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Every weekend Kim Komando helps listeners across the country and around the world understand and expand their digital lifestyles. For the latest news from the digital world and answers to your burning tech questions about smartphones, tablets, e-readers, computers, cameras, the Internet, security or anything else digital, tune in to the Kim Komando show.

About Kim

Kim Komando – “America’s Digital Goddess” – is one of American’s most successful radio hosts and Web entrepreneurs – and a trusted guide to millions through the thickets of today’s digital lifestyle.

“The Kim Komando Show,” a three-hour call-in weekly radio show on technology, and Komando’s daily “Digital Minute” news reports, are heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country and hundreds more around the world. Her busy website, daily newsletters, numerous books, and weekly USA Today column reach millions of others.

“The Show” live production, is broadcast from Phoenix, Ariz., each Saturday morning. It is currently carried on over 450 stations with an estimated reach of 6.5 million listeners.

“It’s not about techies and computer-troubleshooting anymore,” she says. “It’s now about a lifestyle – the lifestyle of a digital age.”

Komando has worked in the computer industry since the age of 16, ultimately selling Unisys mainframes to corporate clients. In 1992, she followed a hunch that regular consumers were going to need help coping with a looming digital world. She left her corporate job to write and broadcast on digital issues. She began her radio career with a late-night call-in show about computers on Phoenix’s 550 KFYI-AM.

More than 20 years later, the Kim Komando Show is the largest weekend radio show in the country. On a busy Saturday morning, the show can receive 50,000 calls an hour. Her audience also follows her writing on, about everything from how to buy a smartphone, tablet or TV to news updates on the latest data theft or NSA spying revelation.


Komando is a star in the talk-radio community as well. She received the Gracie Award for Outstanding Program Host in 2007. In 2009, she was named Talker Magazine’s “Woman of the Year.” She was an invited speaker at Fortune Magazines’ 2009 Most Powerful Woman Summit – and was even the answer to a question in Trivial Pursuit.

Komando and her husband, Phoenix radio personality Barry Young, built their first studio on a shoestring in 1994. Today they operate their own WestStar radio network from a bursting-at-the-seams 6,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, with plans underway for a new headquarters quadruple the size.

“I am relentless in my pursuits,” says Kim. “It’s a lot of hard work, but when you dig what you do, it makes it a lot more fun.”

Komando and Young live in Phoenix with their teenage son.

Kim Komando
Kim Komando1 hour ago

“Star Wars” technologies now moving from make-believe to reality. It's really something!

Rick Brush Thinking about all the people cheering on the New Star War movie. They really not thinking that the heroes in this are terrorist if attacking the Evil Empire of America as most people overseas call us. We really need to back up and look at these movies a little better.
Kim Komando
Kim Komando3 hours ago

On the Twelveth Day of Christmas I have a gift for Mr Fix It. This screw driver comes with 7 different heads! Flathead, Phillips and mini sizes!

Nanci O'Brien I have one of those. It's great. Got it at a Christmas party White Elephant/Yankee Swap gift exchange. It was one of the popular gifts and I ended up with it. Yay me. 🙌
Kim Komando
Kim Komando4 hours ago

With all the hype about net neutrality lately, you are probably wondering what it means to you. It's a divisive issue and we try our best to understand what it means to us, the consumer.

