2016 New Orleans Saints Football Schedule

Date Opponent Time/TV Tickets
Aug. 11
Patriots at New England Patriots (Preseason)
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Lost 34-22
Aug. 20
Texans at Houston Texans (Preseason)
NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Lost 16-9
Aug. 26
Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 1
Ravens Baltimore Ravens (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 11
Raiders Oakland Raiders
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Sep. 18
Giants at New York Giants
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
1:00pm ET
Sep. 26
Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:30pm ET
Oct. 2
Chargers at San Diego Chargers
Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
4:25pm ET
Oct. 9
Oct. 16
Panthers Carolina Panthers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Oct. 23
Chiefs at Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO
1:00pm ET
Oct. 30
Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 6
49ers at San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
4:05pm ET
Nov. 13
Broncos Denver Broncos
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 17
Panthers at Carolina Panthers
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
8:25pm ET
Nov. 27
Rams Los Angeles Rams
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 4
Lions Detroit Lions
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 11
Buccaneers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, FL
1:00pm ET
Dec. 18
Cardinals at Arizona Cardinals
U. of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
4:05pm ET
Dec. 24
Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Jan. 1
Falcons at Atlanta Falcons
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
1:00pm ET
Note: Game times/dates for weeks 5-17 are subject to change.

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints shared a link.9 hours ago
Shawn Duhon Butler won't be coming here. Kraft said he's keeping him. We just got screwed out of Cooks, the deal is really over now. And no, not worth an 11th pick in my opinion.
Jayson Dorville I still can't believe we let Cooks go!!! I think it was a smart trade to get another 1st round pick(both picks should go on defensive players)but if we don't make it deep in to the playoffs Mickie Loomis has to go.
Evan Frey Don't let Loomis influence you. Take your chances in the draft and sign some rookie contracts. Butler had one moment. If they go offense with either of the first round picks I will be livid
Jay McKinney If the saints sign Johnny then everything Payton said about culture and climate were all lies and he should have never releases graham or junior. If Johnny was out of control in Cleveland what do you think he'll do in the big easy. Loomis made the statement he was "kicking the tires " on Butler. I can think of someone else that needs to be kicked but it wouldn't be his "tires"
Robert Norris So know we're the designated rehab team for the NFL, seriously why are even wasting time with drug boy Manzel, I can't believe we would even consider this guy...
Emanuell Randolph man,we jus gotta see how this sht playsout! really,i cant say what i expect to see no more from my team! these past few seasons have let me down! Truely! especially,with the talent i keep thinking we gettin! just gotta wait in see WDN................
Debbie Tracy No way we should give up our #11 pick for Butler. I don't like giving up the #32 because it came from NE in the Cooks trade and it's like we never got anything for Cooks except moving up 15 spots in the third round of the draft. Give NE the second round pick and a future conditional pick. David Rainey read what Payton said
Daniel Forrest Hey, I've been reading that we might be looking at some qb's in the draft. Possibly Mahomes if he's still there at 42, but that got me thinking, what's up with Grayson? He's not a viable option after Brees retires?
BobbyGambit LaFleur Cooks wanted to go. And Ted Ginn can match cooks production in this offense. Relax!
Austin Toofunny Johnson I dont think the 11th pick is worth it, we can get foster or a shut down corner in tbe draft with that pick
Keddrick Jones Get him next year when he's a free agent and we don't have to trade a pick for him
Tim Mista They should get Mike Williams and matchup with Thomas. Grab Jabril and let's go! Brees has another year or two.
Arron Martinez If he were comming to nola I feel like we would know by know.
Nicholas Sterling What if they planned this all along so they can trade the 32nd pick and McCown to the Browns for #1 and draft Garrett πŸ˜²πŸ˜±πŸ€”πŸ‘€. One can dream. πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺ
Paul Brown I hope he stays with New England. Why would he want to come play for our D?!?
Chad Stewart They will screw this draft up like they have done for last how many years.
Charles Leblanc Think we need to stay far away from Buttler , if you need a friend sean , call me I will get the coffee pot ready.
Chance Hall I'd only give the 32nd pick to New England for butler not the 11th
Angel Richard I think he will be a Jason David. Go offence on draft. Drew on his way out. We can win three bowls.
Greg Brunson Please for the love of Pete don't get Manziel!!
Michelle DeJarnett Deken Manziel? No. Freaking. Way.
Ali Ganjizadeh Happy 3/28 to all Falcon fans!!!!!
James Stafford If we give no. 11 for him, I'm finding a new team.
Joey Henderson 11th pick a good corner and 32nd pick a pass rusher.
Malek Dagash Did I just read Johnny Manziel? Please God no
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints10 hours ago

Talking the offseason, draft and more with Coach.

