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LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball2 weeks ago

Just waiting on one more signee...YOU! Come be a part of the ACTION next season. #BootUp
Renew or request your season tickets today:

Renewing Now! Hoping to get better seats this season! Geaux Tigers!
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball2 weeks ago

‪Welcome to the 2018 class Emmitt! #BootUp

Reggie Sparrow IV what contributions? He never truly got the playing time he deserved and I'll never know why. That a big reason he left because he wants to play and he will for sure play in g league
Why hasn’t any well wishes nor gratitude been given to Brandon Sampson for his contributions to the program over the last 3 season ? LSU Basketball
We're actually going to have toughness and skill in the paint this year. It'll be like having Mickey and Martin with an actual coach
I miss Johnny Jones......Sike
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball1 month ago

LSU Basketball Coach Will Wade sends letter Wednesday to LSU Family after conclusion of his first season as head coach.

Can hardly wait for next season.
Nice season and looking forward to next year.
Looking up. GEAUX TIGERS
What the letter say he's quieting? I hope so!!!
Such class...thank you, Coach! You are really making a difference and we're proud to call you a Tiger.💜🐯💛
I like the direction LSU basketball is heading. I'm a former varsity basketball coach and a retired Marine. Followed VCU basketball when Shaka Smart was there with Wade as assistant and when Wade was coach. Great program at VCU and looks like Wade will bring LSU back to a basketball powerhouse. Love the intensity, work ethic and Looking forward to next year's class. Tremont Waters was a steal and is a rising star. GEAUX TIGERS GEAUX
Thanks Coach and unlike some "fans" you have plenty support and we feel your bringing us in the right direction!
WTGeaux Coach Wade!!! Thanks for bringing excitement back to LSU Basketball. Can’t wait for next year!!🙌🏼🙌🏼💜🐅💛🏀
Looking forward to next season and keeping you here FR the long haul.
And we fans of LSU thank you too! You have done so much to bring pride back to the basketball program. Looking forward to next year!
Wow, LSU has a basketball team...who knew?
Thanks Coach...can’t wait until next season!
What an wonderful thing for you to do. It shows your integrity as well as your compassion for those supporting our team. Hats off to you & I am so pleased that you are our Men's Basketball Coach!
So happy to have you coaching the Tigers! Can’t wait till next year! 🐯🏀💛💜
Class act.
We love you too coach
Said before and will say it again. We are just getting started
Class act. Thank you Coach Wade for bringing back respect to our program. GEAUX TIGERS!!
Definitely headed in the right direction 💜💛💜💛
Great job Coach Wade.
Coach Wade best thing that happen to LSU Basketball 🏀
Taylor Danos Greg Dupre This guy is looking for a lifetime contract
Thank you, Will Wade! 💜💛💜💛
#bootup ALWAYS Geaux Tigers! 💜💛
That's our coach! 💜💛💯
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball1 month ago

A year ago today Coach Will Wade became a Tiger. With a great year one in the books, the future looks bright for the Tigers! #IWillWadeforYou #BootUp

You've really improved the LSU Basketball team Coach! One of my favorite LSU games that you coached is the win over Michigan!!! Keep up the good work!!!
So grateful that you're a Tiger💜💛
Congratulations, Coach Wade and the Tigers Basketball Team. Can’t wait for bigger and brighter things next season. Best of Luck.
The best is yet to come. 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Congratulations Coach Wade you made basketball fun again
He did an excellent job; exceeded the expectations of many.
The Calvary is coming!!!!Geaux Tigers!
The March To April Congrats, Coach. Best of luck going forward!
Great Job Coach!! Enjoyed it so much!! Geaux Tigers!
Congratulations, can’t wait till next year!
Looking forward to many years of success coach
Good luck
Geaux Tigers!!
SportsAsToldByaGirl 💪
LSU Basketball
LSU Basketball1 month ago

Thank you Tiger fans for a great first season under Head Coach Will Wade! We can't wait to have you pack the PMAC next season! #BootUp

So proud of this team that was predicted to finish last in the SEC and instead had a winning season, finished tied for 9th, played in a post season tournament and won a game in said tournament!! Can't wait until next year when we'll have some of our guys returning (Waters, Mays, Rachel, Sims) and some awesome freshmen coming in. Hold your heads high fellas, you did better than anyone expected and Tiger Nation is proud of you!!!
Medocricty is the new Norm at LSU
Yeah we're all so proud of that performance smh
Loved the way they seem to never give up.
My take on this season and the future. I saw this team play well above anything they've done over the past. Their fitness was excellent, they never quit, loved their fight in every game. Now for the future, adding the players coming in, the fitness coach , I can see a minimum of 7 more wins, a top 4 seed in the tournament in 2019. I have enough faith in my last statement that I would place a very large bet in Vegas that we'll be a top 4 seed!
Thanks and good luck to the Seniors Duop, Aaron and Randy!
Season had it ups and it’s down, but I’d say it’s been quite a journey and the future is bright for LSU basketball, when’s the last time we said that? Love the passion and fire Will Wade has brought to the program!! #bootUp #GeauxTigers
I’ll take this year. 25 wins next year.
Thanks for one hell of a season. This is just the start!!!
that was way more improvement than last season i very proud of LSU Tigers! looking forward to next season with number 4 recruiting class.
Congratulations on a wonderful proud of you guys. Thank you and best wishes to our Seniors.🐯🐯💜💛
Looking forward to the future. #ForeverLSU
Go Tigers Thank you Coach Wade and hopefully we'll have many many more seasons!!!
LSU Basketball is going to get better and better under Coach Wade. Can’t wait to be at the PMAC cheering them on.
While your at it take down the Win Bar at Tiger Stadium because the entire sports programs at LSU are falling off.. Tired of the excuses
Unfortunate how y’all beat Michigan Am twice and Arkansas twice and still got snubbed from this tournament but great season boys
Thank you, Will Wade!
Waters probably SEC preseason player of the year going into next season. I like Mays as a three year starter coming back and expect Rachal to be more involved. What we're missing is toughness in the paint. Epps and Reath decent offensive players but soft as pillows down low... ohh and Wade better find a way to put guys in position in defending three's cause that great recruiting class won't matter if we're still playing JJ defense, which is all I've seen last couple weeks.
LSU will be back next year and dominate!
I got them at 23 wins next yr going into the ncaa tourney. Geaux tigers coaching makes a diffrence
Geaux Tigers 🐅
Great season Tigers!!! Rough way to Geaux out. Next year! NCAA!! We got dis!
If you never played basketball then you don't know a lot of things
Way to geaux Tigers.
Next yr will be good.