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Following a stint as a ticket salesman for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals, in the mid-1980s, Limbaugh landed a job as an on-air host at KFBK in Sacramento, California, with the help of a radio executive friend. There, Limbaugh took over Morton Downey Jr.’s slot, and met with success when his ratings surpassed his predecessor’s. Less than a year later, Limbaugh became known as Sacramento’s top radio host.

In 1987, the Federal Communications Commission repealed a long-standing rule known as the Fairness Doctrine, which required both television and radio stations to air for an equal amount of time each side to a political argument. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine ultimately paved the way for Limbaugh’s now-distinct, politically conservative radio style to take shape. Not long after, the on-air host left KFBK for a position at the ABC Radio Network, bringing his newfound fame with him, as well as a reputation for having strong, right wing ideologies.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, nationally syndicated from New York City by ABC Radio, premiered on August 1, 1988. Known for its heavy political focus and sometimes extreme conservative slant, The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than two decades and is credited today as the highest-rated American talk radio program. The show is currently syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, and can be heard on nearly 600 stations nationwide.

In addition to his success on the radio, Limbaugh makes regular appearances as a political commentator on various TV programs, and has authored a number of magazine articles and books, including 1992’s best-selling The Way Things Ought to Be and 1993’s See, I Told You So. “It’s my job, it’s my life, it’s my career, it’s my passion,” Limbaugh once said about his politically charged career as a radio host, commentator and writer. “I’m doing what I love. I think I’m doing what I was born to do. I have no specific goals from this point forward. I never have had specific goals. I’ve always thought, ‘I know generally what I want to do. I want to be in media, I want to be in radio.’ It’s what I love. It’s what I do best. And I’m open to all opportunities that come my way.”

Limbaugh was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh4 hours ago

I think the reason it isn’t taking is that I don’t think Harvey’s a sex addict; he’s just a bully. He’s a predator and a bully. That’s my take. Just trust me on this. I don’t believe that sex addiction is Harvey’s problem.

