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Mountain Man Thank y'all for tuning in see ya next tuesday
Mountain Man Y'all quit complaining
Mountain Man We're live!!
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Ken Spillar You like blue Gill?
Katie Knight See you there
Julie Cole Perkins Hey Mountain Man from Greensboro North Carolina... would love for you and some of The Roberson's to come this way .... I had the honor of meeting Jep on the Grand opening Field and Streamm.
Krista Newsom Luper Who are you rooting for in the college basketball tournament? Do you create a bracket?
Mathew Humphrey Hay mountain Mann when u coming to Australia for a 🐟 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
William Clark Sr What do you mean by the left last episode on the show Duck Dynasty anymore
Julie Cole Perkins Hey Mountain Man you look to relaxed! What State you in? Where is Willie Jace and Jep and si and the gang?
Kathy Sullivan I am from Brazil,Indiana and more people should hear him play and sing..... He's really good.
Tony Clevenger There ain't many mountains in Louisiana... where you from???? I'm in the hills of north Alabama
Jessalyn Bailey Hi Mountain Man - missed your show today. Checking in as usual from West Tennessee. Blessings ! πŸ™πŸΌ
Heidi Howel I'm going to miss the Show and you and your a man of many talents.
Sherri Jenkins Love you Mountain Man!! Have a great and Bless week and stay safe!
William Clark Sr Real mountain man or what kind of ducks are going to kill this year
Don Stafford Mountain man ever been to the adirondack mountains of New York
Levonia Lynn Mikkelson Is Duck Dynasty Coming back??????
Brenda Nielsen Mckinney Howdy where yall at. Im in Vero Beach Fla. Sunny florida
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.13 hours ago
Mountain Man 1-800-259-1440
Joseph Foti Sr. Hello again from another redneck down here in Mandeville, Louisiana!
Anna Ethridge Hey Mountain Man I just wanted to say hi to you from David Ethridge and I lived in Mccurtain Oklahoma
Grayson Stevens What's up Mountain man from Hertford NC
Matthew Hicks Bring the crew and come fishing at lake Erie
Kevin Mack Hi Mountain man. Kevin from Thornville, Ohio
Don Stafford Hello mountain man all the way from the Adirondack mountains of New York
Glenn Robaugh Hey fellas
Perry Howell What's the band aid for?
John Timothy Oldham Duck dynasty πŸ˜†πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
David Perdue Hellow from Franklin county Viriginia
Theresa Clark Hi mountain
Mary March Hello from Youngstown Ohio
Brian Edwards Louisiana Fam right here!
Kevin Thompson Sr. Yall got a full house
Perry Howell Howdy mountain man
Laurie Parker Hi there
Martha Leath Hi Mountain Man! TN.
Timothy Taig Hi Mountain Man!
Luke Bow Noskiye Hello
Brian Edwards What up Tim!!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Brian Edwards Live'n faceabooking me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Brian Edwards Mountain Man!
Timothy Seay Hello mountain man what's up
Arlene Boals Hey mountain man from Logan Ohio
Mountain Man
Mountain Man6 days ago


Joni Knight Hi Tim! Just saw this sitting in Overtime Sports Bar in Franklin, KY. Good to see you're famous! Lol. Take care. We're going to New Orleans for the 3rd time. Behave (impossible). Love you. Joni
Heath Daniel Schwab I may have to get that book. But don't no if I can go slower I'm fat and disabled pretty slow already but ide love to read it. Or watch the movie one day. Lol. Thanks Tim Guraedy loved this clip. God bless
Marvin Weindorff I don't remember seeing this before. Thanks for posting.
Heath Daniel Schwab Wow wished I seen this years ago love that knife. Great deal.
Debbie Hammer Love you mountain man! Don't ever change. 😊
Tom Musso Wow - you've hit the big time, MM! Nice going!
Joseph Foti Sr. Thumb up!
Ed Brown I got that book a couple of months ago. Good readin'!
Sharon Brown Lindsey Great book πŸ˜€
Sandy Mcmanus
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.1 week ago

