2016 New Orleans Saints Football Schedule

Date Opponent Time/TV Tickets
Aug. 11
Patriots at New England Patriots (Preseason)
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Lost 34-22
Aug. 20
Texans at Houston Texans (Preseason)
NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Lost 16-9
Aug. 26
Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 1
Ravens Baltimore Ravens (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 11
Raiders Oakland Raiders
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Sep. 18
Giants at New York Giants
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
1:00pm ET
Sep. 26
Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:30pm ET
Oct. 2
Chargers at San Diego Chargers
Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
4:25pm ET
Oct. 9
Oct. 16
Panthers Carolina Panthers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Oct. 23
Chiefs at Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO
1:00pm ET
Oct. 30
Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 6
49ers at San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
4:05pm ET
Nov. 13
Broncos Denver Broncos
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 17
Panthers at Carolina Panthers
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
8:25pm ET
Nov. 27
Rams Los Angeles Rams
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 4
Lions Detroit Lions
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 11
Buccaneers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, FL
1:00pm ET
Dec. 18
Cardinals at Arizona Cardinals
U. of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
4:05pm ET
Dec. 24
Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Jan. 1
Falcons at Atlanta Falcons
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
1:00pm ET
Note: Game times/dates for weeks 5-17 are subject to change.

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

LIKE to wish Drew Brees a happy birthday! 😊

Jason Butler Happy Birthday Drew... You have Blessed Our Saints Nation. From the way you Play & carry yourself of the field. God Bless You and your Family Sir! Love watching you Play and honored to Cheer for a honorable man. Happy Birthday!
Doris Marie Happy Birthday to the one and only DREW BRESSSSSSSSSSS , May God continue to bless you to have many many more to come , Enjoy your day and be blessed always #DrewBrees #WhoDat #SaintsFanForLife #BestQuarterbackWhoDatNationEverHad
Dean Pertuit Happy birthday Drew ! to the best quarterback on this planet no all your accomplishments on and off the field have a great day Go Saints ! who dat Nation !
Tyler Eschette Happy Birthday Drew! Hope you have a great day! Thank you for all you have done not just for the Saints but to the city of New Orleans, you are a true role model.
Tracie Huffman Happy birthday to the most amazing quarter back ever!!!! I'm so thankful for youπŸ’— my dream is to meet you one dayπŸ™πŸΌ blessings to you and your beautiful family.
Rae Benally Happy Birthday to you Drew. Your absolutely above most things a phenomenal father and great QB. I hope your day is great just as much joy and happiness you bring us. Eat lots of cake, ice cream, etc
Corey Johnson Happy bday Jimmy John. You are a great person . Thanks for being the best and only quarterback that the city has ever had.
Patricia Daste Happy Birthday Drew! Wishing you a wonderful day & many more happy years to come. May God bless you & your family. And thanks for being a great leader for our city & state. Go Saints!
Laura Borders Happy birthday Drew. Thank you for everything you do for the our Saints team and for our city. I hope to meet you one day.
Richard Snyder Happy Birthday Drew. Thanks for continuing to represent Purdue and the Saints with the highest level of integrity and dedication. You make this Boilermaker and Saint fan proud every day!
Jim Berry Happy birthday old man. Before long, I guess you'll become a broadcasting personality, but for now I look forward to seeing you shred some more defenses. Have a great day man!
Blaine Cox Happy birthday. Sometimes tragedies are the making of greatness. That is definitely the case with Drew Brees' injury. Glad we made the smart move and the Dolphins made the dumbest decision in their franchise's history. Can't wait until August so we can get this team right. Who Dat for life. Happy Birthday Drew and I hope to see you out there wearing the Black and Gold for many years to come.
Michael Mark Catalan Happy birthday to a leader , a follower , a team player , a man who is an example of a person filled with character, integrity, and humility . The saints may have not had a winning season this year but , with Bree's as our QB we are all winners!
Ellie Mahnke Happy birthday Drew! I always enjoy watching you play and cheering you on. Thanks for everything you do for your team, your fans and Louisiana. You're an amazing quarterback; keep doing what you're doing! Have a wonderful day. Hope to attend a Saints game and get to meet you someday! #DrewBrees #NewOrleansSaints #WhoDat
Mario Bratfisch It's a shame, he still has no defense to keep him in games. He should have been on the field today if the team finished their games... But anyways. Happy birthday to the Greatest of all times. Happy birthday Drew Brees!
Henry Clites You are definitely a Saint, both on and off the field. Have a Happy Birthday. God has blessed you with talent and manners. Love you man. Keep up the work.
Mary Elizabeth Caillavet Happy Birthday Mr Bree's hope your day will be a bless day,I have enjoyed watching you trying to bring our team to victory some times we win and some we lose but I'm always a fan God bless and good health
Sharon O'Brien Walsten Happy Happy Birthday Drew!! Wishing you a wonderful day and many many more ! You are such an amazing family man and also represent how an NFL player should behave in this league ! Thank you for all you have done for the SAINTS and for our city !!! You are the BEST!! Wish we could grab one more Super Bowl with you !!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸˆπŸˆ
Sara Snow Happy birthday Drew! I wish you could be spending it in a playoff game, but oh well. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. I love and support you all the way! #whodat4life
Timothy Geoghegan Happy Birthday Breesus! You are a remarkable man and no matter what, the greatest Saint of all time. Thank you for your work on and off the field. God bless you and the New Orleans Saints.
John Payne Jr. Happy Birthday Drew ! πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸΉπŸŽ‚πŸŽ You are the most under appreciated quarterback in NFL history. You are the Greatest Quarterback to ever play for the Saints . You brought hope and accomplishment to this state ! You raised the bar and made it shine for life . You are the Patron Saint of New Orleans ! You should have a big statue by the River Walk welcoming people to our city . We love ❀️ you and are proud to call you our Super Bowl Champion Quarterback !
Darryl Spriggs Jr Happy Birthday Drew, thanks for making my childhood memorable, from your time in Purdue, to you time in the NFL, you prove with hard work and faith it really pays off #ThankYouDrew #WhoDatNation
Lorena Lemus Happy Birthday to best QB in the league!!!! On and off the field you demonstrate how big your heart is. You deserve all the best that life can give you! #DrewBrees #1
Annette Mayet Kimball Happy Birthday!! To my favorite Saint, you are a awesome Dad to your children and just a genuinely kind person to all.
Elpidio Uria Happy Birthday Drew!!! Thank you for coming to children's Hospital to see my son. Hope you have a great birthday πŸŽ‰ with your family and god bless you.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