Steve Rubes Cue up some spiritual leaders to pronounce atonement, brought to you by the party that booed God from their national convention stage.
John Hyatt He could not have gotten away with all these felonies so long without useful hypocritical FemaNazis covering up like 'Wabba' Walters !!
Eileen Oswald Rush you are exactly right, Weinstein is a BULLY & A PREDATOR. He has been allowed to get away with it with all his HOLLYWOOD BUDDIES hiding it and ABUSING anyone they could. Every dog has their day
Norma D'angelo At least he used to be a bully. His power is gone. The liberals have deserted him. His ex-wife is going to clean him out.
Dale Albrecht He gets away with doing what he wants because he's the power behind it. No different than Hillaryous being president or an even better example, her hubby Billy. They get away with it because they are the door others must pass through to get to their agenda. Corruption!
Charlie Vaughn Brock Pedophiles are evil, bullies, power taking perverts! There's one pedophile still managing kids in Hollywood. His name is Marty Weiss, he plead guilty of continuous assaults on young boys, served 6 months out of his 365 day sentence and is now back doing the same thing! They are NOT supposed to be around kids anymore, but apparently in Hollywood, anything goes!
Suzann Ricky He is all is about control and anger and power...that is his high. Really Rush? He is far more than a mere bully and a predator.. he is evil. I hope he has to face all his inner demons one by one.
Sharon Conyers Agree! Know that when any head of any Hollywood Studio or business invites an ingénue or female to their hotel room, it is never about business but sex. For those females to pretend otherwise, is poppy cock!
Clint Bowen Spot on Rush. Liberals always have a mental condition to blame for their evil. Fact is modern day liberalism is simply that evil. It's why they gravitate toward these kind of people. Evil feathers of an evil bird.
Suzanne Durden He was the powerful "king" in hollyweird and everyone knew about it. So, if you went to his hotel room - what were you thinking??? You knew he would try and jump your bones, but you went anyway to benefit your career. And we're supposed to feel sorry for you and how it affected your life, etc. Well, are you gonna donate all the money you made in hollyweird, give up your mansion, give up your awards. Then maybe we will have some sympathy. You sold your soul for fame and fortune
Kathy Baldassare Correct, it has to do with power not the actual sex,evidently he most of the time chose his own pleasure, rape is about power and control as well. This rehab thing is a sham, an attempt to show he has remorse. He knew the hammer was coming down that is why he entered rehab.
Kimberly Smith-Hogg He is a bully but all sexual predators use their strength and abuse their power over their pray. They need to give him some kind of medicine that takes away his sexual desire.
Robert Hamby Its sure is funny I can't pick up much anger offered from MSM about this evil bully. Liberal/socialist bias evident and it reveals so much about the collusion btwn the press , academia, Hollywood, liberal supreme court Justice and the Democrats. The end justifies the mean right? So much for your social justice warriors. None of you can hold a candle next to the men and women in Selma. Those people were Warriors.
Dennis Williams Hollywood's dirty little secret should be brought out also. Every studio including the TV networks are funding the multimillion porn industry. Where do you think these people get there money. Look at all the young ladies and men that have a dream. But end up on a casting couch of a porn directors thinking it will get them into main stream Hollywood acting careers.
Debra Hahn If he hangs around with the Clinton crowd; then he's rich, amoral and criminal. Sooner or later, anyone who gets too close to the Clintons and their "inner-workings" ends up "scapegoats" - ruined, dead, or in jail.
Markie Stephenson Could care less about this vile vile man!!!! He needs to be off the planet and along with his vile misogynistic, sexual predator, and pedophile friends in Hollywood!!!! 😡😡😡😡 As his dear friend Ashley says, he’s a naaaaaaaaaasty man!!
Anna Yoakum He did what he did because he could. He had all the power and no one wanted to lose their job if they spoke up. Where were their agents? I am sure some of the agents knew what he was doing. There should have always been a third person in the room.
Jenny Lou He's a pathological narcissist with delusions of grandeur. So-called "sex addicts" don't rape people, they just crave a lot of sex, despite the consequences.
LaVeta Grantski I agree with you. He's a bully that loves the power trip over vulnerable people, especially very weak ones. And the more power he achieved, the more others enabled him and I believe there are 1000's of those who did so and more guilty than him for their cowardice. \
Anita Stover Blackmon I believe you are absolutely correct! Personally I do not believe there is such a thing as sexual addiction. It is purely a lack of a moral compass and an entitlement mentalinty
Anna Yoder Rorick He probably thot if he admits something it will go away eventually. isn't so suck it up. Be sure your sin will find u out. I think it did. You can't mock God.
Jennifer Messina So there are conspiracy theories that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered, their deaths were not suicide. There are theorists that believe they were murdered because they were about to exposea ring of pedophiles. Could this be part of it?
Barbara Flowers Carlomagno He knew he could get away with it, all goes to the power he had and he liked to humiliate these women, he always knew he had something on them.
Franco J Otero-Cossio When you have the Clintons behind you, you can RAPE and ASSAULT anyone. Ask the countless woman who have suffered under Hillary and Bill literally.
Shannon Leigh Sex addiction is just the next thing. He is a bully. He thinks he's going to rehab and then be all fixed and come back to Hollywood.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh4 hours ago

We'll dig deeper into the Democrats' Russian scandal on Monday, folks. But over the weekend, ponder this: Do you think Donald Trump would be impeached if he had received millions of dollars from Putin front groups, if he had given away uranium, if he had...

