancock I tell you who has declared war on the people that voted for President Trump, the view. I wish Hannity would call them out.
Joe Twilla Funny, coming from the Fox News fair and balanced org, that told me solar energy wouldn't work in America, it works better in Germany where they get more sunlight.. or that the obama fist bump was gang signs.. or that climate change doesn't happen because there is snow outside.. Fox News is the king of fake news
Ellie Lantz Hannity! Those people who write news stories and those people who read them work for people with an agenda that entails the US giving up our sovereignty. Why don't you expose who really owns the corporate media?!
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity17 hours ago

Question of the Day: Do you think President Donald J. Trump has accomplished a lot during his first month in office?

Fonz Piacentini III I went from a Trump hater to Trump voter and supporter. Thanks CNN for lying to me during the the campaign trail. Switched to Fox and was enlighten by the truth.
Teresa Butler Short Yes! But imagine what he could do when he finally has his cabinet approved and if the dems would start working with him instead of against him.
Lisa Liken President Trump has done a lot. I worry that he isn't resting enough because he has been so busy. I am glad to see him travel to Florida to hopefully relax a bit. I cannot image what all he can do in two terms.
Hayley Melton Gilliland Love President Trump!!! He's doing great things for all people!! I wish everyone would give him the chance he deserves to Make America Great Again!!! A++
Eric Hansen One of the happiest moments of my life was during President Trumps inauguration speech when he spoke the words, "radical Islamic terrorism". I give him an A+ for his first month in office, and I just wish the mainstream media would hop aboard the Trump train!
Richie Miriti Trump has accomplished a lot. First and foremost, Trump has saved us from the destruction Hillary would have brought to us. Second, everything Trump said he would he do he is doing it, and since the media cannot acknowledge that, they will continue fanning the fangs of fake news.
Sue Leth oh for sure and thank you guys at Fox for standing With Our President Donald J. Trump..Journalists should be required to get a license, continuing education, and ethics code to follow or be disciplined. If realtors, stock brokers, doctors, lawyers and other agents are held to this standard, so should the news. Another suggestion is to label them i.e.; tabloid or entertainment if what they report is not verified!
Tom Moore I was never really big into politics until I clearly saw my favorite morning show, "good morning America" clearly not being balanced and reporting both sides. Thanks to them I started really paying attention and saw what liberal puppets they are. I'm now "Fox and friends" in the morning! Trump is just what this country needed!
Kate O'Donnell I am really excited to see what he does with the VA. I'd like to keep my veterans choice care with bon seccours. I'm happy he's draining the swamp.
Lora Ledford Shoemaker President Trump is fortunate to be thick skinned, I don't know if I could go through the harassment of the crooked media, or suffer my family to subjected to what the left is crazily doing. I am so glad that cares enough for us to try and get a safer and stable economic America. I pray for our President that he and his family stay safe. Has he exceeded the campaign promises in the first 30 days, yes sir.
Robin Fontenot Foti I think he's done a fantastic job!!!! He has a lot of mess to straighten out and though the evil left and corrupt media try to destroy him and our opinion of him, they will fail miserably!!! God will guide President Trump, and he will overcome all the haters!!!!
Karen Rick Tipton Yes! I thank God for bringing a President who has brought God back into the white house. Thank you Melania Trump for saying the Lord's prayer before the people. Keep up the good work Mr President, and thank you for all you have accomplished in your 1st month.
Susan J Dulle The People's President is doing an awesome job. Funny how the media NEVER reports on President Trump's amazing accomplishments. They're obsessed with jumping on things he has said that THEY think are wrong but, in fact, turn out to be true. You'd think they wise up, but, no.America chose the right President.
Pamela Rose I am very excited about what Trump has accomplishing so far.. I had no doubt that he would do everything he said he would do and more.. I just wish the left would stop undermining EVERYTHING he is trying to do to "make america great again".. all they are doing is making fools out of themselves.. and the lying media is a joke..