Courtland Samuels 11th Solomon Thomas/Derek Barnett , 32nd Tre'davious White, 42nd Sidney Jones, 76th an OLB, 103rd Guard, the rest can be Whatever else on defense. Maybe another DT & DE unless they trade both 6th & 7th round picks to move into the 5th round and get someone.
Shirley Gandy Pace OMG........PLEASE do not pick up Johnny Manziel....what a horrible choice....given his history...NOLA is he LAST place he needs to be
Grayson Courtright I swear if we give up our 11th for Butler.. I will be one unhappy dude.
Kyle Andrew All the way from Milwaukee wi .. who dat nation baby let's bounce back this year..
Calvin Brewer no manziel
Robert Dear Brace yourselves, here they come...
Jarrod Ashley Priorities: don't draft LSU players
Joel Davis I feel like they are gonna give their 11th pick for butler 😢
Wayne Sheppard Time to go.Need a coach who will get us to the playoffs
Joshua Agilar Ruben Foster , and first round
Angela Marie Nemec Barnett yesssss!!!!
Heather Cherry Susan Cherry
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints11 hours ago

Notes from day 2 of NFL Owners meetings.

Reule Ray Choate Jr. Damm NFL going soft just put flags on the players side and let play flag .What happened to the days when the NFL was played by real men they did some hitting.One other thing I though that pads were made for taking a hit and protect the player well they want need pads no more since there will be limited hitting going on come on get back to the real hitting tackling and the NFL experience .
Han Rasmussen They forgot to mention the 10 point handicap the referees will enforce on all teams that don't have "atriot" in their name.
Jimmy Carbo You f'n owners looking for more money. F that....bring back the old days when players had to work for a living and football was their "fantasy".
Ron Bisbing Refs need to be full time refs period. No more doctors and lawyers doing part time refereeing. Not like they need the money. Let someone that really needs work make that money. I'd go to ref school
Warren Martin Jr. A leaper for the Broncos cost the Saints a game.
Debbie Brown Leaper rule is stupid. The whole point is to block the point . Pretty soon we gonna have flag football not NFL football.
Julie Rogers When is the NFL going to break out the flags for the uniforms for all of the players
Jake Vead Instead of rule changes how about referee reforms these past 3 seasons we have seen some of the worst refereeing in the history of the nfl
Dean Lean Good. Maybe next time the Broncos won't push down our center and use him as a step ladder.
Kenny McGuffee What possible reason could they have for making leaping to block FG illegal? I can't remember an injury resulting from this. It is a very tough athletic play that has some serious risk for the defense of it fails. I don't understand this change.
Perina Graves Coleman The "leaper" they just took a potentially game changing play off the tableπŸ™„ why?
Butch St Amant they should ban all the show boating after a touchdown some of it is stupid spiking the ball ok but the danceing and all the other bull has to stop
Anthony Caruso touch football not far away
Eddy Guernica More like a bronco cheater.
Eugene Elam
Jordan Dew Las vegas raiders?
Sharon Crosby Gualtieri Adrian Bruneau
Preeti Sandhu Saad Azam
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with ABC Insurance Agencies.18 hours ago

Hear from the newly re-signed cornerback!