Jarrad Shelton Everyone should read my book "The Intolerant 'Tolerant' Party". I expose the Democrats for preaching tolerance all while practicing intolerance!
Rob Kearns He absolutely would be, and it would be bi-partisan. Unfortunately our government is the tyrannical government the founders feared.
Mary Nixon They are blaming DonalTrump afraid he will find out about their Russian connection and expose them. We know exactly what they are trying to do.
Spencer Covey I'll tell you what I really think! Washington D.C. and everyone there seems to be even more corrupt than I thought possible. Everybody is dirty! It's getting so I don't even know if I can believe Trump anymore. Everyone has been compromised. The FBI, CIA, NSA has dirt one everyone and therefore subject to their will. Sad. Way worse than I ever thought possible.
Pam Couch President Trump needs to tell Sessions to turn over every part of Justice Dept to find out everything that went on !!and don't stop till it's done !!!
Jim Shumer the worst part of this is that none are calling it what it really is::: TREASON. the aided an enemy. they armed an enemy. they failed to live up to their oath of office to defend and protect. They accepted bribes of millions of dollars, they failed to enforce the laws they were obliged to enforce. They all covered up for one another so that no one would get the information until it was long past. This was a conspiracy against my country by those in positions of authority. What else can it be called but TREASON.
Michael Mundy The Left are the crooks!! I hope they all get nailed!! Dirty, filthy, deceptive, liars!! Bastardizing America into the dirt, for their own political power grab!! Pisses me off!!!
Stacey Saur I am absolutely sick about what is going on. The corruption is mind boggling. I do not believe anything will come of this. Everyone involved will get away with what they have done.
Dale Hansen Two sets of laws, two sets of rules. If you're a democrat, no matter what you've done,'re above prosecution. If you're a republican you're automatically guilty, even if the charges are fabricated. They will always have the upper hand, as long as they have the media branch of the dnc working for them. And I don't care what anybody says...the dems have a majority in the senate, despite numbers and affiliations.
Ron Manzanares They all three committed treason and probably a lot more needs to be looked into by the highest people in our government and to be truthful to the American people
Terry Young Believe me there are plenty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors the could have caused the Impeachment of that Race Baiting, Muslim loving, Jew hating, AntiAmerican President Barak HUSSEIN Obama! But you can thank Mitch McConnell and the Rhino Republicans for not doing it.
Vicki Lynn And that is the three that the news media, praise . and Our President that is trying to fix this country, they bad mouth every chance they get. I was a registered democrat until the age of 63, Obama changed that. I would no longer be a part of such a group of criminals.
Cathy Settipani Fisk We're dealing with ruthless, avarice, dangerous, narcissistic, exceedingly wealthy, and anti America players in this uranium scheme ....should they go free....our government is truly on the precipice of a third world government!
Suzie Rumburg This is why they hate our President. They are scared of him. He is draining the swamp. And they are all swamp dwellers. Scum, liars, thieves, criminals all democrats and some republicans. President Trump is the best thing to happen to this country in many many years.
Andy McSwain Trump has done nothing wrong and they're trying to impeach him, so No, if he or we had done one iota of the things that the 3 in this picture have done, he and we would be under the jail house.
Beverly Hampton Myers Why can’t the government stop letting the Russians have the uranium!! Just say it’s not going to you so get your money back from the Clintons and everyone else you bribed!!
Dinah Thomas This picture should be titled “The Icons of Deceit”, Obama’s smirk if you could read his mind, “I look like a saint sitting next to these two”, Bill Clinton “what was I thinking when I married her”, Hillary “I am rich, I am the Queen”..... Certainly President Trump would be burned at the stake if he did any ONE of the, and it is a merry-go-round, of the criminal acts these 3 have done!
Frank Healer We need a good exterminator to go through the Democratic Party and exterminate all the vermin! It’s worse now than sitting in an anthill!!! Clean it up and throw it into the swamp!
Jj Johnston No covering it up now every one knows what happened they just need charged now or Sessions replaced with some one that will do the right thing.
Mike Brewer I’m done paying attention to these lifelong alleged scandals of the Clintons and other Democrats until the DOJ does something. I get my hopes up and nothing. Let me know if anything official ever happens.....
John Underwood The biggest set of scandals in American history and what if anything will be done about it. Thanks for continued reports on it RUSH. I guess the only thing "we the people" will definitely be able to do to hold them accountable is by continuing to vote the party of criminal tyranny out of office both at the state and fed level. We do have that justice in our hands.
Karen Kovaz Rush, can you ask Trump why he has not ordered a special prosecutor to pursue criminal charges against Hillary, Bill, Obozo, Lynch, Comey and every one of the libtards involved in these criminal activities? I know that Sessions recuseds himself from any Russian investigations but Trump should be able to order a prosecutor to investigate and bring forth the appropriate charges against all those involved.
James Conrad When is this too big for MSM to ignore? When is this too big for Mueller to not recuse himself? When is subpoenas not to be ask for? McCain is gung-ho for Niger. So John step up soon and be a Republican we’re growing tired of the Democratic shield you truly are.
Michael Tanner You know..the fbi threw a lot out there about the Russian, Hillary took everybody away from the fbi and Las Vegas slaughter.. it was almost like they were holding that information for a special occasion.. or a distraction if you will.
Raina Faye Robinson Rush, you clearly did not get the memo!!!!! Democrats can get away with murder! Literally how many people that knew dirt on Hilary ended up "commuting suicide"?????? And I think it kills them that a year into the Trump Russia collusion they have found zero evidence! The left would impeach Trump for breathing!
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh6 hours ago

