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Norm Scheib Jan Boykin Doug and your team Philadelphia Eagles. We are certainly proud of your accomplishments. Best of luck at the SB. How sweet it is.
Anna Ross Minvielle Woo Hoo!! Go Doug!! So excited for you!! 🦅🦅
Dean Brandon Way to go Doug
Armando Lopez Go birds!
Emily Melissa Robertson Jacob Anthony Mobley
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Nicholas Mecum My uncle is a former NFL referee. The rumor going around is that each ref is paid 250k for a Brady TD and and 50k for a single penalty on the other team. If the Patriots win, they get an extra 100k on top of it. 25k a year just to stay quiet. It's all about the ratings. I might have made this up but if you think this is possible go ahead and click like!
Ivan Vazquez A.J. you forgot to look in the small print where it says "rules may be different when playing against the Patriots"
Justin Salinas Can we talk about the fumble play being blown dead jags easly had a td on that before the ref stopped it
Dylan DC Chute The multiple no calls for holding on #99 and 91 on pats offensive line late 3rd early 4th is what sealed it for me...knew the refs had a bias against the jags. Kinda fed up with nfl honestly. Great game to play. Horrible officiating and business.
Michael Martin It always cracks me up to see all the two year olds crying about the refs, and for the record, I can't stand Brady and am not a Patriots fan. I just think it's ridiculous to cry and whine about calls and no calls. In this game, the Jags had many chances to put the Patriots away and didn't. That's the real issue.
Torrey Davie Could also talk about how the refs stopped the clock when the Patriots player was clearly tackled inbounds to preserve the Patriots last time out of the first half. A time out they could have used to score a TD right before the half. They need to understand that they are under a microscope by the fans of the rest of the teams and we see them ruining our beloved league trying to make up for all the lost fans due to all of the controversies. Hate to say it but the NFL is done guys. Better hope Vince McMahon doesn't take that XFL idea as seriously as he says he is.
Perrin J. Lance Look I don't like the Pats as much as the next guy but referees are not why the Pats are consistently top-tier contenders. They're tough, have great players, and they're smart. End of story.
Alan Peterson Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon
Austin Chandra Sooooo did you watch last weeks tape when you held Brown but still he caught the TD? Have fun winning the super bowl with jalen Ramsey in madden together
Kendall Gardner Jr. “protect myself from being pushed” ha what a joke. cooks was man handling him all game and when it came to down the field for a go route he couldn’t keep up. own the penalty and move on
Jeff Finchum And I hate the Jags...but he is correct. 2 HORRIBLE P.I. calls on Jags. But of course we all know that the Pats always magically seem to get the calls their way...especially if they are behind,for years now. I think us fans are sick of it. Its. Not just conspiracy...its fact and obvious to see
Kaiser Sose Welcome to club...Patriots ticket to Super Bowl was stamped Week 15 when Al Riveron over turned TD for Jesse James
Travis Goodman “Look for the ball” is one thing he literally didn’t do on that play, so...
Matt Hayden If he watches the tape he'll see more plays where WRs on the Pats had their arms held down preventing them from attempting to catch the ball. Refs didn't cost the Jags that game. Playing prevent offense is what cost them the game. Can't give Brady multiple chances to win the game.
Ramin Aghababaee The Jags got hosed big time!! What else is new?! You play the Pats, you have to battle the Pats and the Refs!
David Jacob That flag was questionable yeah but it’s pretty much the only one and btw I’ve never seen a full game without questionable calls, it happens, the refs aren’t perfect just like everyone of us. Just get over it loser
Ryan Pedretti It was a pass interference no matter what... When the Pats couldn't move the ball and fell behind just throw it up and hope for a flag... I hate this part of football
Xavier Canez He mauled ab all game last game and still got torched. Ramsey too. I was rooting for the jags.. but Brady always carves up zone coverage.. always!
Jayden Warran Everybody says its a pass interference except for you and the "fans" who "know" the "rules" better than the officials themselves
Dylan Lee Salty much, you’re supposedly one of the best CB and you’re complaining because it was clearly a PI. Grabbing the WR by the neck and disrupting his ability to catch the ball is clearly a PI. Jags defense got exposed by the 49ers but people are making excuses saying jags didn’t have anything to play for. I’m glad ya didn’t make it pass the Patriots. Cocky CBs and no experience in playoffs kills.
Scott Lang Brady n Belicheck get that call 9/10. It is what it is...not saying its right but stars are ALWAYS gonna get the call over a really think the NFL wanted the Jags in the SB? LOL. NAHHHHH
Robert Misery Well when you're pushing a guy out of bounds, making contact beyond 5 yards, all while not trying to make a play on the ball. Seems like a pretty easy call Edit- plus there were plenty other penalties on the jags that we're not called.
Tj Colvin Funny he's saying that and he was holding a few times this game that didn't even get a call.. Not to mention he held Brown so long last week I thought he has a thing for him
Nate Tavares He can touch you the whole way, as long as he doesn't prevent your arm from reaching for the ball WHICH YOU DID. And you pushed him oob which is a flag.
Jared Warren Not a fan of either team but I will say the jags brought this upon themselves, just like in any sport the veterans and champs are always gonna get the call whether it was right or not. You guys act like you already were sizing up for your super bowl rings. Besides those two questionable calls you guys did blow a lead, didn’t you watch the Super Bowl last year?
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Mmaassault great pics!

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Tony Romo finally made it to the conference championship game!

Ginger Griffin that is ugly