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I have an unusual way of looking at the world. My wife, Sharon, says I’m weird, and truthfully I am weird. But there’s a reason. Starting from nothing, by the time I was 26 I had a net worth of a little over a million dollars. I was making $250,000 a year. That’s more than $20,000 a month net taxable income. I was really having fun. But 98 percent truth is a lie. That two percent can cause big problems, especially with $4 million in real estate. I had a lot of debt — a lot of short-term debt — and I’mthe idiot who signed up for the trip.

The short version of the story is that debt caused us, over the course of two and a half years of fighting it, to lose everything. We didn’t tell anyone what was going on, but if we had to do it again, we would learn from the wisdom of others who have been through it. We soon learned that we were not the only ones at the bottom. Barbie and Ken (you know, the couple who appearto be perfect—perfect clothes, perfect car, perfect house) are broke, and I don’t take financial advice from broke people anymore.

After losing everything, I went on a quest to find out how money really works, how I could get control of it and how I could have confidence in handling it. I read everything I could get my hands on. I interviewed older rich people, people who made money and kept it. That quest led me to a really, really uncomfortable place: my mirror. I came to realize that my money problems, worries and shortages largely began and ended with the person in my mirror. I also realized that if I could learn to manage the character I shaved with every morning, I would win with money.

I went back to my first love, real estate, to eat and to get out of debt. Along the way, I began another path—the path of helping others, literally millions of others, take the same quest to the mirror.

I formed The Lampo Group in 1992 to counsel folks hurting from the results of financial stress. I’ve paid the “stupid tax” (mistakes with dollar signs on the end) so hopefully some of you won’t have to. I wrote the book, Financial Peace, based on all that Sharon and I had learned, and I began selling it out of my car. With a friend of mine, I started a local radio call-in show called The Money Game, now nationally syndicated as The Dave Ramsey Show.

Our company history is full of landmarks including 6 best-sellers on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists —and we’re not slowing down. The Lampo Group now has more than 400 team members and a variety of products and services to help you reach your financial goals.

Many companies define success based on the dollars coming in, but at The Lampo Group we define our success by the number of lives changed: listeners getting out of debt, readers taking their first Baby Step and saving $1,000, FPU graduates investing for their future. We learned early on that if we help enough people, the money will come. Our mission statement isn’t just lip service—it’s our mantra:

“The Lampo Group provides biblically based, common-sense education and empowerment that gives HOPE to everyone in every walk of life.”

Thank you for visiting our website! Wherever you are in the process — making the quest to your mirror, struggling to get your budget to work, paying off that last debt or debt-free and looking for places to give — let us know how we can help you take that next step in your money makeover. That’s what we’re here for!

Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey was live — in Louisville, Kentucky.8 hours ago

Debt does NOT have to be a way of life. LIVE now from Louisville, Dave has the advice you need to get started on your journey to Financial Peace.

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Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey Get your Financial Peace membership for $99 TONIGHT ONLY! https://goo.gl/5L4Wz1
Haven’t had a credit card in over 15 years.
Made $400, selling "stuff" at a pop-up consignment! Stuff just sitting around my house.
Susan,we have a 99 Chevy truth with 158k miles. :)
The best course ever!! If you feel you can't afford it that means you need this! Sell some stuff and buy this!!
Took a week long vaca to FL last summer using nothing but my debit card. 4 people
Glad to be debt free! Everything paid off
Debt snowball worked perfectly for my husband and I
Hi from the weird lady in "Big Hat, No Cattle" country! 🤠
Pay cash for a car. Never lease or take a loan
Sonia, save $1,000.00 for an emergency fund.
Done with the snowball :)
Mindy work extra jobs, stuck to a budget and stop spending.
Glad they are showing this here
I’m on step 7!and will never buy a new car
Saving $10k in savings acct for emergencies. Debt free sometime this summer. No more car card use only debit or cash.
Shannon, use it in a way to honor her memory. Someway that you know would have made her proud! Sorry for you loss :(
Jennifer I have continual medical bills. Just put something in the budget & carry it over from month to month.
Christy you’ll be upside down on it. Google Dave Ramsey upside down on s car.
Not necessary to consolidate. Just start paying lowest balance to next , so on and so forth!
Heather if your hubby is a spender and using credit you can’t get out of debt.
Small medical debt up to $700 have been paid. Of course I have more.
Where can I get these scissors for real?
Shannon, NO. Use the debt snowball. No consolidation
Robert we use our dry card for hotels cruises rental cars etc
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey created a poll.13 hours ago

Are you debt-free?

