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It's an early start for a Tuesday Gameday, but it is LSU and Auburn at 6 p.m. tonight at the Maravich Center. LSU Sports Radio Network, SEC Network.

Josh Smith I love all LSU sports... but I think it's time basketball just forfeits the season and doesn't play anymore... the team has given up and it's time to just not show up anymore
Ken Authement Another loss!!!! LMAO.
Adam Lane Literally only game they can win rest of season is this one... otherwise they will finish on worst losing streak in well over decade
Farrell Bowman Who will win??
LSU Basketball
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Sports Fan Actic Awesome ! Very informative #lovewinningsports
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball3 days ago

Final: Antonio Blakeney scored 28 points. Brandon Sampson did a little bit of everything. He had 11 points, six rebounds and four assists. Wayde Sims was solid off the bench. The freshman had ten points, four rebounds, and he didn't miss a shot. LSU will...

Brett Farque I have never quit on an LSU team of any kind ever, until this season happened, and they all quit on us. I won't watch another single basketball game until something is done with this coaching staff
MattnCheryl Hooker If not for our gymnastics and our baseball, our university is a laughingstock under Joe Alleva as AD. I'd like to see a reporter have the stones to ask him why he has done absolutely nothing to address this problem. Probably the reason Joe is avoiding the media
Verl Day At least Brady kept them competitive. And this against an Alabama team that MIGHT make the NIT tourney. I've lost ALL respect for Johnny Jones
Tracy Saunders We all know that Simpson &Blakely are your strongest players But it's gonna have to take the whole team to get together and Win. Coach what's going on ..This is Ridiculous,Another lost wow
Duane Repman You sit Blakney for not playing defense and you still give up 51 in the 1st half ! Blakney is NOT THE PROBLEM !
Fay Santiny When you watch an LSU basketball game and you're thinking, "I wonder how bad they are going to lose", then you know a change has to come. I bleed purple and gold and it tears me up to see our basketball team in the cellar. Can't bear to see another game. Thank God for baseball. Geaux Tigers!
Steve Barrow If Sims didn't miss a shot (has happened in other games too), why doesn't he get more shots?
Brian Douglas Wirth Outscored Bama by one in the second half. Good comeback LSU Tigers
Rodney Darby Les Miles was a winning coach and got the axe. Why does this garbage still have a job?
Roosevelt G. Hensley In order to win at any level you have to recruit. I feel that is the main reason the basketball team is failing miserable
Jerome Jefferson Johnny, you suck.
Josh Hebert Fire Johnny Jones! I don't get why they signed this guy to an extension last time
David Zeve One to the record
Jonah Bourque Changes need to be made people
Kerry J Cragin Congrats on keeping the L under 20!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!
Ken Authement Cut the program!!!!! Waste of taxpaper money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sport Star News I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.โ€ โ€“ Bruce Jenner
Gavin J Blanchard They cant buy a win ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
Tray Swettham Thank God baseball season is here!
Barry Randolph It's time for a change on the basketball end
Brian Gary Another drubbing.
Dustin James Sevin Johnny Jones needs to go..
Joel H Lively And still loss
Todd Mcwhorter Be glad when this embarrassing season is over
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball with TJ Ribs.3 days ago

10:33 | 2H
Alabama leads LSU 71-51. Antonio Blakeney STILL has not missed a field goal. He now has 23 points.

Brad Charland This season is beyond embarrassing! Johnny jones has had his chance to turn our program around, and his time is up. The guy just cant coach period!
Sport Star News โ€œWhen youโ€™ve got something to prove, thereโ€™s nothing greater than a challenge.โ€ โ€“ Terry Bradshaw
Coach Princeton Basketball System thanks for the basketball post
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball3 days ago

Half: Skylar Mays has five points and three assists. Mays has a steal also. Antonio Blakeney leads the team with nine points.

LSU Basketball 15:55 | 2H Alabama leads LSU 59-40. Antonio Blakeney has 14 points in 11 minutes, and has still not missed a field goal attempt.
LSU Basketball The second half is now underway in Tuscaloosa! You can watch on the SEC Network or listen on LSU Sports Radio Network affiliates.
LSU Basketball 7:41 | 2H LSU trails Alabama 75-57. Antonio Blakeney now has 27 points. Brandon Eddlestone leads LSU with six rebounds.
LSU Basketball 10:33 | 2H Alabama leads LSU 71-51. Antonio Blakeney STILL has not missed a field goal. He now has 23 points.
LSU Basketball 3:59 | 2H Wayde Sims has eight of LSUโ€™s ten bench points. Sims also has four rebounds and hasnโ€™t missed a shot. Tigers trail 84-63.
Steve Barrow Still only down 3 scores...2 TD's and 2 point conversions and 1 FG.
Ken Authement I told ya'll another loss. Cut out the program. Waste of money.
Sport Star News โ€œThe only way to prove that youโ€™re a good sport is to lose.โ€ โ€“ Ernie Banks
Steve Allen Sad, but what we expected.
Brandon LeJeune Les fault.
Ronald Chandler Johnny Jones still coaching. Make no dam sense