Today's #Saints headlines!

Charles Kreher I love y'all but. ....Saints need to find some sense of urgency and aggression on defence. Bring in some marine corps drill instructors or something to that effect and get that killer instinct. Don't waste drew!
Raymond Gaines I'm sorry! 3 years back to back 7 - 9 prove he doesn't have a clue on how to win those close games OR start a season without losing 3 or 4 games out the gate. Both are reasons saints can't make the playoffs! Unfortunately saints are content to keep him and his losing status quo just because he won a superbowl 7 years ago. Denver and other teams have ALREADY begun to find replacement coaches while saints sit pat sucking their thumbs. All the best prospects will be taken early leaving saints with rejects or retaining Payton's sorry @$$ for yet another losing season.
Carti'a Grindtime Ferrand Enjoying watching Seattle get whooped. Jimmy Graham needs to COME BACK TO N.O he on that garbage offense they don't get him the ball like Brees. #WhoDat
Paul Evans If I recall 2016 stats, Offense was #2 in terms of scoring, but Defense #31 in terms of points allowed...anyone need explanation regarding where efforts should be focused?
Anthony Caruso Maybe one day Saints will learn u can't beat the Falcons playing zone defense. If u can't play man to man, teams will never beat them. Their QB releases the ball too fast for zone defense.
Dan Gerber Watching the falcons beat the Seachickens is making me ill. Should've been the Saints beating them down (again).
Mike Fouquier Atlanta in the NFC championship game. Saints need to clean house
Paula Royal The saint s should have went and got wade Phillips to be the Defensive coordinator coach
Alejandro Gravèn When the Falcons win the Superbowl you guys won't be able to talk smack resting on that one you got. Get aggressive.
Wendy Melancon His smile even urks me
Jon Flanagan
Jon Flanagan
Jon Flanagan
Niel Barber Get ready for ANOTHER Mediocre season!
Mike Houston Draft LF7!!!!!! Trade Ingram.
Dornell Gillard Game over πŸ€”
Angela Marie Nemec I'm having Saints football withdrawal!!!
Bridgette Moore Any idea when the Saints will play the Rams?
Karen Law Tarr Hope he leaves.. done with him.
Steve Zvolanek Is he not fired yet?? WHY NOT?!?!? #fireseanpayton
Thomas Darracott We dat dirty bird nation!
A Burrell Dural Clarence Dural
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with ABC Insurance Agencies.January 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

Thomas Morstead talks about his NFL UK trip this weekend on today's Black and Blue Report podcast!

