2016 New Orleans Saints Football Schedule

Date Opponent Time/TV Tickets
Aug. 11
Patriots at New England Patriots (Preseason)
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Lost 34-22
Aug. 20
Texans at Houston Texans (Preseason)
NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Lost 16-9
Aug. 26
Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 1
Ravens Baltimore Ravens (Preseason)
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:00pm ET
Sep. 11
Raiders Oakland Raiders
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Sep. 18
Giants at New York Giants
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
1:00pm ET
Sep. 26
Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
8:30pm ET
Oct. 2
Chargers at San Diego Chargers
Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
4:25pm ET
Oct. 9
Oct. 16
Panthers Carolina Panthers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Oct. 23
Chiefs at Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO
1:00pm ET
Oct. 30
Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 6
49ers at San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
4:05pm ET
Nov. 13
Broncos Denver Broncos
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Nov. 17
Panthers at Carolina Panthers
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
8:25pm ET
Nov. 27
Rams Los Angeles Rams
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 4
Lions Detroit Lions
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Dec. 11
Buccaneers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, FL
1:00pm ET
Dec. 18
Cardinals at Arizona Cardinals
U. of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
4:05pm ET
Dec. 24
Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
1:00pm ET
Jan. 1
Falcons at Atlanta Falcons
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
1:00pm ET
Note: Game times/dates for weeks 5-17 are subject to change.

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints6 hours ago

The final round of auditions are tonight!

Did the dude make it to the finals?
Hope they all lose, do away with the cheerleaders just lawsuits waiting to happen
#TeamJesse! Straight up have me all over the Saintsations everything watching his journey, he killed it in the routine, I love him already, PLEASE let this be the year and the team that breaks out and does this for equal access, I’m so excited for him to cheer and represent the WhoDat Nation!
I usually disregard the Saintsations during games because they aren't given enough freedom to truly dance and show what they are capable of. If adding a dude to the team might up the chances they can do more than wiggle on the sidelines during games and do a single dance or less during half-time or pregame, I'm down. Go Saints and hell yeah Saintsations for even letting a dude get this far. Also, I'd be down for just letting the dude in, PR or not. If he's as good as the females, why not? Men are amazing dancers, make amazing cheerleaders and should be afforded the chance to live their dream as well.
I hope they found a different photographer this time
Wtf? You get mad if a cheerleader takes a pic in a swimsuit and then audition a guy come on Saints wtf
Let him in!!
Hey did y'all see the guy 4:24 live video out side the dome earlier today? he were dancing and his music came from a phone some one was holding 🤦🏿‍♀️ Wdsu went live
Why so much bare skin, some outfits?
Wait... Are they still working for Illegal wages and exploitation???
So who made the team??? is it posted anywhere yet??
Mary Boudro Felder is this your daughter...great action shot!
Alexis Pineda Fury it’s that face you gotta watch for lmao😂😂
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints was live.7 hours ago

LIVE: Get a look inside the final round of auditions for your 2018 Saintsations squad