There's something about Morning Joe that the Norks dig.

Vaughn Gordon Perhaps I can shed some light on this. Now, let me begin with full disclosure and disclaimer that I am not a psychologist nor a political science student at all. I am not an anthropologist and if anyone tells you I am historian they left out the part where I stink at it. Most of all, last but not least, I am not a pundit nor conspiracy theorist. I wouldn't mind being a pundit though, if it only paid something... anything. My point is that, from watching the news, knowing what is out there with the media, and the fact them NoKos are doing their best to fashion some relatable idea who and what Trump (and therefore the majority of the US supports... for now) is, they are honestly thinking that Joe's the voice of middle americans. Please for the love of god, tell me I am wrong.
Debra Hahn The government-controlled media in North Korea is heavily censored, so the content of Morning Joe must favor a Communist audience. Morning Joe just expanded their viewership.
Kat McVey Bartlett They are not getting enough anti-American propaganda from their own government-controlled media, so dear leader has directed them to watch NBC!
John Francis Rivers Morning Joe! Surprising they have a following of Communist Generals! The must watch just to laugh at how stupid those Libtards are! Probably hoping for Millions in bribes to further their Nukes!
John Hyatt Oh I see there's the genrals picture caption with their names...General SUM Ting Tubid, Ho Le Fock, So Su mi, and Sum Ting Wong !!
Richard McCrea You know when Morning Joe newest audience is North Korea military, now that's a milestone you can be proud of.
Rab N Bail They dig communism....and the communist media promotes their agenda. What's not to love for a communist nation. SIMPLE. It is so obvious that you have to be a fool not to see the connection.
Chris Carpenter They were hoping H would win too, they were a little short on Uranium last year. They probably watch The View as well.
Donald Weaver I heard somewhere that Morning Joe was the favorite TV show in N. Korea. Especially for Kim Jong Un. He Loves the President Donald J. Trump bashing by Joe and Mika.
Jane Patterson I guess if that's all they're allowed to see (BRAIN WASHING, INDOCTRINATION!), they'll believe the daily lies...SAD.
Glenn Dino Dean Just the Generals get to watch Morning Joe? LMAO...I can here them now, oh, u wanna watch Mornin Ho'? LMAO! For real😁😁
Walt Kamerick hey that one on the right must be saying the pledge, his hand is over his heart......get the anti-aircraft gun out
Alan Jackson Morning Joe and morning bowel movements are synonymous. Feels much better when you dump it.
Peggy Sue Maybe Joe and Mika could go do their schtick in North Korea?
Troy R. Marr Man, those gooballs can wear a hat though, can't they?
Doug Johnson And Morning Joe will use NK’s reason that they watch the show as proof Trump is mental.
Jill McFarland Klocek They watch what they are told to watch and like it if they are told to like it.
Mark Griffin they're use to being told what to think and beleive , like morning blows audience.....
Herman Vogel For this reason ALONE the show should be cancelled
Curtis Burney So when you are a NK General, you get to watch American television? They must be RICH!
Jason Chehi-Lirot They watch that before or after there shifts at there local death camps....
Matthew Woodbury Bryson Hicks Rick Denkmann Morning joe is the hotness in the PRK command😂
Molly Goode So, maybe Mika and Joe should go and do their show in NoKo.
Laurie Christine And they like Dennis Rodman, so there's that.
Greg Rairdon If they watched CNN then WW3 would be well underway
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh6 hours ago