Steven Kemp Can't wait to see you at Wembley but I will see you in New Orleans before that. Nothing like a game at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. WHO DAT?!!
Gaz Dafydd Walsh Can not wait to finally see the Saints! Who Dat!!
David Coover good for communicate
Jake Wilson Swap one of the Vikings in Southampton next week for a Saint!
Anthony Caruso Tickets, tickets. Do the Saints do anything for fans for free?
Shelby T Mitchell One of the best ever punters and great off the field role model as well
BigDave Taylor Feeling a bit sorry for the Chargers fans, QUESTION if the Saints moved to say Mobile AL, would you still root for them????
Andrew Marsh Got my ticket for Tuesday night #cantwait #whodat
Beth Romig Saints could not have picked a better person to go
Amy Marie Patrick AndTracy Glynn let's go!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

Reviewing Craig's first season in New Orleans.

Jeff Michel This guy is a monster! Craig came on scene and Dominated the position. I would say his first year was a true success. I believe this coming year will be great for him having got the experience that he has and we will see even more results up front, if we can keep the secondary healthy, it looks very promising........!
John Pirtle We were (pinch) that close to being a Super Bowl contended this past season! I have high expectations for next year!
Scottie Osborne He really did have a good season....he was fun to watch.
Wale Akanji I think he will have a great next season but want to see more big defensive plays from him
Warren Martin Jr. The Saints need to get better.
Giovanni Joseph Vita *in
Gannon DeShong Love this guy.
Kinsey Langley He played a phenomenal year. Hopefully they can build the foundation for a great defense. They need to draft takkarist McKinley. He's a freak. Outside of Myles Garrett he's one of fastest defensive end s. He converts speed to power like no other in this draft. He out powers tackles on offense and the point of attack. He reminds me of Ziggy ansah. This cat is special. I like our defense but we need another stud at the right end. Kruger had 1 1/2 sacks. Ellerbe had more sacks than kruger so did fairley and Rankins. All of whom are not supposed to make more sacks than an edge rushing defensive end.
Bill Stelly I expected him to contribute in the exact way he did... because i knew Ellerbe would not be healthy all season. Which proves more validation to why Vitt was fired. We picked up free agents from teams back ups..who turned out far better than any talent Vitt has been working with the past few seasons...
Alejandro CL Hey New Orleans Saints, taking any new fans? The Chargers just left my city but I've liked Brees ever since I met him in San Diego as a kindergartner. Will you take me? 😭
Nicholas Soileau Solid player that exceeded many people's expectations. Intuitively I knew he would make a significant impact immediately after he signed in free agency. Above average WLB that can cover well. Capable of playing MLB n calling defense but due to his size n strength is actually only average on an below average defense at this point. Played his best football in '16 at WLB before Ellerbe returned from injury. Then injuries slowed him down 2nd half of season. Great production compared to his salary although he met key bonuses to boosted his salary n that's well deserved. I don't think he's the answer at MLB and with Ellerbe at WLB, where does he fit other than special team ace n versatile backup? With Vitt gone, we should expect long overdue progress n development from our LB's. Good coaching makes all the difference in world. Just look at Lutz's kicking after we brought in a legit special teams coach, he didn't miss a single kick afterward
BigDave Taylor The Saints should go for Kendall Beckwith from LSU (or Duke Riley)
Randy Vice Saints are an o lineman and secondary play maker away from the playoffs! WD4L
Jerry Amick I actually had him on my fantasy team (IDP) Go Saints!
Jeff Glatts He improved the defense defiantly. I've seen very few missed tackles, at least not as much in the previous years. They just got burnt in coverage.
Ryan Cayman He played great. Hopefully Stephone Anthony makes big strides. We just need a good OLB or speed rusher.
Kenneth Rider Craig played very well . But this team needs playmakers . Players that have speed ,can hit,and tackle. We need a much faster and athletic defense.
Jordan Curtis Use him in a left outside linebacker role instead of middle linebacker sure he was great but you guys need to sign Jason Pierre paul and sign a middle line backer please dont make a mistake of not getting jpp
Christian Sanchez He did a great season.. better than Laurinaitis.. we need more strong and healthy LB to next season
Adam Fenasci Shoulda played him more this season.
Hollygrove Vman If Craig Robertson wudve played better we wud b n the playoffs
Dawn Whiteley Watson Spanos just took our team away from us here in San Diego. Our family is now Saints fans!
Kevin Verdin I guess it was okay but it still didn't help the fact that the defense looked like they didn't know what the hell they were doing half the time
Shelby T Mitchell Yeah as he is a beast. As well as seems to be a great leader and a great team player!
Cross Cross The CBs were Trash
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

A productive season for Brandin, highlighted by some big plays.