Mountain Man Radio show call 800-259-1440 and day haaayyyy

Erik Hagedoorn Hey guys!! Anyone wanna donate hay, fencing or money towards the farmers that lost everything in the Texas Oklahoma wildfires???
Belinda Paul Smith Mt man when are ya going to take time and come sit on the dock and fish with my lil girl at darbonne lake. She would really love this if just for five min. Lol
Donny Smith Mountain man, speckled perch are tearing it up down here, 3 and 4 pounders, Donny from tifton, ga.
Belinda Paul Smith Would love to have you fish us us at lake darbonne lol. My daughter willbe 11 april 19 and would love to sit on the dock with you and fish. She loved seeing you at the dollar store there by motel in farmerville
Jessalyn Bailey Hey Mountain Man - checking in from West Tennessee! Always good to see you!
AmyJames Davidson Hi mountain Man give a shout out to my husband James Davidson we love all you guys Willie And the Family <3
AmyJames Davidson Come to Mayfield Kentucky and go fishing with us We lived in Florida for 5 years nice fishing there
Bill King What your favorite to fish for mountain man.And do you hunt duck with the dynasty boys.
AmyJames Davidson Hey mountain Man you can email me I you love to tell you about my dad a quadriplegic as of 2013 he would love to get an autograph picture of you and the Duck Dynasty family
Rhonda Hodge You favor my dad some what!!!! Love to hear and watch you
Jill Smith Hey there Mountain Man sending love all the way from Marietta Ohioβ€οΈπŸ‘
Gladys Ramirez Hey Mountain Man you're awesome! Say hi to Si from Springfield Illinois
AmyJames Davidson We're the from Mayfield Kentucky My husband would love to hunt,fish with you and your wife. We have a lot of deer out here in the country. And I make one Hell of a breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, corn beef hash, Sausage, Hot water cornbread, etc... God Bless
Lisa Greene My husband liked watching you he passed in November my house burnt down and killed him and burned my granddaughter it been hard.
Patrick Challis Hello mountain man my name is Patrick Challis were big fans of you all we was just down there last week we really want to meet you all Willie and korie were foster parents and the kids and us love you all we live in Chandler Oklahoma
Clevey White Mountain man saw you at Martins Men's Wear in Florence Al Remember that ?
Tad Bowers Come to Kentucky where were known for good fishing and we'll go fishing Paducah Kentucky
Larry F Nelson Hey from Minnesota. Remember the big guy at Burger King in Rochester?
Belinda Paul Smith He was at the dollar store one weekend looking for a quick gift for Mother's Day and we got pics lol
Donna Swift Mathis So sad that Duck Dynasty is going off the air. Sure have enjoyed watching all of you.
Mark Fryer Hey Mountain Man Mark Fryer here from Monetville Ontario whats up with the photo behind you with the Canadian Flag
Eddie Wright Haven't heard anybody say anything about the WolfMan forever!!!!!!!
June Heinz You are welcome to go fishing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Deb Levingston Hey Mountain Man from the Levingston's in Ohio. Hope all is well with you. God Bless
Mountain Man
Mountain Man at Hixson Ford of Monroe.1 week ago

Only at Hixson Ford of Monroe - ask for the Mountain Man Oil Change Special! $14.99 for 5 quarts emmmhmmmmm, y'all gotta tell em Mountain Man sent ya!