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints Photos from finals!
New Orleans Saints The team will be announced on a later date. Check for announcements and updates.
I knew they would, literally would not be on here watching if it weren’t for him, love my Saints, so hoping he kills it!
We need to break the mold in the Saints Organization...... hire some Jambalaya fed thick girls !!!!!⚜️⚜️
Can someone monitor some of these guys who's comments are strictly out of line! Thank you. All these ladies deserve respect!!!
Are y'all going to require that the male cheerleader not associate with players, or is that rule only for women? What about policing his photos on Instagram?
40 is so good! Super courageous of you to go out and do this! I tried out a few years ago and it’s nerve wracking enough but to break barriers and be the only boy! Go you!!! #40!!
Arianne Jacobs Toves Here for Jesse Hernandez as well. He deserves to be on this team! He worked hard start through finish last week! Applause!!!
Jesse did it he has to make it to the next rouns oh my goodness!!!his kicks were cleaner then the last group and this one
There needs to be serious improvement on this team. DCC would never put some of those ladies on the field. Hopefully, they’ll be better this year.
The groups are probably similar so there isn't an obvious visual difference and they can concentrate on the dancing itself
And even if you keep messing up, KEEP GOING. The minute you let one or two missteps mess up the rest of your steps, it's very obvious.
Even if you forget every step of a routine you gotta FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!! You'll get more credit for being able to still look confident even if you mess up.
I was on the team after the super bowl we had 350 plus who tried out. Such an amazing and stressful experience! ⚜️⚜️⚜️
These ladies are all so talented...Judges have tough decisions...Love the dedication these ladies so for our New Orleans Saints
they should get paid way more for what they have to go through and restrictions have to live their lives with
Yes, one of my best friend growing up was a Saintsation. She was actually in the golden cup at the SUPER BOWL WHEN WE WON!!!!!
The girl that was next to the guy, which he was good, he was great actually, but I don't think he has fully what it takes. Anyway, the girl right next to him, on his left, she was a definite, as well.
Will always be a saints fan no matter where I go! In NW Indiana now. Still part of the WHO DAT NATION!!!!
50 was good. I'm still STUCK on #18, I believe it was #26, and then the girl that was next to the guy, which I think was #41 or #43.
People they are warming up theses ladies are just trying to let us know a little about the girls Patients!!!!
I'm not sure why some say stop talking and move on...these three ladies want it to start as bad as you do. They are doing a beautiful job improvising until it is officially supposed to's not up to them!
Well nobody will have to worry about missing anything at the halftime show when they go to the bathroom or get another beer
Kandi Crain.. somehow when I tuned in I got to see Kassidi perform. I think she did great!! She’s got the moves, showmanship, beauty and body to make the team. Fingers crossed the judges feel the same way!!
I wish!!! I miss cheerleading and it has always been my team to be a Saintsations cheerleader!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints was live.16 hours ago

LIVE: Saints GM Mickey Loomis previews the 2018 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints
yall keep yelling get CB when it was a safety that made a mistake in his rookie year in a game where pass interference was already called so many times..Bandwagoneers
LSU ate up Louisville the same year Lamar Jackson won that heisman, Lamar Jackson was shut down that bowl game, in my opinion we need defense, LSU or Alabama’s defense, we can’t go wrong with either
Lamar Jackson won a Heisman trophy did we forget that...plenty talent with a little coach can be Great!!!
Williams had good year 1 bad play give him chance to show
Lsu's de key will most likely be there to grab
The safety messed up on a major play but that doesn't mean he's not good...everybody messes up at some point
Marcus Williams will be great in years to come! Watch!!
We got this its gonna be a good year for Tom Benson may he rest in peace
Come on Saints we got to do better this year we have the talent for a Superbowl
Trade back for more picks and get Keys, Geseki, and Settles DE, TE, DT, plenty of good corners late LSU has 2
On Thanksgiving Day we want Falcon & Dressing
Payton loves Hill. We can get a QB later.
watched every preseason game last year when every one gave up on em by the 2nd game..i was like you haven't gave them a chance yet don't give up on em
Lamar Jackson is a quarterback for life don't forget it he's not a wide receiver
Coleman and Ingram for a washed up WR that can't catch
Sir offer Drew Brees 4 years he's showing he's not giving up
With the rb's we have get a back up qb that can scramble and hit them with some wildcat and brees will have some time to rest up during the games and he'll last longer...just a thought
Trust and believe Mr.B is with those pelicans he is carrying them you notice they are playing off the chart right now ... that’s angel Benson carrying his team .. rip mr B
Please draft some LSU players. We have the talent sitting right here in Baton Rouge and tearing it up in the NFL!!!!
Id rather get Bobby Boucher than Tony Romo.
They looked the best last year, since they gave us a championship , Just like Mr.Benson told coach Payton we are on the right track now. Coach will make this decision its his choice and i BELIEVE ~~!!~~
Tracey.....replacement for Brees??? We got him for 2 more years!!! Let’s focus on this year, first!! And Get our Boys another ring!!!
Saints look great and the Pelicans are in the 2nd Round for the first time in a decade. Loomis is definitely flying high.
Keep improving defense and you’ll have a great shot for second championship! Steve Clouatre from Corbett or.
We need Gesicki but 1st round is a reach. Would be nice to trade a future season pick for a 2nd rounder this year
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Dixie Beer.2 days ago