Bruce Broussard This kid has so much heart. I love his tenacious want to guard the #1 receiver. He will find a spot in the lineup, I just hope our CB core overall is upgraded for success
Jay Reel Ummmm we heard this week's ago... he was their last year also! What's your point???
Anthony Ramirez Sign me ;)
Niko Castro Less talking, more practicing for that putrid defense
Ted Sarsfield Who
Zach Flowers Enjoyed this dude when he was in new england. I'm glad he's sticking around
Blayne Schabler Who dat βšœοΈβšœοΈβšœοΈβ€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Jeremy Hussey Him and Breaux are beast πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
CJ Wise Congratulations... let's go team ❀️
Jim Bob If they can get a dominate pass rush from the D-Line, they don't need top shelf corners. Hope they don't give up either of the two 1st round picks for Butler and roll the dice on what they can get in the draft.
Joshua Guss Remember when those Falcons LOST that Super Bowl after having a 25 point lead!? Well, that's what today's date is 3-28. LOL
Jeff Glatts Nice. Need more CBs in the stable in case some of them get injuries.
Arius Fair Sterling Moore sucks bro he's always getting burned
Mary Arnold
Kirk Ortego Why, he was burned so bad last year, why?
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints19 hours ago

Y'all have until Friday night to guess the schedule for a chance at some premium prizes!

Laurie Vaillancourt It won't let me do it I click log in wit Facebook and jothing
Derek Hager Patrick Hager
Derek Hager Chase Hager
Courtney Villarreal Pettigrew Robert
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints23 hours ago

Checking out some of Manti's top moments!

Meredith Carpenter i like this guy
Buddy Garrett Seriously??? What a waste of money!!! With the quality linebackers that were out there to get, and the Saints get this guy??? Just another reason Mickey Loomis needs to go.
Michael Sheets It's easy to tell by these comments that most people have never taken the time to watch this guy actually play. When he plays he plays very well. The injuries are the only concern.
Steve Zvolanek Welcome, Manti, to the land of 7-9. He'll fit right in to our bottom of the barrel defense. The only thing better than signing an overrated, injury prone underachiever is to sign one that's coming off of a major Achilles injury. Our personnel management may suck, but at least it consistently sucks. #fireseanpayton #fireloomis
Mark Smith This guy is garbage. A whole minute video of roughly 10 highlights where he makes routine tackles. Don't see any reason we couldn't have used this money to put toward trying to get Malcolm Butler. Atleast then, we would have a playmaker!
Katherine Pedersen He should be fun to watch. I always thought he had excellent potential...but was really harmed by ambitious friends and the media. Manti, welcome to a wonderful town.
Don Kuehn I believe the signings so far have been good, didn't like Brandon Cooks trade but it is what it is, but all around I truly believe Saints and Who Dat Nation wil have a very good year this year!!!!
Trey Harold Yet another poor excuse for a free agent signing. This is right out of the loomis play book. I project he plays in 5 games but we pay him for 2 years. He'll join Byrd, spiller, etc....... FIRE LOOMIS!!!!!!
Keith Frederick I find it funny that everyone wants to criticize this guy...I remember when everyone said Brees wouldn't last because he was to short and didnt have a good enough arm...I say, like we did with Brees... lets give the guy a chance to prove himself. He doesn't pan out in a year or two, then let him have it.
Chase Millien That was kind of unimpressive. He'll fit right in on the defense. Lol
Robert Dennis Today is 3-28.. I remember a score like that not long ago.. Happy Falcons Days. Unless you live in Atlanta.
Corey Bouie Saints always sign has been player's and player's that nobody want. It's as if they are always bargin hunting. They need to quit being cheap and sign some genuine talent on defense.
Chucky Hamrick This guy is not a force at linebacker . Arm tackler , not s big hitter. Plus he has girlfriend problems.
Michael Anderson Alabama proved this guy was an average collage linebacker at best.
William John Did he bring his Hawaiian girlfriend with him?? lol
Jim M Herring This guy is a walking band-aid. Hopefully this yr he's stays healthy.
Ej Cambre Short video. His highlight video is shorter than the time that the falcons led in the super bowl
Barry Bazile There aren't many because he can never stay on the field!
Walter West What the hell! Seriously, did he bring his girlfriend too?
Kori Moon I hope he plays very well just so it will shut most of you guys up...Give him a chance... He could surprise you.
Stone Guy I really appreciate that they used a photo of him hugging his girlfriend.
Alexx Montoya Good for you glad he's gone!!!! Misses tackles to much to be a reliable lb
John N Bonnie Chewning Another questionable signing at best, but why am I not surprised. If those are his highlights, Lord help us.
Johnny Ahlf This is just going to give us a worse defense. Sure hope the offense can pick up the slack.
Michael Amos Like the time he had an Imaginary Girlfriend.... Anyone else like WTF happened here? Not to mention RUMOR of Manziel..... Random off season like usual πŸ˜’
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints1 day ago

We're looking for energetic, hard-working folks who love the Saints!