Mountain Man That smelly redneck has got a radio show today at 5 pm
David Ebbs I'd take em up on that mountain man but bein I live in the show me state It'd pretty much defeat the purpose, square deal none the less.
Jack Schaeffner only problem is; after all the miles driving home, I'll need an oil change.....
Marcus Aurelius If they come to New Zealand I'll take em up on that. Keep it real mountain man, love your work mmhhhmmmm
Cindy Wilcox Cordell I need an oil change, tad too far to go!
Rob-Jessica Vermont That is so awesome go mountain man
John Skidmore I Got Mine Today.
Stephen Silvers Emmmmmmhmmmm
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.2 weeks ago
Mountain Man Thanks fur tuning in y'all , I'm kicked back at home now , gonna read y'all's comments now,emmm-hmmmm
Mountain Man We've got an open line call 800-259-1440
Mountain Man Y'all call 800-259-1440 and say haaaay
Mountain Man Call 800-259-1440
Connie Duvall Hi mountain man
Patsy Gaddy Thank you for continuing to be who you are and not changing for anyone! Everyone needs to know that it is okay being yourself and not being someone that you are not! We love you just the way you are!
Andy Pieknik Hey mountain man, what time does your come on every week? I will call in next time you are on, I'm from Drummond island Michigan!
Donald Sullivan Going to R and Robert and Telling them that Mountain Man sent me!
Erik Hagedoorn Need to come over to New Mexico and do some coyote and prairie dog hunting... them rascals are taking over
Erik Hagedoorn Do you have some kind words for the farming community affected by the wild fires in the panhandle of Texas?
Donald Sullivan You need some of your sponsors in front of M&M so we can see them on video!
Jerry Stultz Watched duck dynasty last night mountain man was tracking the cat lol
Diane Meixner Cranker Long live DD time for the MM to have his own spinoff. Who would watch? 😊
Kenny Herndon Snowing here in WV. Makes me want to break out your Slow Christmas CD!
Anne Williams Hey from Algonquin, Illinois. Originally from Memphis. Love your show.
Alice Deaux Mountain man I think you're awesome from Jacksonville Florida
Heidi Howel I'm hoping that they'll still have Help and Jess, Growing the Dynasty. Aren't they?
Darlene Leming Hi mountain man love your show this is Darlene from Sylacauga Alabama
Diane Bean Hey Mountain Man from Snowy Maine! We're expectign 15- 22 inches of snow thru tomorrow!
Melanie Rayburn Barnes It's cutting in and out see u later mountain man take care!!!
Joel Laforet Forget You should do a show in Detroit Michigan because I would want to see you I love you on on duck Dynasty you are the coolest Out of all of them you're the coolest
Kay Garner my freezers full of Alaskan Salmon, and Mahi Mahi we caught in Mexico
Jeff Dennis My daughter made all A & B on her report card. Her name is sis. Can u say hey to her
Rommel Fernandez mountain man do not take this personaly,,but the dog is much way better than u
Mountain Man
Mountain Man2 weeks ago

Had some buddies drop in today , there a lil nutty, emmm-hmmmm. ...

Arthur Ajthedj Anglebrandt Are you trying to fatten them up. Looks like good eating to me.
Patricia Gissel You think its a whole family. How is Libby by the way I haven't been on facebook in a couple months. I think of her all the time
Tim Costlow Just keep on keeping on...God Bless you and your radio show...!
Ed Brown Heyyy, Mountain Man! Nice talkin' to you on your radio show the other day! Have a blessed week.
Amanda Hurst Hey mountain man fatten them out willie sees them he'lI kill and eat them☺keep on keekeeping on
Tom Musso Better keep the Robertsons away!
Daniel Fouts So when will Dinner be ready ? Lol
Ken Mason Breakfast lunch dinner and a snack (names)
Laura Owen Don't eat them, they are too cute!
Faith Tomlinson Call Mrs. Kay she likes some squirrel brains.
Elizabeth Cheeley
David Cox Kinda like those duck dynasty nuts
Tracy Paye Durkee :)
Blaine Dunaway Squirrl dumplings emmm hmmm lol
Dan King I can see your nuts
Seana Smith You didn't shoot them did you?
April Wright Cuties!!
Barb Snyder Cute! I love squirrels!
Daniel Fouts I eat squirrel they good eating
David Hilton MM are they tasty?
Deborah Avery That look like our front porch
Debbie Macias Love πŸ’– them squirrels
Brian Matheus Just add dumplings