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Following a stint as a ticket salesman for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals, in the mid-1980s, Limbaugh landed a job as an on-air host at KFBK in Sacramento, California, with the help of a radio executive friend. There, Limbaugh took over Morton Downey Jr.’s slot, and met with success when his ratings surpassed his predecessor’s. Less than a year later, Limbaugh became known as Sacramento’s top radio host.

In 1987, the Federal Communications Commission repealed a long-standing rule known as the Fairness Doctrine, which required both television and radio stations to air for an equal amount of time each side to a political argument. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine ultimately paved the way for Limbaugh’s now-distinct, politically conservative radio style to take shape. Not long after, the on-air host left KFBK for a position at the ABC Radio Network, bringing his newfound fame with him, as well as a reputation for having strong, right wing ideologies.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, nationally syndicated from New York City by ABC Radio, premiered on August 1, 1988. Known for its heavy political focus and sometimes extreme conservative slant, The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than two decades and is credited today as the highest-rated American talk radio program. The show is currently syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, and can be heard on nearly 600 stations nationwide.

In addition to his success on the radio, Limbaugh makes regular appearances as a political commentator on various TV programs, and has authored a number of magazine articles and books, including 1992’s best-selling The Way Things Ought to Be and 1993’s See, I Told You So. “It’s my job, it’s my life, it’s my career, it’s my passion,” Limbaugh once said about his politically charged career as a radio host, commentator and writer. “I’m doing what I love. I think I’m doing what I was born to do. I have no specific goals from this point forward. I never have had specific goals. I’ve always thought, ‘I know generally what I want to do. I want to be in media, I want to be in radio.’ It’s what I love. It’s what I do best. And I’m open to all opportunities that come my way.”

Limbaugh was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

If the Democrats don't like our immigration laws, maybe they should try to change them via legislation instead of finding judges who are willing to override them. That's the way constitutional republics work.