There aren’t any Republicans or Democrats anymore. It’s just "progressives" versus conservatives with Washington being the establishment type where all the attacks generally on tradition and morality are coming from.

Colleen Marie Walsh-Weber This isn't a fight between progressives and conservatives, no; this is a fight between good & evil; right vs wrong. God gave us free will, we choose to continue this civil war between one another. Pray🙏
Debra Hahn The Progressives are a radical left-wing sect. The are really Socio-Communists. This is how the Democrats will likely rename themselves in some way in order to bring in the Bernie Sanders supporters. Hillary recently described herself as a Progressive. Progressives want to put all power and control into the hands of a few elitists (billionaires) at the top. They want open borders, socialized medicine, globalization, free college education ... and a lot of give-aways in order to win votes, then true to Marxism, they take away your freedoms - starting with religion and guns - then your money and assets. They take, take, take without giving anything in return. They are using "social" justice in order to create instability and civil disorder. Unfortunately, there are too many people in America who don't know any better - and don't value our U.S. Constitution and democracy. The education system has failed them and the media is a left-wing cohort with Marxism infiltrating the federal government.
Rick Lehigh ValleyPhoto Yes Rush, but she also said that she allowed her children to be bullied and told them "not to fight back." That pretty much describes what's happening to today's youth and the lack of individual strength demonstrated continually.
SharonDarren Harrison Keep this up and we can guarantee 7 years of us racists and we guarantee another 7 years of Trump...disrespect the military, police and our flag and we guarantee another 7 years of Trump....force your liberal social issues down our throats and we guarantee you another 7 years of Trump...trash history and try to erase our past and we will guarantee another 7 years of Trump....we will take back our keep it up liberals.
Mike Woods Yes. Democrat and Republican are both just words at this point. It’s us vs them. And sadly way too many of US are dead wrong about what side they THINK they’re on.
David Steele The problem is that the leftwing Baby Boomers are near retirement. And they want to see the revolution completed before they retire. Thus the push. What is fustrating them is that conservatives are standing firm. And often pushing back. The other problem is that the left remembers how the last time they did this, under the 1930s Weimar Republic, the German people rebelled and let the Nazis hijack the revolution. Thus the left is worried that some extreme right wing group will rise up to do the same thing as the American people rebel against the left. Especially due to the hedonism, decadence and social unrest that the left uses to destablize society. Except here in the US we are seeing people turn to G-D rather than to men. Thus I expect to see the evangelicals, not some fascist group, hijack the revolution this time.
Estelle Clifford These stupid people want Communism..and the first people the communist will get rid of is these mal-contents...Communist can't have protestors protesting in any form. Ignorant duped people...
Glenn Debbie Brotherton Another Liberal Progressive Double Standard, hypocrisy, deception.. > Harvey Weinstein is our hero, supporter, enabler. Until someone ruins it and tells. And we don't like Bullies, Unless..., and " isn't Roman Polanski great" "He is a Genius" . "We fight for woman's issues". And "we love Bill Clinton". Babies are so cute. "Every woman should have the right to abort her baby."