Will be debt free this Tuesday!! 🙌🏼
I say technically yes. We were very close to getting medical debt paid off this year but we've since then accumulated more since January. Very discouraging! That is the only thing over our heads! Any advise?
Yep and now my credit score says n/a ? Idk if that's a good thing or bad thing 😂🤦
Even our home is paid off!
That doesn't include a mortgage, does it? Still have my student loans and car to pay off....and working on my home
We have our budget and snowball plan in place. Looks like 7 years to freedom, if we stay on track. Hoping for sooner. (Dang student loans.)
I came to the US 21 years ago totally debt free. Didn’t know how credit cards worked, got talked into getting one. I was young and ignorant about it, took less than six month until I was so broke that I couldn’t afford to buy a pint of milk at the commissary. Rolled up my sleeves, worked it off, been debt free for 19 years. House is small but paid, I did the Dave plan before I knew about it. Just DO IT! It works. And please don’t hate on it because it’s faith based. I’m not a Christian and he is not pushing his believes. It’s just common sense.
To me debt free means absolutely no debt at all. Having a mortgage is still debt. Your net worth is what you own minus what you owe. When you owe on your home you’re still a slave to the lender.
Recently paid $7,000 of debt off. The only debt we have is our home!!!!!!
We are totally debt free, home and all and saving like crazy for retirement
Kind of hard to be debt free when you lost your job and no unemployment benefits.
Only just debt free. Excluding the mortgage but that's massive to me. To others it's small.
I rent, but debt free otherwise! Saving for all those big purchases now... cash home or massive down payment (50%) and cash car in 7 years! 🤞
Car will be paid for in August!! Then all we have is the house
I don’t think I’ll ever be debt free I just had a kidney transplant, and I was on dialysis for 2 years before that. I have to keep on getting treatments ever month to keep my body from rejecting the kidney. Other then that I don’t have any other type of debt.
We were able to go on the mission field debt free! Thank you Dave!!!
Hopefully by the end of next year! I just found out my husband’s police department is offering FPU and I can’t wait!
Not at the moment. I used my credit card to buy another cat. Then I figured I might as well get another litter box, and some litter. And some cans of tuna.
Been 100% debt free for 3 years now!! Love step 7 😊
Thanks to you. I almost would have been in a lot of debt trouble. Right out of High School got hit with tons of credit card offers, but thankfully I found you. Don't have credit cards, and have paid cash for every car I've had. I can never thank you enough for doing what you do
Working on the house right now!
47 months and we will be-all we have left is the mortgage!
Just paid off my credit card yesterday. Now it's the long grind to get my car paid down enough to downgrade.
Higher Thinking Youniversity Becoming debt free really can be a simple thing when you apply financial fitness into your life! 💪💥
Only one debt to go. Unfortunately we were middle age before we started and are paying for college for our son at the same time.
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey17 hours ago

What's your favorite way to shop?