Mike Enerson Trouble is, the Democrats have almost zero political power nowadays. So they have to resort to extraConstitutional means to get their way.
Gary Gengler If our judicial system is willing to legislate from the bench, their own ideals, maybe its time we look for ways to remove those judges unable to do they job they were put there to do.
Kelly Huskins Clemmer They don't care they are only worried about impeachment. I just want to vote for trump more ! Trump 2020
Mike Brown The established bureaucracy doesn't not respect the constitution or we the people it protects. We the people need to call out the cancer and obliterate it. Trump can't do it without us, this civil action needs to start NOW and stop this subjugation of the citizens of this country. A convention of states to address the two other branches of the federal government is in order. Let's do this!!!
Roy Petty But when your idea is woefully unpopular you must resort to ramming your ideas down everybody else's throat with judicial fiat, because it is far too difficult to get it voted into law.
Carolyn Lathrop Do any of you Limbaugh fans understand that the Constitution exists not to protect the majority, but rather to protect the rights of the (frequently despised) minority? Maybe you and your ilk could pass a law saying it was illegal to be a Muslim, for example. Are you under the impression that this would be Constitutional, just because the majority wants it? If you believe that, then you are (and I mean this in the kindest way possible) stupid.
Sandy DeMarco The Dems, and their unwillingness to abate illegal immigration, was underscored by Obama/Janet Napalitano suing Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Arizona), for merely enforcing laws already in the books. Permanent Democrat rule, is a vision this crowd shall not abandon anytime soon. Make that never.
Philip Neville Agree.....The whole problem is liberals want to make this about immigrants when its all about ILLEGALS being in our country and they mix up the two. Unfortunately there are too many gullible ,uneducated people who are falling for what the liberals are handing out and not the truth
Mary Lou Lovell Democrats actions, and those who are following their lead, are indicating they no longer want the Rule of Law under our Constitution. They prefer some form of big government "ism," as opposed to the kind of freedom we have enjoyed throughout our history. Presently, judicial activism and mobs of protesters in our streets is their strategy of choice to try and force us into their unrealistic idea of social justice. That is exactly what voters rejected in the November 2016. If they are allowed to succeed, we are faced with anarchy, including bloodshed similar to what happened during our Civil War.
Andrea Strauss We shouldn't really joke about it. They will be back...and more radical. We have been blessed with a 4-8 year reprieve. That's all. It really is time for Mark Levin's proposed Article 5 Convention so that when the Liberals get back into power someday -- and it would be unrealistic to think they won't -- then there will be firm protections in place to prevent us from ever getting to the brink again. I don't ever want to have another election where the future of America is at stake.
Kevin Greer If neither party likes our immigration laws, maybe they should both try the legislative approach and follow the Constitution instead of issuing many executive orders as both Obama and Trump have now done. That's the way constitutional republics, checks and balances, and limited government work.
Jason Smith Communists & socialists make up the vast majority of the Democratic party. We the people are to stupid to govern ourselves using elected representatives so they have put in place bureaucratic appointees for the collective good
Malia Adams Tamaribuchi Unfortunately, the Democrats and the people they represent feel entitled to whatever they want. The law means nothing to them. So sad and very frustrating for those who are trying to adhere to the law.
Sue Blazina Democrats don't give a rats a_ _ about our constitutions. All they want is power and lining their own pockets and using all these fools out in the streets to get their way.
Tom Gehrig Maybe trump should have had congress write a law what follows,the constitution. He couldn't grasp it himself.
Anastassios Papadopoulos The liberals are engaging in show trials against Trump. Just like in the Third Reich or Soviet Union, political opponents were arraigned only to be humiliated and punished on trumped up charges. Those Democrat activists pretending to be neutral judges are doing the same to Trump: They ignore the law only to stick it to Trump:° We find Trump broke the Constitution! " When in reality anybody who can read knows that Trump applied the law the way it was intended. Any layman understands it. Those judges need to be removed and disbarred for bending the law. Or does anybody believe that the Third Reich judges were untouchable and removing them would have been wrong?
William Newcomb Actually it was a challenge to an Executive Order by the President not a law by Congress. Indeed the challenge was that the law was not being followed.
Kathleen Wenzel Actually the judicial system is exactly the appropriate place to challenge the president's EO. That is called checks and balances. Perhaps the president should look more into working with Congress to pass legislative immigration reform rather than issue executive fiats from above. This current president hasn't even tried. The previous president did and, together with the Senate, had a legislative proposal. The House (Republicans) stalled it. Perhaps, Mr. Limbaugh, you should take the government refresher course that our current potus so desperately need.
Pat Carrigan Judges are easier than the will of the people. Dems Always take the easy wrong illegal and behind closed doors hidden way to get their way because they lose in the arena of ideas.
Teri Madewell Maybe if they were legal in the first place the judges wouldn't need to override them. That is the purpose of the judiciary branch, after all. Perhaps you need a civics lesson?
James Highfill BINGO... but they could do that as is evident by the masses... the Dems knew the only path was to violate the laws on the books, not enforce the laws on the books and finally - they were unable to place an argument out there which would be supported by the people... hence they did the courts. Liberals are idiots...
David DC Clayton Who really cares what the liberal left thinks, republican have the Presidency, the House and the Senate. Confirmations are showing that. Trump doesn't need your ideas or thoughts. 😂 😂
Steven Benghazi Price democrats did have control of immigration laws in the past thats how they (immigration laws) got screwed up .. Ted Kennedy's legislated a lottery system which setup a quota system which made it almost impossible for Mexicans as well as Filipinos to immigrate to the U.S.
Lisa Cook I keep tellin ain't the is the NON-AMERICANS...working against all Americans, paid and supported by the OBAMA regime and other terrorist organizations...supported by a bunch of LOOK AT ME desperate entertainers...
Jeannie Mahlman How can we spend over 4 BILLION dollars on immigrants and refugees; and we have military families and veterans struggling?? I don't get it so many citizens-elderly, veterans, homeless- could use help and get nothing. Just not right.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh3 hours ago

Some in the media are saying it’s really dangerous for Trump to be getting his news from cable TV. Do you not find this perplexing?