J Clark Griswalter For the people freaking out, how did we ever survive BEFORE net neutrality??? It's only existed for two years! Open your eyes--it was nothing more than a government power grab!
Rick Brush Kim in 6 months you'll be crying for this to come back when ISPs start locking your web site if users don't pay an extra fee. It was going to start happening before Net Neutrality was passed. Government has got to stop rich corporation from running everything into the ground from greed. Our roads were around for a hundred years before they put up traffic lights. Why do we need stop lights now? You need to rethink this.
Scott StClair This is not any different than the cable tv service playing games with channels and tiers. The internet should be wide open
Lawrence Moyer I think you are being overly optimistic, given the business tone in this Country - this vote will be a disaster for individuals.
Katie Flynn Toffey Thank you for sharing this!! I have been searching for a thorough explanation of what this all means and it was impossible to find until I found your explanation.
Gary Gengler I applaud Chairman Ajit Pai and his voting supporters. The Internet is NOT broken, doesn't need fixing or government controls of any kind, or liberal distortions to gain greater control. America is a Supply and Demand Capitalistic country. Businesses should be allowed to do what they do best.
Ronnie Talley We can be outraged or compliant . We can vote one out and another in. We can protest until the Bovines return to their homes but, we just trudge along to our graves. They know we can't or won't do anything.
Matthew Guck People defending the elimination of net neutrality It's been around for 2 years and the ONLY people bitching about it for the last 2 years are the multi-million dollar ISP's. (Do you know of ANYONE else who has bitched about it in the last 2 years? I haven't) If you are calling it a Government POWER grab then you must be someone who has something to gain by it's removal. We will just put it BACK in place just as soon as we vote out the idiots who let this "privatization" of the internet take place.
Ross Brackin I'm so glad you understand Net Neutrality and how it was bad for business And consumers. But of course you did, you're Kim Komando! It's all been partisan politics as usual, and play on words-smithing the Obama admin adopted from clever politicians like Bill "Define Is" Clinton. There's nothing neutral about government overreach. On the same day the FCC smartly rolled back a Net Neutrality, Disney announced they're paying 52.4 billion for Rupert Murdock' Fox's bohemoth warehouse of content so they can enter the online streaming bandwagon. They're not stressing any fear over the slashing of Net Neutrality, unlike Netflix. Why is that? Where does Disney stand on Net Neutrality? Let's look at a truly neutral nation, Sweden. Would they impose Net Neutrality? No, they'd stay neutral and not do that. lol
Steve Woodson There is a very wide differences of opinions about the plus's & minus's of net neutrality. Some knowledgeable, some not so much. Some political, some agenda driven. In this day of 'web information' or 'web mis-information' it is hard for the average person to understand what a lot of us in the industry see. No matter what side of the discussion you are on, nothing will happen, it will not go into effect, until it is handled in court. You all know someone will take this to court. Until that is settled (somewhat anyway), we need to keep our blood pressure down, but then, the internet is not known for that is it?
David Winslow Follow the money. Yes it's only existed for two years but I think (not that anyone cares) that a handful of Internet related business have figured out they can make tons of $$ from this change. It would not surprise me if going forward it is discovered that various FCC officials were someone bribed to vote the way they did. Changes like this is ALWAYS about someone being able to make money.
Scott Gilbraith Without net neutrality it will be like GM owns the roads and their will be six lane highways only their vehicles can drive on and one single pothole riddled dirt lane for the rest of the vehicles.
Heather Ferris-Lehman Wow, most of these people commenting have no idea what net neutrality actually is!! You think it’s a law Obama created?? What?!
Rich Snider hmmm didn't Comcast try to put an end to Netflix by slowing their speeds down before the rule.... so they could push their own steaming service on demand? Ya I think there's a bunch of crap coming soon with the end of neutrality...
Thomas DeBray A must read for those who are "Net Neutrality" uninformed...
Mike Kidd The internet in the US is the result of competition. I have been seeing ads calling for people to switch cell phone carriers and get unlimited data.
Steven Eggen WRONG WRONG WRONG! AT&T, Verizon and other carriers WERE throttling peoples speeds before 2015!!!! They also promised to spend a certain amount of money to put internet access in rural areas with the FEE they collect on each bill. THEY LIED! They HAVE NOT installed internet in those sparse areas and WON'T unless FORCED to. Comcast has already changed their web page to EXCLUDE these promises: Here's what @comcast removed from their Net Neutrality page. They no longer promise to: -Not throttle back the speed at which content comes to you -Not prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes -Make internet accessible to low income families — Jon Henshaw (@henshaw) December 14, 2017
Dennis Purdy People are afraid of having to pay for porn
Rose Ann Andy Didn't notice a difference before.
Mark Webber Your explanation is a breath air! Thank you.
Ken Stark Let me guess... We will pay more for higher speeds?
Beth McNicholas Chadd McNicholas - A good explanation from someone who actually knows.
Hal Fahrenbruch Nice to know the facts ... thx Kim. 👍😎
Steve Allen Thanks
Lisa Schiltz Article from 2009, because AT &T was blocking competition.
Kim Komando
Kim Komando5 hours ago

Ready for the show? I am. Come watch. Come listen. Pledge just $4 per month and become a member and support our programming and content. Thank you!

Ken Paschen What happened to the Holiday giveaway? Now all Kim is doing is ASKING for money from us. It's enough to make me want to Yammy. So disappointing. I tried every year. Kim appears to just be a Golddigger. Wow.
Kim Komando
Kim Komando7 hours ago

Q: I read that Windows shares my Wi-Fi automatically with other people around me. How do I stop this?

A: If more people knew about “Wi-Fi Sense,” they’d probably be much more suspicious of Windows 10. After all, what kind of software...

Eric Van Hagen Windows 10 is and will always be garbage.
Gary Gengler Still using Win7 Pro for business and personal.
Jack Browning They'll hate when they get their bill...,
Gary Phillips I use windows 7 - Its Much Much better than windows 10
Kelly Costello Chuck Costello Jr
Molly Tryloff Niespo Cassie