After a decade with the #Saints, John Hill ranks at No. 20 on the team’s all-time games played list. This is Hill’s Draft Story presented by Dixie Light.

New Orleans Saints
I TRUST Congressman Will HURD
Love the hair, John Boy! Hope you are doing well buddy
Guy was awesome!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Dixie Beer at Ochsner Sports Performance Center.2 days ago

Join us Saturday for our #SaintsDraft Crawfish Boil!

Tickets are just $25 per person

More info:

Belta Slain I wish I was your way this weekend. This will be a good eating 25.00 meal
Went last year was disappointed.
😭wish we where going😭
Jo Ann Tsuhako not me up
Go saints
Love pic
Tanyia Fitzgerald ❤️
Ronnie Long
Nicole PrettiBlak Barnes
Tamera Martin
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Dixie Beer.2 days ago

Started as a walk-on at the University of Oklahoma. Ended up the 29th overall draft pick – at the time, the highest selected walk-on in the history of the draft. Sound familiar? This is Derland Moore’s Draft Story presented by Dixie Light.

New Orleans Saints
Awesome! Go Dad!!
Behind every great player, is an amazing woman! In this case her name is Frannie. They forgot to say that! 😘.
Loved watching you....and I don’t think my Mom ever missed one of your games.
Erby and I loved Derland and Frankie. A real asset to the Saints family.
I was so proud as a kid to say this was my cousin. I would show my friends the NFL folly video about the saints. Derland had a spot where he fell backwards in his bum.
Awesome Guy! Really Enjoyed meeting Derland and visiting with him during the course of my job a few years ago!
Loved them then, I love them now... that's Angie's story! <3
Great highlights. He had some moves! We ❤️ #74
Thankful I got to practice and play with you old friend at Poplar Bluff High. You deserve all the accolades! God bless!
All time favorite Saint
I loved Moore tell him hello for me
Really cool!
I never missed a game.
Awesome! So cool. ❤️❤️
Great story Derland! Hope you are doing well, my friend!
So cool!
First Saint I ever met in person. Real nice guy.
Cool!! Great person and family
Very cool!
Conner Walden
Ely Moore
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Dixie Beer.2 days ago

Final round of Mock Drafts as we are two days away from the Draft!

Alright now Saints, are not going to be able to get a pass rusher to help Cam, you're going to have to place Rankin on the same side and blitz to his side to free him up. Teams are going to know you are going to do this, so you need corners, you have one and a decent slot, but they will target your weakest repeatedly, so draft a corner in round one.
Arden key add this extra AK to our weapons on Defense of mass Destruction Who DAT Nation 4Life
Really hoping the Saints trade out of the first round with the Browns or Colts to get some of those extra picks.
They don't need Mayfield and they sure don't need manzale
If they don't trade up to grab a QB. I say let's pick up a steal in Johnny Manziel. He can learn a heap behind Drew Brees. (On and Off the field)
Tight end..left after the first round.. no...
I hope we take a DE pass edge rusher must be addressed in the 1st rd but Atlanta or Carolina will snag our guy on radar like KC snagged Mahommes, then take a big TE that can block no QB in thus draft saints
Let's get it boys
Scarborough would be great.
Dee Liner...
G / LB / WR
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints is at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.2 days ago

The Dome featured in The Simpsons!