Jim Elliott Didn't Obama say on eight separate occasions that he found out vital information from the TV news instead of from his security briefings?
Randy Phoenix Since we can no longer trust the news media......any of them completely anymore.... I myself get information from several sources. I don't draw any conclusion until I have thoroughly investigated everything. Lets take a closer look at the Sweden comment. I have seen reports from some sources I deem reliable in a reliable format. Sweden has a refugee problem. it's obvious to me. I have studied at great length the Islamic culture as well. The leaders of Sweden simply do not want to publicize the problem and understandably so. President Trump is well informed.
James Highfill but he gets that (cable news) and more - and if the President (who all have TVs to monitor all news around the globle) cannot use it, then, why should I use it? Liberals must be dumber than I thought!
Kerry Denison The White House needs to set up their own in-house television station that way president Trump can speak directly to the American people that way there will be no misinterpretation no political spin put it on what he says... an the mainstream media has to make it entertaining to sell commercial air time and to keep an audience the basic principles of Show Business. If the mainstream News broadcasters would make it very very truthful they would attract a much larger audience and be able to sell much more commercial time they should think about that.
Jeff Newsome So, I get why Chris Wallace is a little defensive about being a journalist. Sure, President Obama did not ever call FOX news an enemy of the people. President Obama is an eloquent speaker, and very politically correct. He was however unceasing in his criticism and belittling of FOX news, and even the viewers of it. However, let’s take a look at the whole picture here. The Cable News Network does not refer to their on-air employees as journalist but rather “Talent”. It became clear at the election time, and surrounding time that the talent did not want President Trump to win. The day he won it was obvious the talent was not pleased. This was noticeable with body language and the adjectives they use. An example is when an on-air talent member says “After a chaotic week at the White House” They are really saying; the White House is in Chaos. Therefore, telling their viewers the place to where the heart of the nation is being ran is totally messed up! All from one word “Chaotic”. This is called propaganda. This was used in Germany before WWII. Therefore, it is in fact an enemy of the people when it is trying to steer people into rebellion. Ever so shuttle. Body Language, like moving their head in a (No) position to President trump winning the election. And with some of the major news agencies, this goes on and on day in and day out without fail. The people that watch are being bombarded with propaganda. Fact is, the White House is not in Chaos because the President ask for a cabinet member’s resignation. Remember when a “News Channel” like CNN is broadcast worldwide, the entire world is viewing this propaganda. What is going on in the media with channels like CNN, is unbelievable. After 35 years of watching CNN, it will no longer be viewed or listened to in our home.
Susan Marie President Trump gets information from everywhere just like we do....get over it! We are in a new world of internet and we can't compare that to any other administration except ovomit who used it for inciting hate and racism...anyway...js
Claire Shepard Because I live in Canada and see the billions of Canadian tax payer dollars going into a network that is Liberal only, They need to stop President Trump because it ruins their narratives, their incomes, their family retirement and family heritance plans. No one wants to admit they lied to millions of people purposely for government partnerships,including schools, Universities, colleges and global plans, including climate change, population controls, land grabs and mass controls and migration and the connection to the UN. President Trump has spent his life in and around millions of people from all walks of life, he see's, has witnessed, has been part of many partnerships, organizations and other. He knows and they know he knows them all and their life goals.
Brandon Paris I love how half of these responses only point to how Obama did that too. So how again does that make it a smart move for Trump? It's like when Trump said "I'll hand over my taxes when Hillary hands over her emails" and tons of people cheered as if to say "good one Donny" when in reality we deserve both his taxes AND her emails. It's like Jim owes you $10 and John owes you a dinner and Jim says "I'll give you $10 when John buys you the dinner" and then you yell "yeah!!!!! You told him!!" Ummmm no he didn't, you just got doubly screwed and got conned into feeling good about it. Same thing here. You are so happy to point out Obamas fallacy that you let Trump do it right under your nose.