Vadim Cateli Producing what ? If you don't mind me asking
Bill Culver Yep, productive... 2012 = 7-9 2013 = 11-5 2014 = 7-9 2015 = 7-9 2016 = 7-9 πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Jarrod Ashley Productive? WTF
Kevin Daley Too much celebrating for a losing team. When I see the defense make a 'big" second down play, celebrate that one play, then make it meaningless by giving up big yardage, a first down and more on the very next play, I wonder what they had been celebrating?!?!? Stop the opponents on third or fourth down, do a little the a little celebrating...have a winning year, celebrate...make the playoffs, celebrate...make the Super Bowl or win it...celebrate big time! (I really feel bad for all the members of the team when they have a losing year. They are all highly dedicated professionals who worked very, very, very hard at what they do and are capable of doing things that most of us, myself included, could never even dream of doing! Yes, they are well paid for their efforts...Yet, I know that deep down inside they want to reach their full potentials and be on a winning team! Make it happen in 2017! Go Saints!)
Matthew Bourque Didn't Thomas finish with 1100+ yards as a rookie? On the bright side maybe he will start demanding more attention from the defense and free up Cooks a little more next year.
Paul Evans GM stinks and overplays for talent....overlooks obvious need for defensive players..get it together now. Wasting too much talent
Jonny Bachmann I swear to god, some people are illiterate here. Read the headline, it's about Cooks, not the season in general.
Carlos Montenegro What time do the saints play sunday?
Kevin Daley Brandin Cooks is a really good player. I have faith that our Saints will, once again, have a great winning year next season!
Harley Trevino Manu Ginobili #NBAVOTE It doesn't hurt to vote for him just do it!
Linda Brown My saints it 2017 in august we got to do the dam thang so you got to do your job and win love you saints
James Daniel Pill The reading comprehension problems here is off the charts...
Mark Ritter GO BEAVS.
Derek Devereaux Saints 12-4 in 2017
Heston James Chartier The Saints will rule over the land, over animals, barbarians and Godless savages. Giants will fall.
Vivian Madison Rising up,who dat
Hoskie Brown Now he getting traded or cut haha
Janice Horn I enjoyed every moment win or lose go saints.
Michael J. Sammis Keep the faith
Allison Wintery #10 is awesome!!! πŸ’—βšœοΈπŸ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Shahid Abbasi Allway Nola baby . Miss yall
Danny Thomas Yall need to be practicing instead of playing on facebook.
Jeffrey Hernandez He sure produced a lot of whining!
Anthony Caruso "some"
Red Flint Trade that midget please
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with FedEx.January 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

Friendly reminder to vote for Drew!

Donald Traylor Drew is the NFL Player of the year. He is awesome,a family man, and the best quarterback of all times.
Gail White And a not so friendly reminder: Get off you butt and vote for Drew! Who Dat!
Steve Current No brainer vote for the Breesiest
Jennifer West I voted yesterday πŸ’›
Brenda Craven I voted for breezy!
Paula Melancon I voted !!!!!
Casey Beck Done ⚜
Jackie Ward Hermann Voted
Deanna Lee Martinez done!
Sandy Michel Hudson Done!
JoAnn Hall I voted
Uli Luebke-bennett Done! Who dat. :-) :-)
Gerri Gallagher Skeen I voted 25 times for The Brees!!!
Lisa Layne I voted for Drew...who else???
Rita Anderson Done
Carolyn Spears geaux Drew!
Marlene Berthelot Brees all the way!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Brenda Griffieth Player of the year Drew
Axel Ras Das HΓ€agen Thank You FedEx
Vinci De La Rosa I voted I'm from atlanta been a saints fan since Jim Haslett start coaching in 2000 Brooks, horn, the beer man Micheal Lewis, Stallworth, deuce is loose was my boys
Gwen Barnett I voted for Drew Bree's.number one quarterback in my book. Love my Saints!
Luther Guin Can't argue with the numbers. If the defense would have shown up earlier in the year, they would have made the playoffs
Shannon Jeffers Brees is underated but has almost every record for a QB he in my mind is in the top 3 QBs ever
Judy Dill No. I will not vote for Drew b. He has day on his butt this year .last year year before that
Bronwyn Shivers I think I voted, New Orleans, Drew for me. Hope it counted.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with ABC Insurance Agencies.January 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

Talkin' Wrestlemania, the National Championship and more!