This article completely disregards one other aspect... by buying locally vs online, you are supporting the local economy vs sending your money off to a corporation some where across the country. Your sales tax monies help your local city provide services and improvements to where you live. The local store is able to employ employees who in turn also spend their money there locally. It is a cycle. Some say that for each dollar spent locally it has the power of up to $6 in a community because of this cycle. Online does offer its conveniences, but it also breaks up this cycle.
I online shopped for the first time last Christmas and it was a game changer!! No angry parking lots, nor crowds, rushing, impulse buying, etc. straightforward and done with ease. It’s my new life. It’s me now. 😂
Speaking of which - anyone know a good online store for guys who wear XL, or 2XL, shirts with collars that look decent, things like that? But maybe where you could try it and send it back if you don't like it? My wife uses stitch fix, for example.
The thrift store because I’m too broke after bills to afford anything else. I’ve had the same shirts and pants for years now. Bills suck. And so do bad youth decisions.
Depends on what it is. Clothes- never shop online. I need to try on. Groceries- nope. I like to do that myself. Other things- I am totally for it and love amazon.
In store definitely. People have jobs. You can see/ feel the product. you know what your buying essentialy.
I don’t like to shop online only if I have too. I like to look, touch, examine what I buy especially if it is clothing and if there is a problem with what I buy I can just go back to the store and exchange it right then or get my money back instead of having to call, repack my item, have to ship it back and then wait either on getting the right item back or my money back which both can take days to do.
In store mostly. Not an online shopper unless I see something for an awesome deal. I have a shopping outlet mall 6 miles from my house and many other stores.
Clothes and shoes in store...need to be able to try on or at least hold it up to judge size. Everything else is fair game online.
Online, between having small kids and living far from town its easier. Its also hard to find cute, stylish but still modest clothes. There are a few stores that offer free shipping and returns and the styles I like.
Online, finely a place when I find clothing and shoes that actually fits me and in styles that I like. Big box stores never carry my size and they don't care.....
I buy most things online. Azure Standard is my go-to for inexpensive all natural/organic groceries! :) For most other online purchases, I'm shopping at Amazon. Clothing, though. That's in person at a thrift store. ;) https://www.azurestandard.com/?a_aid=6VrievWXa9
In store because invariably I will have to ship the item back because it was not what I was expecting in quality, size, color, etc. I hate going to the post office or shipping service. Then, although I may have "saved money" I have to use more resources (time, energy and sometimes money) to get a refund. I also like to shop local. On occasion online is necessary but mostly not.
I prefer online shopping. Our local Walmart now offers grocery shopping and free pick up. Their prices beat our local grocery stores. All the local grocery stores charge a fee for the service with pick up and Walmart does not.
I have the best of both worlds - when people buy from my online store, they're supporting a local family, but enjoy the convenience of online shopping! ;-)
Thrift stores first, then look through the clearance racks. For other things I buy online. I just got some night shirts and shorts I needed badly from Hanes.com clearance.
It depends on what I’m shopping for.. I could never buy clothes online, because I have to try on a million things to find something that fits the right way.. But, I love buying tools and supplies for my business online.. Some of the things I need are really complicated to find locally..
I have done both but prefer in-store these days. With clothes, it would be nice to try on to ensure fit and suitability. Plus I have heard stories from others who thought they were signing up for a discount deal upon online checkout only to discover the hard way that the very unobvious fine print tricked them into a subscription that withdrew money from their accounts. This is why I fear online shopping nowadays and will only do it under rare circumstances.
Both. We live in a small town with very few options for clothes and only 2 grocery stores. It is cheaper to go out of town or buy online. I go to a lot of yard sales locally and a consignment sale twice a year out of town for kid clothes. Clothes for myself, I have to try things on because of fit. Kids' clothes, it doesn't really matter, so i do a lot of online shopping to save money with sales. I also find that when shopping online, I can add things to my cart that I like, and then go back and weed through them, deleting what I don't need/want and watching the total. We also take advantage of the online subscriptions to save money and have things shipped when we need them.
For online shopping I have an app called HONEY on my desk top. They use codes at checkout to help you save the most possible. I had an itch the other week to buy clothes. I had a gift card so went looking. With that honey app I was actually able to purchase another shirt I wouldn’t had been able to if I went in the store or even shopped on my phone. 2 shirts and a cardigan FREE! I’m sure HONEY can help you with groceries too.
Depends on what I am looking for. I tend to spend less when I shop online. When I go to the store, I start to wander around which may lead to impulse buys! 🙈 Online I can search for what I am looking for and order just that! Plus I can always find a coupon for free shipping, percent off, etc to save even more AND I don't need to waste the gas or bring my kids with me!!
I buy most everything online. I even buy groceries online quite a bit using Instacart. Amazon prime has been a lifesaver, especially with baby supplies, They have some great deals, especially with subscribe and save.
I have to shop online because I can never find what I need in store, and I like supporting small businesses as opposed to popular retail chains.
I don't like shopping. Period. But if I have to, unfortunately, I will pay full price in order to get done as quickly as possible. I have probably wasted $1000's in coupons that I forgot I had or was too lazy to bring with me. I can hear all the heads shaking & fingers wagging at me now. And people have tried to have the "online shopping would save you so much time & money" convo with me, but that is shopping, just the same. I get overwhelmed with all the options & different websites I've seen in one online browsing trip. I've been trying to plan a trip for 3 people for 3 months now & have searched as often as I have the energy to for discounts through travel sites. Again, I've gotten so overwhelmed & frustrated with the whole thing because there's too many options. It's the same as shopping for clothes to me. I really can't stand shopping. Period!
Depends on what it is; cost and other factors. Having the ability to return something locally without going through an RMA process online is a huge thing to consider.
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey1 day ago

