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Are you looking for a local Louisiana Cajun-style, tell-it-like-it-is conservative radio show that isn’t afraid to challenge elected officials, gives you breaking local and national news and updates, and a whole lot of entertainment? The Moon Griffon Show brings that, and more!

Moon Griffon has a reputation for covering issues and events not shown on TV or reported in regular news. He focuses on where your money is being spent and what the legislature is up to, and brings his unique perspective to a show that is syndicated throughout the great state of Louisiana.

The Voice of Louisiana

Known as “The Voice of Louisiana,” Moon Griffon delivers truthful commentary while adding in humor, wit and entertainment. You can count on hearing regular interviews from local elected officials, state government watchdogs and political analysts to bring you the truth.

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Meet Moon Griffin

Born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana, Moon mixes common sense thinking with his own brand of Cajun flavor. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. An avid fisherman, Moon will travel anywhere to put a hook in the water. He and his wife Tonia live with their 4 children in Monroe.

Moon Griffon is available for public speaking engagements. If you are looking for an entertaining motivational speaker, Moon can provide the spark you need. Combining politics and personal experience with his charming sense of humor and common sense, Moon is guaranteed to delight any audience.

Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon shared a link.January 16th, 2017 at 6:43am
Al Mazzone Moon, thank you for bringing this article to the attention of the public. Keep it up brother!
Scott Shirley They are all outraged that trumps shuts CNN down yet when obama froze fox news out of the white house pool, crickets
Lorine Hearne Spratt So glad that Trump called them out!!!
Richard Duchamp CNN (Crap News Network)
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon added a new photo.January 16th, 2017 at 6:43am
Becky Mitchell Hewitt Yep, you got that right!!
Earl Hebert
Jmart Martin That's funny
O'Neal Jones III
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon shared Kennedy's video.January 16th, 2017 at 6:43am

Barack's 8 Years Summed Up In 3 Minutes

Moon Griffon
President Obama officially gives his 2 weeks notice. So how will this President be remembered?
Vaughn Gordon My favorite quote: "If only Supreme Court Justice John Roberts had grown a pair of judge nuts under his robe..."
Kathy Foust The worst ever to be called President.
Kim Marie Aucoin Didier Oh yeah!!! Who is more out of touch then. Obama.
Becky Mitchell Hewitt I heard this yesterday on your show, I laughed so hard. Funny!!!!
James L. Atchison The American people will be asking themselves for years " how did we ever elect such an Unamerican president?"
Betty Springer Craig The worst President ever.
Deborah Amazon The WORST one ever!
Julia Rushing Breeland THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!
Jim Fullilove The question is, how quickly he will be forgotten.
Sandra Peak Delusional
Ruth Harrell The worst ever.
Bill Dowers Who?
Tim Harp Sr. Moon Griffon, that was a good one to watch....!
Moon Griffon
Moon GriffonJanuary 16th, 2017 at 6:43am

A Short gun story .......

A wild eyed (and ugly) 69 year old woman walked into a crowded bar in downtown Washington, DC, waiving an un-holstered pistol and yelled out, “I have a .45 caliber Colt 1911, with a seven round magazine,...

Randal Magness
April McClaskey I can see the bar where this would happen!
Jan Accardo Ha Ha !!!
Kathy Foust Thank you Moon! too funny
Dennis Finello Baahaaahaaa
Dalton R Touchet 😂 funny thanks
Linda Devine Lol
Bob Duhon Lol
Jeremy Nunnally Mark Williams
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon added a new photo.January 16th, 2017 at 6:43am
Tom Predaina How come you didn't have this while in Monroe, Moon??
Mark Oldham I'm a big fan of your radio show over here in Orange, Tx
Eric Granger I'm sorry I won't be able to make it. Good luck, Moon.
Steve Smith Out of town, but I'm sure Moon has a great message !!
Chris Gentry Greetings Moon from Fort Worth