Tom Donahue He should absolutely utilize cable news. But he should be fact checking it before speaking anything about it. That's what people are about. He didn't fact check anything about anything in Sweden. Or how his electorate victory was the biggest since Ronald Reagan, which was completely false (still hadn't fact checked that until Friday when called out for it; you'd think he would have don't that before bragging about it).
Connie Marie Porinchak I don't think we have enough hospitals, drs, or sanitatiums for the whacko left. They need more than psychiatric care they need many, many shock treatments. You gavevto be psychotic to think up all this whacko stuff. Maybe we can put them on an island. Eeeeek!!!
Gage Cusick When your news station requires to mock someone for everything they say you then forget to check if it makes sense. I think it is official President Trump could say CNN is a great non-bias organization and the next day headlines would read "President calls incredibly bias organization non-bias"
RIch PUcci The president should use what the liberals use to get their news,The people that live in basements and send out news on the internet! Seriously, if the main media outlets told the truth and just reported news facts then there would be no fake news! Opinions should be reported on the op-ed pages and not on the front page!!!
Tracey Erickson Why so? Obama "found out about Hillary's private server" the same way. There are quotations because he knew about it obviously, but told the sheeple that is how he found out about it.
Carol Cain Is he actually getting his news from cable, just listening how they are delivering the news to find out who is telling the truth or just their slant and opinions ?
Patti Montgomery Phillips Alphabet stations did not mention the problems in Sweden. BUT, went berserk when the President mentioned it. By the way, the Sweden problem was featured on Tucker Carlson show in FOX.
Rene'e Brooks Really? Because they loved it when Bobama always came out saying he learned of major events by watching the news just like the rest of us.....
Teri Mathews Not perplexing at all,they're still ignorant to the intelligence of the Trump voters! We're smart enough to know they're being deceptive,on the other hand they are leading their sheep over the cliff!!! #MSMliars
Leona Marino I for one am tired of our Presidents Obama included defending themselves on TV. Just ignore it and work the the issues you are suppose to be working on. Stop with the news. The American Paople already know what's fake and what isn't. The voters who voted for Trump already know what he is and what he is about. WE don't believe that junk they put out there anyway.
Ann Miller Shaver I get my news from the man Ronald Reagan called the number one voice for conservatism, YOU Rush... Trump makes the news he is turned in to Cable news to see what they are saying about him., lies or truth.
Steve Crisp I would venture to say that holds true for anyone getting their news form mainstream media.. If its not clear by now that the mainstream has a objective, you are blind and deaf! Trump should place a gag order on the media.. Copyright everything he says so they can't repeat anything without consent!! We've all watched how the media covers a storm and will stretch a minor flooding event into a "catastrophic event" for the sake of entering views and selling airtime!
Adrienne Abbott Yes, especially considering that many other Americans also get their news from cable channels. I think the mainstream media has finally realized that they have lost their monopoly. In addition, between their biases, the Internet and the Spectrum Auction, the alphabets are realizing that they are going the way of the dinosaurs.
Alyce Collins These network and press people have serious derangement issues - I don't think they have a clue ... certainly Trump's sharp wit and quick thinking is way beyond their skills....they don't even recognize when he's fooling with's actually quite funny and entertaining how he does it🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Becky Tarantino Thielmann Seriously?! Every time anything ever happened during obamas reign, he swore he was just as shocked and dismayed as we were when he heard it on the news.
Mark Lazenby I was listning to ABC the other night and I had to turn the chanel. They are so far to the left it's not worth the time to hear their garbage. It's the same on all the alphabet networks. It's a shame that they or so bias.
Vicki Brooks The media has to attack him and say that he is crazy so that the crazys can impeach him. You see, if you repeat something over and over and again and again (like the song that you hate and can't get out of your head and start to like), you will begin to believe it as fact. That is what they are counting on. But, he is saying the same thing over and over and again and again. They have met their match in him...he knows their tactics.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh3 hours ago