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

We have two Cam Jordan-autographed footballs up for grabs.

Share this photo for a chance to claim one and we'll randomly select two winners!

Katie Newcomb Shared!! Would be an awesome gift for my dad, we havent been back to Louisiana in years, this would make us feel at home! Die hard Saints fans! WHO DAT!!
Laurie Riles Petersen Shared....besides loving this and being a Huge Saints son would love this ....his dream is to either be a pro football or pro baseball player
Dodie Gray Liked and shared!!! Would love to have this such a huge fan!!! #whodat
Kelly Guinn Shared! My son's 7th birthday is Saturday. Would be awesome to give it to him.
Gale Renteria Shared.... Please pick me. I need an anniversary gift for my husand who is a huge SAINTS FAN! PICK ME! PUH-LEASE!
Jennifer Dewey Loyal fan forever!! Would love one of these....greetings from Montana!
Heidi M. Fanning I would love to get one for my husband!
Monica Cerlesi One of my favorite players!!!! We love Cam in this house!!!!
Rayne Wolfpup Done! Would love to gift to my mother, she's been a die hard Saints fan since before I can remember.
Thelife Of-garythacker Shared..... Would go nicely with my signed cam jersey Or as a gift to someone i have in mind
Linda Meek Graves Shared, would love this!
Aaron Estes I hope i win😊
Margaret Gautney Grubbs I'd LOVE to win!
Jason Eppley Shared away!!
Kimberly Bare Shared
Louann Fouquet Dugas We bid and won a signed Cam football at an auction. My 18 year old son was over the moon Christmas morning when he opened his gift. He got new rims for his car but his favorite gift was the Cam Jordan football!
Tyler Stevens Shared! My brother made us go to Nola back when we visited America even though it wasn't our intentions, just so we could watch a Saints game and a Pelicans game when we were in America! It would be awesome to win this for him - best birthday present ever!
Haley DeAnna Pedarre I would love this for my two little boys living around a whole lot of falcon fans!!!!! My oldest son loves the saints!!!! And my other is only 2 days old but will grow up to love the saints!!!! Even though their dad is a die hard falcon fan lol!! WHO DAT!! ⚜⚜⚜
Chris Blacken I would love to add this to my collection. I live in NY out side of Buffalo and have been a Saints fan for about 30yrs. I drive 1450 miles to Nola 1 time a year to catch a game. But the last few years I have been able too go. Times have been really hard and haven't had the money to go. This would be a awesome thing to have.
Darcy Smith Shared. Up here in Maine you don't see too many Saints fans often but my son is a HUGE die hard Saints fan. If I could win one of these, I'd gladly hand it over to him and we'd have one happy soldier!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Fingers crossed!!
Ron Heckman Cool. Love them. I have been a die hard Saints fan. I still remember when they played at Tulane football stadium. Saints fans are not fare weather fans like the Cowboys. I have New Orleans Saints always on my truck even though I live in Texas.
Stephanie Bicker Sharing from here in the UK. Would love this for my brother! We sit and watch Saints games until the early hours and even made it to the Superdome last year to catch a game! Who Dat! Can't wait to see the Saints play at Wembley this year ⚜️
Justin Anderson Shared. Drew Brees has been my role model since I was young and I always pick the Saints when I play Madden. Couldn't think of a better way to rep the team than with a signed ball! Who dat nation!
Greg Cooper Huge Aussie Fan of the Saints, would love to see them live one day, but until then an autograph ball from Cam-Jordan would be the next best thing
Denise Talley Crow My grandson was in the PPK at the Saints game against the Rams. He thought he was something special sitting down in special seating on the sidelines. He is 7 and is a die hard Saints fan and would love this!! 😍
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

A video that will make ya smile :)

Our friend Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson takes over the WWE WrestleMania announcement!

