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Rick and Bubba2 days ago

Today marks 10 years since Bronner went to heaven. 10 years of refinement for Rick and Sherri, and countless lives impacted by their story. Click the link to watch The Rick & Bubba Show reflect on the last 10 years....

BRONNER: 10...

Rick and Bubba
Bronner: 10 Years of Refinement
Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Bronner going to heaven. Rick reflects on 10 years of refinement for Rick and Sherri, and the countless lives that hav...
Rick and Bubba If you are hurting, lost, looking for a change... There is hope. It is found in Jesus.
Jennifer Hawthorne My husband and I remember this so vividly bc as we were saying good bye to our baby girl Rick was speaking at Bonner's funeral. His words gave us comfort and peace. The only way you can walk through something like this is the supernatural peace of the Holy Spirit! Cannot believe it had been 10 years! May God continue to bless the Burgess family!
Maxine Downing No words...for today's show. My spirit speaks in a language that cannot be translated. Powerful, powerful show today. Thank you each one for your transparency and courage to be so vulnerable at such an emotionally raw time in your lives. You have no idea what it meant to your R&B fam. Losing our son one year ago today as well gave me an awesome sense of comfort through the show today. We are all walking each other Home.
Dillon Phillips Great show this morning! I pray that God continues to use the show to reach the lost and that He reigns His blessings on each of you this year. God Bless!
Joseph Graham I remember where I was when I heard the news. When you spend 4 hours a day with a group of people everyday, they become like family. Thank God for the wonderful testimony of life and hope that was learned through this earthly tragedy.
Myriam B Gortney I can’t believe it has been that long. 😢 I remember that morning listening to Bubba and I cried so much because you guys are like my best friends. I love the show and I’m thankful for your ministry. You make my day every morning!
Robert Wilson amen to that prayers for your family you all are a breath of fresh air to a messed up world. i listen to your show everyday and even went and watched you speak at your sons funeral wow what a testimony. Keep the faith
Paige Young Atchison I was at Brook Hills right after this happened. My heart felt like it would split wide open for you all. In the arms of Jesus is where he will remain until you see him again. What a day it will be!
Carolyn Powell Lucas I remember that day. Praying for the family.
Wanda Britt Gore Still praying for the fsmily. I can't even imagine.
Teresa Knox Stinson I remember that day well. My heart hurt for you and your family. I can’t imagine. Great testimony this morning. I hope it brings someone closer to God.
Keith Westbrooks I remember our church showing the service you spoke at. Still praying for you and Sherri and family.
Jean Murray I remember that day! :(
Danyell Hudson Uncle Wayne, if you have time to listen, I believe this will minister to you. James Hudson and Heather Jones Hudson
Jackie Thompson Reagan Thank you for sharing!
Robin Mike Howie Hugs
Duwayne Lamb RIP Cornbread 🙏
Robby Myrick Powerful! 🙏🏼🙌🏼✝️
Denise Amberson Enfinger 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jo Ann Mann Praying
Patsy Herrington 🙏🙏🙏
Tina Evans Delashmit
Kim-Lee Comans WendyandDavid Stephens Dana Stephens Peavy
Leah Hays Christy Parvin Hays
Josh Manning Madelyn Manning
Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba3 days ago
Karen Cox Please i need to know the name of the last Christian song you played this morning before you ended you talk around 10am.
James Hillegass I have been a fan for years and years and I remember when Bronner went on to glory - todays show has stopped me in my tracks and I just wanted to say thank you to Rick and Bubba and the entire show. I cannot believe how deeply a radio show can affect me and in ways I never knew was possible. "Things are only lost when you don't where they are" has made realize that includes my relationship with God. Thank you very much and to God be the glory -
Bonnie LeMar That was a breathtaking testimony, you have taken a heartbreaking situation and used it for Gods glory. We can all learn from you!
Jennifer Peterson Ingram Our son passed away at the age of 3 in 2006. Both of you have been a shining tower for me and my grief. Your constant reminders of who God is give me strength for this journey. Thank you❤️
Cheryl Owens I woke up to the song "I will Praise You thru this storm" . Before I even listened to the rest of your show this morning, that song had already put me in the right frame of mind and heart for the day. Difficult times hit everyone but having faith that God has His hands on it all helps us get thru it. Thank you for the song, for Sherri's blog and for the never ending honesty of your words. God bless you all.
Josh Ray I was strolling through my usual Facebook notifications and I follow the Rick and Bubba Facebook page so I get notifications from time to time. For some reason I stopped to read this one such notification and it captivated me. Really spoke to me this morning. Thank you Rick and Sherri for continuing to share your story and for being a beacon of light in this gloomy world
Mitch Kris Miller Beautifully written. I remember when you lost your son. Such a shock and so painful, even to someone who doesn't even know you. The grace and the belief in God which you and Rick showed during that time and continue to show just amazes me. I've had Calamity in my life and after reading this, it only reinforces the reasons why I think I turn to God. He never 'causes' my woes but is always there to carry me through them. the "constant" that I turn to for comfort and peace. Trust in the Lord !
Laura D Clemens What a shining light of God's love and purpose in our lives. My heart continues to break for the loss of this precious child, but the strength of this testimony touches me profoundly. God bless.
Shirley Worley Jensen ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pamela Garrett Ward Wow...I love being reminded of Gods sovereignty, though I am super sad that you had to lose a child. I am a huge fan of the show and stay in awe of the devotion to God. Thank you for sharing your story!
Sarah McDonald Price Wow...
Johanna Klein 👍
Tonya Smith Nathan Smith Michelle Brandle Clark Kelly Eller Breece
Katie Donahue Cyndi Martin
Jennifer Baker Lauren Nix Shaw 💗
Jake Scott Jan Scott
Bo Holland Heather Holland Lindsey Holland Wagner
Blake Williams Leah Williams
Newt Daniel Sherry Painton
Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba4 days ago

Week 2 is available from the Revive Series at Valleydale Church with Rick Burgess (Prayer, Solitude, and Fasting - Matthew 6:5-18) https://www.valleydale.org/revive-messages

Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba4 days ago

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Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba shared I Can Only Imagine's video.1 week ago

I Can Only Imagine - In Theaters March 16

Rick and Bubba
I Can Only Imagine
It’s the movie everyone is looking forward to … and here’s the NEW official trailer for I Can Only Imagine! Are you ready to see this movie in theaters beginning 3.16?!
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Mary Holton Awesome
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