Debbie Tracy Heather Atwood-Maher I really think you should go do this. You would be perfect. You are always so enthusiastic and always so great with people. If you don't know the cheers we can teach the to you lol
Nicholas Nedland Any chance you need someone to patrol US Bank stadium this year? I'll be at the game but would love to be part of the Black and Gold Patrol #whodatinminnesota
Alyssa Carver Dream job if only I didn't live in the frozen tundra that is Minnesota/Wisconsin
John Dours The longest tenured Junior Tee Retriever in New Orleans Saints' history: Casey Cowley
Heather Haddad Kaci Perez Verdin tell Lance Verdin he can definitely be a black and gold patrol lol
Amy Scott Thibodeaux Mandy Dardar and Brandy Verdin y'all would be perfect for this!!
Lisa Hewitt Wish I could apply I'm Canadian Love my New Orleans Saints ❀️⚜️
Luis Garcia Dude fly me out from Los Angeles and you'll get the most hardworking saints fan in the world !!!!
Michelle Crochet I sure wish I lived in New Orleans! Sounds like a great job!
Ben Martino New Orleans Saints: are auditions Thursday or a Saturday. There's a typo for the date listed.
Carter Sutton John Colin Thielen here's a chance for your break through John. Go kill it!
Allan Rowe Adam Thomas Michael Rowe let's get the band back together.
Rodrigo Rocha Hey, im a pats fan but If you need some help in Brazil, gimme a call, I also love the Saints
Jeremy Porter Pick me. I'm in Philadelphia surrounded by Eagles still pissed that Sproles is here and not with us. WHO DAT
Jared Cooper Totally wish I could go do this!!!!! 😒
Ben Collier You've already got them SUPERFANS....
Gloria Leckness Love the saints
Lora Andrews Janice Jackson Sartin Aunt Rea This is PERFECT FOR YOU!!!!
Zaarne Bourke Fly me from Australia πŸŽ‰ you'll 100% get what you need πŸ˜‚
Michael Wright Fly me from Pittsburgh
Misty Bailey Evans Kristie Cain Ramos, I think we could handle this!
Steven Meredith Jr Jessica Williamson man I wish I could do this
Ben Petrone Can they live in NY???
Beyonka Heine James Heine think this is for me!
Lisa Wampler If only!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago


Doug Ray Whatcha thinking about? Oh, just how the Falcons blew a 25 point lead.
Billy Mcpherson I am a Saints fan but I was rooting for the Falcons because the New England Patriots didn't needs to win know more we need a new Super Bowl champions who dat
Octavio RodrΓ­guez Fabian Shall I throw or catch a TD?
Brian Walsh Willie's thinking of those Bush's baked beans
Dustin Fodness Hmm...Seared Seahawk or Roasted Falcon...
Jason Wehner Slow news day, I see
Carol Veal Crawfish boil or BBQ shrimp?
Seth Johnson Willie snead "so how long until football season"!!!
Jessica Easley Love these random posts, keep posting NO
Kendrick Everette "Hmmmm, How could the Falcons blow a 28-3 lead?"
Mike Wood I like Willie. He always seems like the happiest Saint.
Gloria Mejia My favorite player
Zachary Ashley Blundell Let's go Snead!!!!
Ryan Johnson Big Willi lol
Harel Broderick Willie: Should I switch positions? Drew's arm must be tired by now. He's been throwing long bombs for years...I think I'll give this QB thing a shot.
Emmie Derusha Jimmy Who? He immediately erased and replaced #80 for me. Also helps he came from BALL STATE baby!
Johnathan Barrow He's wondering if he will be signed to long-term deal and make those $$$, are is headed somewhere else like all the rest.
Dustin Joseph Have we resigned Willie yet I believe he is a restricted free agent have we given him an extension?
Bill Holmes If I were Willie... I would be wondering WTF this front office of this football team is doing to this football team too!
Josiah John Escalante That face says "Hmmm i wonder if we will make it to the superbowl this year."
AJ Liles Hmmm i've done a great job for the Saints...wonder when they're going to cut me...
Michael Bardwell "How much speed would a Snead need if a Snead had a need for speed?"
Niko Castro " I wonder when we'll have a defense to complement our offense"
Nick Dare Love you willie no homo . I got a need for Snead continue to ball homie.
Arnold Boatman I wish I was traded instead of cook
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with ABC Insurance Agencies.2 days ago

Jarrius's hilarious interview with Randy Moss kicks off at the 17:50 mark!