Since when did what the people or voters want start mattering in Washington? 'Cause what really matters in Washington is what donors want, and the donors to the GOP do not want much of the Trump agenda.

Robin Magargal They better start getting s*** done! & work with him or some young conservatives will win their antiquated butts right out in 2018.
Jade Dean Tibbits there is no will of the people....Soros for the Dems and the Koch Bros for the Republicans....I watched this video on the donor class done by Pelosi's daughter.....they donate to both sides so they are never left out....elitist wanna be's.....Washington, DC could care less about any of us or any...just a fact.....none of them could make it in the real world....hell they work about 1/2 the year
Lee Mae Elkins Let's not forget that "slowing things down" by the Republicans (concerning President Trump's policies) really just means that Senators and Representatives are negotiating their payouts from the lobbyists. No one is talking about the lobbying money anymore, but my bet is money is changing hands left and right.
Josh Barker Thank God Trump won the election. The Democrats are out of their minds with hate to America.
Sandy Machell It appears George Soros owns about half of Washington,and we know he wants the one world deal,if not for President Trump we would be well on our way!!!!!
Sandy Scott-Morgan Love President Trump. We will vote out the RINOS that do not support him.
Peter Van Ness Rush,Your comment is right on the money. I also agree that Soros has a big hand in it!
Mia Moniz AWE... too bloody bad..! I woke up the day after the election and felt like I had REAL POWER..! Like SOMONE LISTENED TO ME... and my vote mattered... FINALLY...!! For 8 years, I had to be subject to what BHO and his spendthrift Dems wanted.. NOT what I WANTED... Not what conservatives wanted ..!!! No more debt... no more crazy, useless spending... all WASTE..!!! Thank God for President Trump..!! Snowflakes... SUCK IT UP, like WE DID for 8 years..!!
Greg Rozowicz If they don't get it after Trump, they never will.
CJ Smith We have to back Trump in draining the swamp, and that includes establishment republicans.
Woody Jackson george soros donated to many repulicans... we have some serious problems.
Al Glass you know i am about sick of all this , first why are all these politicians and obama , hilary , and all connected not in jail , if they are all not prosecuted we have no justice its got to stop
William Rogers "The White House is like a rotten onion these days: every time we peel back a layer, it smells worse and worse." — Kevin Drum
Jeff Schultz Trumpire is the biggest donor to the Trump Administration. Trumpire will make out on the policies.
Alyce Collins I personally do not care at all what the "donors" want.
Jeff Miller I guess its time for the commoners to start donating. If its nickels and dimes, its nickels and dimes in volume.
Sherri Jackson I believe you're correct. Primaries will wake up the GOP. #newblood
Jill Stuart Shepherd And if you refuse to rein in campaign finance, that's what you get folks.
Arthur Houston So time to replace some of the GOP people filling seats.
Gregory Duncan Time for Pitchforks and Tourches
John Lucier The problem...... the donors wants..... grrr....
Anastasia Zoldak Lol, The electorate is pissed and money doesn't wag the dog
Robert Townsend Exactly why I don't donate to the GOP
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh3 hours ago