I dont see any muggers , not the same.
The simpsons suck but the dome so rich in history is alright !
The politicians in Louisiana have done a lot things to screw up the State, but they did do one thing right, when they authorized the building of the dome.
I hope it features us goin undeafeted
Mira Armando ¿así te convenzo un poquito más de que me acompañes?
Last Sunday the Simpson's were partying in The Big Easy
Saints Go champions
Was a fantastic episode featuring all the best foods we offer 😂
did we win that one? :D
Maureen Thorpe Meggie is looking for Raffie
Love it!!!
Benjamin Martineau FIRST WEEEEEEK
Shoot dat! I totally forgot to watch !
Leo 🤓
Nice Superdome
Adrien!! 😂
Kris Schlumbrecht Raymond Burke
Yoan Chatenet
I auditioned this year and made it to the semi finals alongside Jesse. I can assure you, he out danced nearly every woman there. We are living in a world where people are choosing what gender they want to be but we can’t accept that a man wants to be on a NFL Professional Dance team? It’s not like he showed up in a bikini like the rest of us, he is simply an amazing dancer & happens to be a guy 😄👍🏼
There are some unflattering pictures in there and I don't care if that guy is from the NYC ballet or the world's best hip-hop crew, I don't want a male cheerleader. This is NOT college, there is no title 9, and just no.
Not sure why there's outrage over the male finalist. Male dancers do exist and some of entertainment 's greatest dancers were/are male, like Fred Astaire, Patrick Swayze, Justin Timberlake, Usher, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, etc. Many singers have male backup dancers and there are many male choreographers out there; I'm not sure how this is different? Y'all really aren't being fair to him. He's done nothing wrong and there's no rule saying a male cannot audition for the squad. Stop making assumptions: yes he will be expected to adhere to the same rules the Saintsations have been required to follow for years. There's no reason he wont be expected of that just because he's a male. Also, we all go to the games to watch the Saints; Saintsations are merely just lagniappe. Him being on the team will not infringe upon your masculinity or femininity, nor will it infringe upon any opportunities you do or don't have. End of story.
Good luck to all of them. All I care about is us balling out this season, and winning our next Lombardi on Falcant territory, no less.
Of course the comments are filled with ignorance. Cheerleading started as an all-male sport, you artless walnuts.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it. He went to the same high school as I did and was on the dance team. And I believe he was on the college dance team as well at ULL. He’s a legit dancer and most of the time outdances the girls on the squad!
I hope the dude makes it. I’m sure he shreds the dance floor.
Get over it people. There is nothing wrong with having a male cheerleader
For the most part, these are some very unflattering pictures. The camera angle is terrible!! PS - don’t knock a male dancer till you see him perform!!
Wow, lots of ignorant, insecure little boys having a fit because there might be a male the sport where we watch big burly men run around in tights. 🤔
Wow, some of you people are ridiculous. It's male dancer/cheerleader. They do exist! If you say you're no longer watching the saints because of him.. then you were never a fan in the first place! GEAUX SAINTS! #whodatnation
I never seen a guy in NFL cheer leading my whole life. Can they have a boy. I rooting for him anyway good luck dude
Personally I don't get the purpose of cheerleaders on the professional level of any sport. Sexism at it's finest. So if the young man makes the squad, I wonder if he will wear the same scanty outfits???
George Bush was a cheerleader... Excuse me, HEAD cheerleader. FDR, Eisenhower, and Reagan were also cheerleaders. Wtf is wrong with you people.
Who cares about the male dancer, I’m more concerned about these awful pictures. All I see are noses. 👃🏼👃🏽👃🏾
Forget the fact that there’s a guy in here... let’s talk about these pictures!?! Omg what happened??? Did they accidentally use the unedited picture file because it looks almost like they took them from the hours long auditions full of sweat and exhaustion, made them put red lipstick on, and said ok smile 😳🤭 No doubt they are all beautiful women, but the photos are just super unflattering!
It shocked me at first and I didn’t know why, then I realized he must be the most amazing dancer for them to risk the “scandal”.. lol 😂 There have been male cheerleaders for 10’s of years now, just maybe not enough of them to get to this level before now, or not brave enough? Rooting for him!!
Yessssssss!!!!! The first male NFL cheerleader coming from the Saints??? He’ll slay on the field, boost sales and increase awareness, there’s male cheerleaders on scholarship at every Division 1 college in America. Someone has to be the first and they’ll be praised and lauded across the country, KUDDOS to my Saints for being the ones, yessssss!!!!!!
For the record he is an amazing dancer and did everyone forget Patrick Swayze was an amazing dancer and did Ballet ! Lighten up he is an amazing person on top of being an amaZing dancer we love you Jesse!!
I’m a saints fan from Scotland, I would LOVE to see any cheerleaders representing my team, regardless of gender. Cheerleading is such an amazing thing, sadly we don’t have much of it here. Smh y’all need to take a chill pill! Watching the lad dance won’t turn you gay! Appreciate the fact he can do something most of us could only dream of. I hope the saints lead the way in the NFL and do recruit him, why not? Geaux Saints 🙌
Saints fan hands down ..I congratulate all the finalists... I know that these finalists are reading some of the comments. Just know you are doing something they would never try and be proud that you are accomplishing your goals... #WHODAT #SECTION152
The guy will get it. The world is changing no use fighting the inevitable. I am more curious to why all of them look like a cat left out in the rain. Did they force them to take pictures after try outs? Everyone looks worn out and drenched.
I watched him tryout with the live feed. He was so much fun to watch. I hope he makes it!
Ok... so I'm just going to put this out there and maybe it will go against the popular opinion. ..... but.... WHY are all the ladies forced to wear the same horrible red lipstick!?!? So unflattering on so many of them ! 😖
What I can't get over is that someone chose that unflattering lip color for every single woman. Why didn't they choose makeup that actually matched each woman's own unique skin color and shade?
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints3 days ago