Zach Heflin So just curious but what exactly did jarrius do or who does he know or what happened to him to get all these opportunities
Paul Killian As long as he's able, that kid has a future in broadcasting. Already learning the ropes.
Andre Bosco Clements Hey think I could a jersey & some free stuff? I've been on dialysis for five years waiting on a kidney transplant. Js
Emmathee Ann He is so cute πŸ’œ
Donna Reed He's cute
Cassandra Marie Coleman Greg Pierson
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago

Here's how the media thinks the draft will shake out.

What say you?

Nathanael Dillard *We need a DE/OLB, CB, LB - Back up QB & G How in the world does the media have us entertaining a WR pick in the 2nd when we have 4 WRs and haven't fulfilled these needs listed above. Please PM, call, text, email, fax, or write me and I would love to match wits with the recruiting/selection committee. Barrett is a solid #11 pick for us. There are some talented pick ups out there for pick 32 and 42 and I have the primary, secondary and auxiliary selections and why.
Dan Gerber Saints need an edge rusher more than a CB. At #11 they'll be in prime position to get one. It was hell watching opposing QBs sit back in the pocket and pick apart the defense last year. Gotta make those QBs uncomfortable.
Paully Milling Almost fully agree with Nathanael Dillard i think we should get a te in the 3rd round colby isnt cut out to replace jimmy and with TE's being deep in this draft it would be nice to grab one in the 3rd like we did Jimmy otherwise heres my picks DE/LB,CB/SS, DE/CB/SS/LB which ever we dont take outta those. TE, QB, G
Bubba Terranova It doesn't matter who we get. We will make them really good, and then trade them for a 14th round pick in a draft that is 6 years away!
Hudson Hargrove The guy who has the Saints taking mcaffrey and turbisky is insane
Mike Moe Ruben would be amazing but I think edge is the position that needs addressing! I think we draft Barnett, and maybe we can get Hassan reddick with the 32 pick... I believe we can still get a quality CB in the 2d round... maybe Humphrey. But I don't believe Ruben will be available... if so draft him, and chia Harris in the 1st rd
Robert Jensen Don't really care who they draft as long as it not someone with a history of injuries! The Saints can't afford any project players. They need help now.
Daniel Mariakis #11 Barnett, #32 MAhomes (Way too good too pass), #42 - Tanoh Kpassagnon - With the F/A signing I think we should pass on LB. DB, I think we should be fine if we get out the 30th ranked QB Sack from our pass rush. We could have a Deon Sanders and still get hurt if a QB has 4-6 seconds too pass each time!
Travis Holzner Tbh, I don't know who the hell we are going to draft. I hope all defense but watch when we draft Cristian M or some other person.
Kendrick Everette #11 Derek Barnett #32 Tre'Davious White #42 Raekwon McMillian = Championship
Hunter Lowry Saints need an offensive line and defensive line, another outside linebacker, and corners.
Marlowe Ramirez Foster would be a game changer.
Gil Johnson If Foster is still available at #11 the Saints have to pick him. Immediate game changer for defense.
Steve Hughes Stay away from Alabama players, we already go bit by worthless Ingram!
Steven Huffer If rueben foster is available when we pick at 11 that better be our pick....he could anchor the middle of that defense for years to come.
James Tidmore Man I'd love to see Reuben in black an gold
Max Taunton how draft starded down hill with bush an as long as lomiss is here it will be the same unless Sean gets to Pick
Jason Lapene Ruben Foster with the 11 pic. Please.
Ian Graham Stop it
Brad Thompson Get Reuben foster!!
Daniel Hall Yeah we need a good draft since we got screwed during the trades.
Francisco Javier Atilano It seems like almost all have D. Barnett as the #11 pick
Tony Finfrock Reuben Foster or bust
Angela Marie Nemec #11 Barnett a must, yessssss πŸ‘