Catherine Bell A-MAZING!!! Love you JJ, and thanks to WWE for acknowledging his passion
Mechelle Dupuy Love you JJ!! We will be there for WM34 in 2018 so hope to see you!!
Stephanie Yeager I love this kid! I would love to see him co-host with Ellen DeGeneres for a show!
Chris Doll Jarrius stole the show at that Wrestlemania press conference yesterday. #WhoDat
Gannon DeShong This kid l, man, is so lucky. Gets to chill with the Saints, the LSU Tigers, and now WWE superstars?? Dude! That's so cool! Jay Jay has become the KING of New Orleans lol
Kandy Andrepont-David this little boy touches so many people with his story and by just being himself!
Colten Sean Lol amazing with the Miz... "Just let you know, you're at the bottom of my list" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love Jarrius
James Chambers That part with The Miz is fantastic.
Chad Seibert A great day to be Jarrius!!!!!
King Magellan Love that lil cute boy he made my day
Joey Mascagni That just made my day
Wesley Charles Collins Outstanding!!!
Brittany Zeller Dupree Love that boy!!
Brittney Sutton So cute
Teresa Clark So cute!!
Darline Rutherford Adorable!!!
Lewis Orme Little legend
Norman Hernandez That lil kid is great
Chris Purvis "For real, for real???" Hahaha
Steve M He is just so great!!!!
Jonas Pitman I love that kid! Keep being awesome JJ!
Tim Cahill This young man is so cool!
Cimi T Calvaruso Someone please give him a tv show lol He is great
Valentina Smith absolutely love him- he is amazing!
Russell Powell JJ IS AWESOME!!!! Love this kid!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:44am

And only one off his career high for touchdowns!

Andrew Kourtney Way to go!! THE ARCHER!:-) The saints are steadly improving
Brian Ball Hopefully this will keep him happy because earlier in the year he wasn't happy with how little he was targeted
Jim Johnson How was that playoff game again? I will always be a Saints fan, but bragging about players career record? Good for him, but this is a team sport and the metric of success is the number in the W column.
Joe Vincent Maybe he'll stop crying now and then tell Ingram to stop as well.
Tony Alvarado I like micheal Thomas more. You can build around him.
David Lynch To be honest, his career isn't all that long yet.
Neil Elaine Adams Best receiving corps in the NFL!! Keep it going!
Anthony Caruso Great, but no cigar (playoffs).
Vivian Madison Part of the triple threat,an asset to the team pull it all together for next season Brandin
Corina Sue Bridges Great job BOY! WHO DAT!
Michele Aby 2017!! WHO DAT!!!
Joe Baba THE ARCHER!!! WHO DAT!?!?
Jessica Nicole Fernandez Dats Mah Baby πŸ‘ Congratulations 😘 . #WHODAT ?!? .
Raenell Lang 2017 Who Dat!!!!!!!
Mario Rescala Jr. Hi, I am a fan from Mexico since the 80s and nothing gave me more joy than the Super Bowl victory over the colts. It is just my opinion but I think that Saints need urgently to improve the defense because it is a waste of a hell of a player like Drew Brees with his great seasons and only one ring. He could be better than Montana, Young or Manning and Brady speaking of rings, I really think he is the best of all times as a QB. Best regards from Sonora Mexico.
Bruce Broussard Need more production out of him. Some games he doesn't even see a touch, and that's a problem. He has potential to be an all time great.
Cj Bowman You can't blame our offense it's still the defensive side of the ball when we can put up 20+ points in almost every single game and still get beat is what grinds my gears... granted we started looking better on the defensive side of the ball later in the year but gezz
Lisa Kindler Way to go. I'm really happy for him and really happy he plays on our team. I love to watch him run to the end zone at his top speed.
Jay Carroll we need consistent defense and less turnovers. drew brees led the league in passing yards but we still was 7-9. Mentality needs not to compete but to dominate the competition but that comes with coaching and talent.
Robert Dear He is the exact same skill set as Antonio Brown but we don't use him that way.
Nicholas Downs Hope Saints can keep all their receivers together for 2017 season.
Lee Lee PUT HIM IN DA SLOT... Can be utilized way better... So many different plays should be ran with him.... A NO BRAINER!! Saints Offense way to Predictable.... Sean Payton needs to Coach like he USED too... Roll da Dice.... and LET's GO!!!!
Jerry Castle Boy if we can get our defense together, look out next year!
Sam Gilley Reminds me of a smaller, slightly more versatile Devery Henderson.
Cornella Smith Next season we want our Offense and Defense to be a force to be reckoned with I know that next year will be our year to shine