Michelle Inase My son was also bullied in grammar and middle school. The rules were if you were caught fighting , you were suspended. Ans since the code among the students in school is ... " you don't rat out the bullies because it will only get worse." I told my son that if they put hands on you or push you, he had MY permission to hit back and hit hard. Even if he got beat up , you do it. If you get suspended, I will go to the mat for you with the principal. I told him that he can tell the bullies that every time they pick on him, he will fight back. I told him to look the lead bully in the eye and tell him HE is the one he is coming for first. Well guess what ? It took 1 time of my son fighting back and the bullies realized he was not a push over. No more problems. I know this does not work for everyone or every situation , but at some point, the ones that fight back, they are left alone.
John Powers All we have now is one party with two different names. Both parties are ignoring the will of the people. Government gets bigger and more expensive while slowly eroding our freedoms. American wants to fight back but the Deep State is embedded so deeply we may never regain control.
Gretchen Abbes Del Visco I was told a story today from a woman who's son goes to UCONN. He is a Freshman, and he was told to wright a paper on "feminism." When he passed his paper in to the Professor, the Professor told the boy "he couldn't even get through reading it, because it made him sick" tore it up and told him to rewrite it. The boy rewrote the paper to the Professors liking ONLY because he was afraid of getting a failing grade on the paper. Professors today teaching Sociology classes are the bullies!! Do your homework before sending your children to College!! These schools are poisoning these kids minds! I know first hand :(
Dale Slusher It’s the communists against us who love America. You no longer can be independent you are with the communists or your with us Americans.
Kevin Whisted I liked her input. Bullying, for the left, can never be attributed to them because they're good and awesome. It's only the bad people (us) who are capable of bullying.
Deborah Campbell Jeansonne-Dykes We need to get back to teaching self defense in school-weaponry-it'll never happen-so parents should; but self defense would end bullying. They don't want it ended-
Carri Cornish .....progressives versus The People, that's what we have and is why Trump gave up millions and his great life to "reset" our government!
Richard V. Schaller Why the bandanas? If they are the true future, then be proud of your cause. If you're nothing more than a thug, then I understand your reason for anominity.
Janice Rightmer They don't want people to know who they are? Are they cowards who pretend to be something else in their neighborhoods?
Linda Tipton It's Americans against those who want to destroy her....this great country...for their new world order agenda!
Bill Adams This whole political media fest is like parents arguing in front of their children. We are going to have a lot on insecure people in 10-15 years.
Lakin Cross Progressive is the new word for communism.
Jillian Flesher A peaceful protest does not include masks. If you come with a mask..I will assume you have "intent." This should not be allowed!
Mike Stevenbeuster Rush Limbaugh - Unfortunately the 'young people' attention span is 8 sec or less than a gold fish (according to Microsoft and they are the experts?) the message better be short...🐠
Danny Brady Progressives are pagans who seek to destroy Christian values.
Andrew Watkins You forgot about RINO'S. Fraud's like McCain McConnell and Ryan to name only a few.
Natalie LeMaire Fruge Just heard the woman on your program saying Progressives verses Conservatives. She was on point.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh7 hours ago