The Democrat Party governs against the will of the people, and that's why they're where they are. They're in the desert. They're a regional party. They lost 1,200 seats since 2010. As an electoral party, the Democrat Party has really been marginalized.

Rene Fischbach Baldwin The Democratic Party now epitomizes evil and destruction! It's that simple! We aren't having it anymore! I'm not a racist and none of us really are! I'm over this! #MAGA And he will!
Kellie Weghorst Novak It's about time. Now it's time for the Republicans to step up and remember who they're supposed to represent and what they are supposed to stand up for. Listen to the electorate!
Freddy Reynoso III Sure. They have been losing, but what have republicans done in order to convince us that they deserve the power we've given them? Seems to me trump is the only one trying to get things done.
Greg Haberkern Don't worry. Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi are gonna bring them roaring back! Ha, ha, ha!!! Bernie 2020!!! Stop, they're killing me!!! Ha, ha!!!
Gary Gengler Democratic Party owes it all to radical "communists, socialists and LBGT supporters" cloaked as Democrats. Too many Democrats got intellectually lazy and tolerated radicals taking charge of the party, and overstepped on every wanton ideal, at any social or economic cost. What goes around comes around.
Angi Krull Mrozinski Does this mean we get 40 years of peace? And no, this is not a joke about religious persecution and history. I just went into a nice daydream of not having to deal with THESE particular people for a long time. The real story is not funny to me.
Billy Wilson Their time to shine will come back around. Just watch. The GOP has been crying about replacing Obamacare since its existence but now they have the power to do so, they don't have a plan drawn up. Explain this, I'm open for all opinions.
Mike Obeck They dumped working people in favor of a tower of Babel of "victims". Problem is most people want to be productive and help themselves. The Dems have done everything they can to get em off a job and on welfare.
John Gormally It's a coalition of the mediocre who have convinced themselves they are elite. Betas and victims who believe their interests in identity and entertainment have made them philosophers.
Jennifer Sprouse West The Democrat Party has marginalized itself into obscurity. Who defines the Democrat Party??? No one. There is no Democrat Party in existence.
April Diann Parker People are sick of being accused of racism and all the isms and the phobias. That's all the liberals talk about except for maybe Russia.
Jeryl Smith Its funny they think Trump has mental issues. Pelosi thinks Bush is President and old maxine waters thinks russia invaded south korea. Yikes!
Chuck Kenney they still claim ''THE MINORITY vote won, - the electorial college ALWAYS DETERMINES- '' THE party platform of republicans was ''jobs and economic growth'' and of democrats it was ''opponent bashing''
Michael Bishop I am scared. The stock market is booming, the pipeline is coming, the wall is coming, immigration control is almost here. Things are terrible. I am scared to protect our borders and keep terrorists out. Poor me. I just want to love everybody and accept anyone that wants to be here. I lash out and destroy because I have that right, it's called the first amendment, duh. Please, don't burst my bubble. I need my safe space. Women are better and funnier. Please, no more big scary orange man. I am shaking in my skinny jeans.
Linda Sisson Hey Rush, you asked why the liberal media used the word "empowered", refering to you, because they finally figured out that you truly are on loan from God :D
Fran Andre Why is Trump sending out someone to speak on the LGBT. Confused! We are really not the Conservative party we use to be. We are now the democrat party they use to be.
Kellie Weghorst Novak They use the same rule book over and over. Perhaps Trump will continue proving that it doesn't quite work against each and every adversary of theirs. They are then stuck with no solution.
Danny Green yep, I wonder how Obama is considered the 12th best President when so many Democratic seats were lost under his leadership. He (along with others) have decimated that party......
Rob Khoury Every day with these ridiculous protests in your ummm.hats and suits......200-500 new Republicans are "born" who were formerly democrats...Keep up your good work!!
Deb Arnold Heard a "Not My President" protester...trump is in the people's house, he needs to get out, he only represents some of us....uhhhhh...duh! Listen to yourselves. Presidents are always elected by "some" of the people!!!
Julie Beth We are watching the systematic unraveling of the unhinged democratic party. Sit back, grab some popcorn, have a good laugh and enjoy the show!
Keith DeSantis True, but when is the republican party going to start "doing" what they campaigned on doing. Why do we still have Obamacare and no tax cuts for example?
Timothy Scott Don't you have anything new to say? Out of everything that's happening, that's it? Really? So let's keep separating our country with your stupid banter, really? Pathetic!
Carol Cain By the time the democRATS realize what they are doing and how they are acting, it will be too late. Right now they are possessed with hate, evil, anger, envy that they can't see what they are doing
Candy Riddle I just do not understand... I know there are good people who have always been Democrats. How can they stay loyal to a party that has changed so much and is so destructive to our nation? All the hate & mean spirited words & actions, all the things they do to cause racial division, all the resistance to law and order, all our freedom of speech and religious freedoms being taken away, their goal to be a socialist - globalist country... how can any good person still be affiliated with a party that stands for destruction of our country? I just do not get it! I honestly don't. I try to understand them (especially the ones I know who are good people - and many are very smart people). It is beyond comprehension to me! They just seem like the most important thing is to be loyal to their party. My gosh, if a party changes to the bad... you should be willing to change for the good!
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh3 hours ago