Lue Blickfeldt What goes around comes around for the press as well! Sean, why don't you ignore the press and just focus on the true news, the positive things our great President is doing. I think that the more the good press continues to give it credence, the more they get joy out of it. BTW, I loved the interview with Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. That's what I want to hear more of. Move past the liberal press, and get to the great things that are happening!
Joe Viveiros Yes ...he's doing a great job The alt left media will tell u different but we have already learned not to trust fake news aka (CNN)
Don Myers I am so thankful he has a backbone. Don't know what would happen if he was to cave into the socialist. We needed him so bad for this country. Thank you President Trump. You have taken so much flack for us. Stay strong and safe,, our country depends on it.
Carolyn Beste Ciolli President Trump is doing a fantastic job ! I really think people can see through the lies of the crooked media. Wish everyone would just boycott those stations ! I do !
Thor Allen Anybody not blind can see the list of accomplishment. Anybody wearing democratic blinders can only see the putrid stench of defeat, and are angry about it.
Michael Ridenour our president doin a great job an the first lady did a great job with her prayer loved it an i am speaking for others Fox News NEWS THE BEST ANYOU TOO SEAN
Judy Bushee I think the accomplishments that President Trump has made in one month are absolutely amazing! He deserves an A+ in my book. I have never been so involved in a presidential election in my life as I've been in this one. We actually have a president who made promises during his campaign and is actually keeping them now that he's in office! He's fulfilling his promises at an unprecedented rate! I don't think the corrupt life long career politicians in Washington know how to handle it! It's actually fun to watch! It never gets old. I do find the anti-Trumper's and the paid protestors to be mind boggling, frustrating, and very aggravating! It amazes me to watch because he pays them no attention and sticks to his agenda! I think he's going to be amazing! After 8 years of the Obama debacled Presidency and the rest of the standard corrupt, political cronies who as usual promise you everything and give you nothing once in office. Now to have President Trump who is actually in fact delivering on the promises that he made throughout his campaign. I find it extremely refreshing! I know I for one am finally looking forward to the future! For the first time in eight years we have a president in the Oval Office who puts Americans first! Our safety first! Our economy first, he's building our military back up, taking care of our veterans improving our country's infrastructure i.e much needed repairs on the roads and bridges across our country. He wants to bring jobs back to The United States, lower taxes, he's trying to make our school systems better, vetting illegal immigrants and deporting criminal illegal immigrants. By doing this keeping the people in the United States safe from people who only want to come into this country for the sole purpose is hurting people and cause mass destruction . I'm completely baffled. I ask myself what is wrong with that? What's not to like?? I for one say God Bless President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence! I truly believe our President has made phenomenal choices building his cabinet! They are all men and women of the highest caliber. The Trump administration is full of strong, capable well educated, intelligent people with a great deal of experience in the jobs they were chosen to do. I am excited to see what they can do! Once all the people he has chosen for his administration get confirmed and sworn in so.that they can all get to work doing the work that they're sent there to to do! I think it's going to be awesome! Now imagine if we could get the House, Congress and the Senate to all work together and be on the same page as our President and Vice President to get things done. Think of all the great, awesome and absolutely amazing things that could be accomplished! The whole country would flourish and dowell! Isn't that what everybody wants?
Carole Pitman Considering the amount of interference he's received he's been pretty bloody marvellous. The harassment of him is nothing short of a story in a spy book. True authors do a better job than the Obamas/Clintons/Soros.
Wilma Nelson I definitely believe that President Trump has accomplished a lot during his first month in office . I support him and have supported him from day one. I also was very Blessed when the First Lady prayed the Lords Prayer. I am thoroughly discussed with the lying, crooked media. I support him in everything that he wants to do.
Wynn Davis Yes I certainly do ! I am so frustrated about the Liberals and the Bias Media, but I feel he can handle them. We pray for him and Pence daily, and of course for our great nation. Thank you for the terrific job you do reporting the news fair and just. I will never watch any other news source.
Marisol Lacayo We watch your show every day in Nicaragua. So far 30 days in the office without a complete cabinet president Trump gets an A- and the minus is because he should have slow down to ensure that the language of the executive order for the travel ban was crystal clear. Keep up the good work Sean!!!!