So Obama is back on the campaign trail, stump speeching for Democrat candidates for whatever, which guarantees those candidates are going to lose, by the way. But he said something that typifies to me the divide that we have in the country.

Cindy Smith Cravens Go are not relevant anymore...who did you work for??? All of you..bush brought the american people down...but we arent taking a knee!!! We are getting back up!! Watch us now!!!
Tabitha Perkins Virginia, VOTE for the REPUBLICAN candidate & force this unholy destroyer back to the bottom of the swamp where he belongs.
Michael Suggs Obama sees people as "communities". As separate groups all with grievance to be bartered, divided and ultimately controlled by him and his elite club of radical progressives.
Damon Burnett Uh, no Mr Obama. Eight years of your divisive politics infected our communities. The truth is the vast majority of folks are good people just trying to get by. And believe it or not, most of us do a good job of getting along with others. It's the biased news media race baiting and spreading discord.
Shirley Cobianchi Kovolesky Worse PRESIDENT!! Democrats are infecting our communities!! Look what the Worst president did to our country!!
Jerry Georgopolis Politics infecting our communities ?? I disagree, its been nothing but everything is RACIST comments that is infecting out communities !!
Richard Felton because of democrat ideology, policies and politics we have no communities . their us against the working people campaign has divided the nation in a way i fear will never heal. all of americas problems are caused by dems, socialists, communists and progressives
Frannie Oakley Evans No you infected communities ... lying, treasonous, stealing, traitor, Benghazi ignoring, vacation to the tune of 1800.000.00 at the tax payers expense, ignoring Clinton's allegation, baiting racialism, and the list goes on and on ... You are the most infections germ there is on the face of this earth ...
Marilyn Swanson Daly I wish he would take is socialism /communism and move to another country, he hangs in the shadows encouraging anger and violence to the resistance movement, he wants to destroy our country.
Harley Gibney Your relevance is gone, your legacy is being dismantled as it should be, and you will go down in history as the first failed black POTUS. Your influence, power and following is far less than I expected by now. You're done Oreo.........go somewhere and be gone
Karen Small This traitor is a fatal infection! The Deplorable's are the cure. Let's finish him and his ignorant supporters off in the soon to come Elections! We can do this... Let's throw them all out!!! MAGA
Rex Kramer 0bama's style of community organizer liberalism is a disease that has infected parts of this country, all Americans must resist spreading this liberal democrat socialist disease.
Lloyd Berryman Obummer is right, politics is infecting our communities. The infection is know as Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the socialists don't seem to have any immunity to it like normal thinking folks do. Too bad.
Mike Shaffer The current Democratic blowhard trying to make headlines on what she heard from someone's account of what was said from someone else is a typical Democrats, moral & ethical standards of what they have adopted - they have allowed Obama & his administration 8 yrs of injecting division of race, religion and the American way of values by being a traitor to the American people
Richard Cornwell "Community Organizer to the Rescue!" This is definitely code for Antifa. Keep a lookout for the Police on November 4th. #Antifa and #BLM are going to wage war on white Police Officers all across the country. Go to the Antifa website for more info. They're going to call the war, "Peace through violence". These people are completely wacko! #IlluminatiCard
Chris G. Simmons This is the quintessential Obama: Complaining that politics is infecting our communities while CAUSING politics to infect our communities (and everything else).
Bill Theman The Democrats and the Victicmcrats are the ones who inject politics into every scenario. It's only when the good, decent American people push back is when they declare it a problem.
Pamela Batson-Redgate The only thing 'infecting' our communities is the glorious joy we feel that BHO is no longer our president and that HRC never will be! That's a Great kind of infection :)
Larry Babcock I’ve heard Democrats say “Everything is about Politics 24/7” - so, ...... Politics is their Religion!! Obama was The WORST offender. Every DAY Obama ONLY made decisions based upon his Political Ideaology.
Michael R Beatty Yep, having Obama stump for ya is a sure fire way to loose an election. Democratic Party has imploded. Progressives are so busy foaming at the mouth, they've alienated everyone. The media has told so many lies, no one watches them anymore. The funniest part is watching these Liberals self destruct their careers, their lives, and they have no clue they are about to go the way of the dinosaurs.
Rosie Judge Because Obama worked for 8 years to destroy all that is good about America.President Bush was silent. President Donald J Trump is working hard to Save America. Thank God for President Donald J Trump.
Candy Riddle He is the one infecting this country with racial division & anarchy. Will he ever go away? He & Hillary are Americas worst nightmares!
Pam Johnson The old school politicos and their whelps are all piling on Trump this week. Could it be that the stock market, consumer confidence, the job numbers and the new interest in the Clinton/Russia/uranium connection have them worried? They remind me of class clowns who always need all the attention in the room.
Sue Ennaz Obama IS the infection, and we cured it on November 8th. F off, and take your he wife with you, "Bo". He needs to be in Guantanamo Bay. He knows it. That's why he wanted to close it so badly, and he got all of his muslim terrorist "brothers" out of there.
Denise Ballinger Dems lost and continue to lose thanks to his lectures and kowtowing to our enemies...his financial support of our enemies and his blind eyes towards the Clinton corruption keep it up Obama keep speeching for those dems that want to lose their attempt at getting into office. His lectures are not welcome as this administration attempts to repair some of the damage