Wow. This really got to me.

Corina Clarke Albert I was listening yesterday and while I waited for grocery pick up, I heard this exchange. So touching! Rush, you were fabulously inspirational to this Mother. I do hope they have access to the BEST of Doctors. Bless you Rush for everything you do.
Sue Reese Finlay Yes, this call filled me to the brim with joy, demonstrating the beauty that can be created through tough circumstances. Her son's response once he realized Rush hasn't let anything stop him, was priceless. I shed some tears with this one.
Paula Smyth Unfortunately I was at work listening so I was having to hold back the tears....soo moving! Rush you were the best of gentlemen and soo comforting to her!
LeighAnn Powell This really touch my heart and my ears... I looked into doing cochlear implants late 90's got scared.. but then Rush Limbaugh inspired me over the years to take this giant leap from hearing aids to cochlear implants. ..I read Rushs transcripts all the time...and now i can actually get better at listening to the radio without reading lips.. i know what Rush means at the golf course, i can now hear chopping from kitchen in restaurants, as well as ice, water running, in restaurants and my company around me cannot hear those sounds.. gave me much more confidence... Thank you Rush. . I would love to shake your hand one day and personally Thank you..
Diane R. Carter I only heard the last part of your hearing loss story so I'm much gratified to read the first part. I too have hearing loss from nerve damage - guess it is hereditary as my Dad had it too. Anyway, I wear aids in both ears and it has helped me tremendously! This woman's story about her son was so touching. I appreciated their looking at the bigger picture of their circumstance !
Adam Perry Very touching and moving caller. Rush and the young man and his family wete definitely inspirational. Prayers to the young man for an eventual successful recovery. Thanks for always being you, Rush. God Bless!
David Nelson My son has 2 cochlear implants. He's had the usual social issues with peoole not understanding. Good news is that with the new generation of micro processors he just got on one side he can listen to music via blue tooth. He loves that! He is also a senior at college and should gratuate in May. He's a good kid, and his disability has helped a LOT of people to become more compassionate and less selfish..included us, his classmates, and in church.
John Vinet That was a very touching phone call. Shana's tears almost brought me to tears. All the best to her, to Noah & to their entire family. Stay strong, stay positive & you will get past this.
Nikki Hare That hearing loss a physical disability is treated like that?! I have ADHD. It is an actual physical change in the brain. It is not obvious like a wheel chair or hearing aids or a seeing eye dog. You will not believe how many times what Rush has described has happened to me. By those closest to me. To top it off I am a middle aged woman with some hearing loss exacerbating the ADHD. So there are struggles that many of us go through that are treated as if it is fake or something that if you just tried harder you could overcome. It is frustrating and heartbreaking for the sufferer and for those around them.
Nancy Welch Inspiring! Both the caller's story and Rush's story. I especially liked Rush's explanation of deafness. People are quite rude, mostly because they do not understand it or even recognize hearing loss as legitimate. Having an almost deaf husband, I see how others get so infuriated at his lack of hearing. Hey, I admit I get frustrated also, but it is nothing compared to my husband's experience. There really should be more awareness of this issue. Well said, Rush.
Jane Keller Cummings A beautiful story, Rush. I have one hearing aid and will eventually need the 2nd one. I have issues with not knowing the direction from which a sound originates. Low pitched voices are a struggle. I am not very bad off, but it sure can be frustrating. I admire your openness and the encouragement you gave to that family. It re-focuses my perspective. God Bless that family and yours as well.
Nina Samuels As I have been listening for 28 years , all your programs have been fabulous however, yesterday I was in tears sobbing . Rush , you are such a joy , yesterday my problems (we all do have them) were put in the back burner and all I had was prayers for you , for these family and for their son. Thank you Rush ! Tears again ......I am a mom and a grandma .
Bettina Albert Leath I never comment on these posts but that call was so emotional and I was crying like a baby. 😭 You never know the impact we have on other people in ways you never would expect.
Janet Ribble Falbo My mom had hearing aids in both ears all of my life. And it was frustrating for her and everyone around her, but I will never forget the way people would be so rude when they thought she was ignoring them. I remember telling more than one sales person, "She did not hear you. You need to speak up and speak clearly when she is looking at you." Most understood the situation (and that their attitude/viewpoint was not accurate) and became much more customer friendly. And, your description of the way sounds are amplified is very much the way she described it to me. Mechanical hearing aids amplify everything- there is no such things as "background noise" like the rest of us can tune out because it is not important. And, she hated songs at church that every part had different words singing at the same time- we are part of an acapella singing church. It was beautiful to me, but it was mumbo jumbo to her! She passed away 2 years ago and I still miss her.
Leon Piepenbrink What a wonderful story, and I am sure there are many more like this one among the listeners. Rush, you are doing more for people than you sometimes realize. God bless you always.
Kay White This is so inspiring, Rush! You don't realize how many people you have helped! We are thankful for your wanting to keep us informed, sane, enlightened, and apprised of what the enemy is up to! Just think of being able to help that young man and how much it means to him and his family! God Bless You!
Francine DiBiase I couldn't stop the tears! I have had hearing aids since my early 40's. My Dad lost his hearing about the same age. You're an inspiration to me, my family and to this family. Thank you!
Cheryl Watts I heard that call. As a mother, I could hear both the appreciation and pain in her voice. We need such reminders daily - we must embrace our challenges and never give up.
Jean Taylor Rush and Shana, this was so inspirational. Please tell her that many people are praying for her son that he will get his hearing back quickly and that his head injury will heal beautifully. Very touching.
Ginny Tucker Heard this live, & was weeping with this mom! How encouraging to you, Rush, to know you are inspiring this young man through your own challenges!! God bless you !
Janice Smith Very caring man I listen to this yesterday Rush has proven once again how much he truly cares and how he goes above and beyond for people! This I know personally 😊
David Franks Rush may have at some time wondered why HE had his hearing problem. Maybe so that he could be an encouragement to this young boy...None of us never know how or when we will influence others, for good or bad...
Brian C Shepherd I heard the call and it choked me up big time.. Rush, in my opinion, should be given an award for the most giving and caring radio host in history. He has more than any of us will ever have or see but yet he is down to earth. True Conservative!!
Joan Fronk Graeser I was chocked up to hear her story. Rush is correct, he will be given the very latest there is when he is ready. Great story and outlook for a 13 year old Rush.
Karen Jones I was listening to that as well. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh since Bill Clinton was in office and have loved listening to him. Rush Limbaugh, you tell the truth even if it may be hard to hear, that is why I listen