Best 1st round pick in Saints history.
Draft a DE or another CB... first round te rarely workout. We can pick one up in there third round
I'm begging you not to draft TE or QB in Rd1. Go get a DE or LB. Take that defense to the next level. Most Rd1 TEs dont pan out. Don't force a QB. Go get Cam some help. Look what a defense can do! Offense will always be great with No9 under center. Year in and year out, no matter the support. Go make that defense elite. We want DOME PATROL 2.0!
I don't know where to go with my expectations any longer. For years, I was certain that Loomis and company couldn't draft anything but a WR and get good results. Last year's draft was a veritable gold mine of players far exceeding rookie expectations. Now, I don't know whether to think that last year was a fluke, or to look forward to this draft with some enthusiasm.
With the 27th pick in the 2018 draft, the New Orleans Saints select....Dallas Goedert!
I really hope that they draft Jackson. Yeah he needs to learn the offense but nobody better to do that behind then Brees.
Call the Browns and get those two second rounders for our first. Two for one in a deep draft, consider giving up the 4th and a 5th for another 3rd, again because there is value there. We don't need 8 rookies, quality over quantity.
We are no longer building a broken team. WE ARE THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS BY GOLLY- ACT LIKE IT! Sha-zammm! "Black n gol to tha Supa Bowl" - there you go: that's our story and we're stickin' to it ! 😇
what a pickup
Turned out to be an outstanding no.1! Draft Some more DB's, a replacement for Strief, I think Merideth will be a good snag and fit for the teams passing, and a successor to Drew Brees at somepoint. Personally i only think the Defense (as of right now) needs work. Offense last year was stellar!
I want Da'ron Payne or tevan Bryan
I want Marcus Davenport but he be gone before our pick
We need an upside TE (doesnt need to be a starter) and a starting caliber DE. Everything else is depth in this draft
Dat was a good one!
Let's score more home runs in this year's draft.
Go Saints
I say DL or DE for defense or TE for offense
I say WR or DB first round
Let’s get vander esch!!! We don’t need a tight end.
Hey Marshon Lattimore 😍
Alex Hayes are you getting excited😉
Yes who dat
WHO DAT!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️😍😎
So exciting