LIVE WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Get the motivation and information you need to start achieving your goals!

Would love to watch, but that's church night.
I wish. I have two jobs and Wed is my 12 hour day because of it. Thanks Dave for that motivation. $$$.
Can't wait to see Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan tonight in Louisville!
Just finished watching. Awesome!!!!!!
I can’t wait! Have my VIP tickets. Just took financial peace there last year!
I can watch, but I wish I could download so my hubby could watch too
I’m so freak’n excited to be there tonight!!!!
Can’t wait to be there tonight!
Can’t wait. Heading down in the morning. From Michigan.
Do you the Financial Peace on line?
Christina Snape check it out😃
We are going!!!!!!
Ash Evans watch this!
Charlotte St. John
Jamal Nash
Kalyn Caffee
Ethan Bollenbacher
Helene Rodger
Isabel Garcia
Alaina D'Anna
Akemy Yoshidaa
Will Bennington
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey1 day ago

High Schoolers: Tomorrow is the last day!

You can't miss this $10,000 scholarship opportunity.

Anyone know if homeschoolers are eligible for this?! 😀
🇨🇦 Canadian participants as well? 😎
Sad. Just bought FPU and FPU Junior. Junior is great but FPU is missing the envelope system. That was one of the parts we wanted most.
Do you have scholarship opportunities for the kids already in college?
Too bad they don't offer a scholarship for non traditional students. 😔
Do you have any scholarship opportunities for "non-traditional" adult students?
How do they know if the parents didn’t answer the questions for the student? 😒
Eliza, go for it!
Joey Dink Jacobs today is the last day and I don’t know what all it entails but might be worth checking out.
Why can’t it be open to high school and college? I want to save too!
Why is this not available for non-accredited homeschoolers? Our son was accepted by Indiana University and starts this fall. He really could’ve used this financial help. Dave Ramsey
Kerri Scott, Rian C Scott... Show this to Noah! Scholarship opportunity but it ends tomorrow.
Kevin Eggert Might be worth a shot for Ally. Only 1 day left though.
Thomas Goebel!!!! It will only take a small amount of your time for a chance at a big scholarship!!!!!
Thank you jill! He applied!!
Hope my daughter wins
Elice for Hannah
Sydney, you might want to check this out. :)
Madeline Trejo have Megan do this last day to enter is tomorrow.
Harold, I can’t! 😫 I’m not a senior, and that is the highest answer I can give for my grade
Savannah Davis put a few minutes aside for this
Jack Behsman take the challenge! $10,000 scholarship up for grabs!
Rebecca Edmondson. I’m serious about this one!!
Macie Ferwerda. Do this if you have time today!