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Larry Lane You are not getting any prettier Mountain Man. Hope you have a Merry Christmas from the Lanes in Portland TN
April East I have chickens.. no need to say more of what's on my boots😁
Brad Burress Merry Christmas bro be blessed you and your family
Jeff Grimes Maybe you ain't getting my messages lol have a merry Christmas
Donald Parker
David Whatley Merry Christmas
Charles N Donna Wheeler Love ya broheam Check out RockSpringsonline, My Church and Si Robertson came out for our 4thof July party and check us out and we wish you would come
Eileen Clinton Can't wait we're going to be moving to Louisiana really looking forward to it living in Florida now. Florida is not what it's cracked up to be
Robert E. Lee Brother mountain'man thank you for sharing your radio show God bless you all down there from up here in Lebanon Indiana
Russell McAllister hey Mountain Man, we got snow last week end, here in the south east Louisiana, it was a mess, no power and so cold.... :(
Jason Boyd Hey mountain man I just want to wish you, your family, and the robertsons a merry Christmas. God bless you all
Sandra C Penney Hello from Rome Ga. Saying that I love my granddaughter candus and the kids that are there in West Monroe la.
Nora Lisa Chapa Hey Mountain Man. Blessings from Texas! It was Cold, then nice and now...Getting cold again. Parka weather for us S. Texans. ha
Carole Impelmans Hi mountain man , merry christmas from Australia. Big shout to my husband Johnny would be great . Thankyou <3
Charles Cooper Hello mountain man hope yall are having a great evening.
Charlie Ray Hager 4 to 5 inch in parts of NC over this past weekend
Hammer Johnson Michigan wait 5 min weather changes here
Hammer Johnson Michigan got 3 inch getting more tommorow
Hammer Johnson When you coming to michigan
Lynette Key Day Glad to hear from you, Mountain Man Merry Christmas to you from Alamo, Ga.
Susie R Shows Merry Christmas God bless you and yours xx mountain man
Mountain Man
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Mountain Man
Caleb & Donovan
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Caleb & Donovan Hey we know those guys, BOOYAH!!
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Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.1 week ago
Mountain Man
June Lovaasen Merry Christmas , mountain man from North Dakota
Carol Lanning Well I'm not coming to Louisiana to you your stuff I'm from Trenton New Jersey you keep your snow there I think we're getting it keep that snow out there
Paige Sommers Nice meeting you today, Mountain Man! (Even though you didn't pull our name to win any free sets of tires, haha!) Hope you enjoyed Lake Charles! We are loving your CD already! God bless!
Ringo Israel Merry Christmas to everyone one down there. Drive safe. It's sun shine and blue skys in Michigan. ❤😃
Sandra J. Anglemyer Merry Christmas from the Pocono Church of Christ in Pennsylvania
Pamela York Merry Christmas to you may God bless you
Jeff Strader Mountainman your steering wheel is on the wrong side!
Carol Lanning That's a lot of snow in Louisiana
Carol Lanning Yeah I'm not mad Merry Christmas have a good one
Juan Arthur Rangel Need to get together and do some hunting
Lorelei Macewan Merry Christmas mountain man from Nova Scotia Canada, dang we don't even have snow! Much love ❤️😘
Teddy Wallen Hi mountain man hope u have a good Christmas be safe
Theresa Niscior Yikes. Not looking forward to that. But it's heading our way!
Tammy Driscoll Bill king what part of my are u feom?
Debra Roberts Love your show Mountain Man. From Statesboro, ga.
Joyce Laudenslager Hello Mountain Man have a wonderful day
Richard Pippin Checking in from Taneyville Missouri. Merry Christmas.
Milissa Anthony Wilt We are to get some tomorrow here in Dover, PA up to 3 inches
Bill King Hi Mountain man.From Upstate NY.We don't have any here.But west by Buffalo they do.
Zane WLady Hey MERRY CHRISTMAS Fall Branch Tennessee .
Matthew Helmick What is that white stuff lol
Steve Birks WHAT TOWN MOUNTAIN MAN .. is Duck Dynasty Store located in ??
Steve Birks Love Y'all at Duck Dynasty .. Looks like y'all gettin' a little snow
Jerry Plodzik Good to see you mountain man. Merry Christmas buddy
Tom Musso Be safe my friend! Good thing you used to live in Indiana!
Mountain Man
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Radio show y'all call me at 800-259-1440 new callers emmhmmm

Mountain Man
Darrell Gibbs Mountain Men in your travels when you come to Tennessee I would love to do an interview on a Small Town Radio Station in the Cumberland Plateau area in between Nashville Chattanooga
Maizie Chapman Hello from minnesota Chapman’s Boomer’s friend
Jameel Buss Tuning in from small town Davis, Il. Town of 700
Frank Jarone Bryant J B from Columbia ( Mule Town) Tennessee .
Rusty Chapman Hey Mountain man!
Bob Rock Hello kids, I was Blessed to be able to visit the Duck Commander warehouse and also the church where the family goes. I sat in on a Bible study given by Jase and sat two seats behind Uncle Si. I was welcomed and felt very comfortable during my visit from here in Boston Mass. Merry Christmas to everyone. GOD Bless. Xo
Jesse Y. Leal Out here in North Hollywood working on a commercial shoot. Just north of us is the Sylmar fires which is causing bad air conditions. We have 4-major fires in the Southern California area.
Mark Smith I saw a picture of you and Katie knight on your harley Davidson I think back in the summer I was just wondering what kind you have and how often do you get to ride and do yaw do any benefit rides
Dawn McCravey So, since I can’t get through on the phone....I’m making cookies today. What’s your favorite Christmas cookie Mountain Man?
Teresa Thompson Ask mountain man if he has ever drank Revital U Brew coffee? It will give you energy, good mental focus, curbs appetite, helps with weight loss
Dawn McCravey I’ll be making those sprinkle type cookies tomorrow I think. Today I made sand tarts, cheese crackers and chocolate whiskey truffles.
Jesse Y. Leal The high winds here in the San Fernando valley are definitely a problem for these fires here. Over 150 homes have been lost in Ventura.
Donna G Branham Best way for venison..... small hind quarter....onions ....potatoes.....season it....can use beefy onion dry mix seasoning........salt...pepper....bake in 11x14 dish
Kimberly Jo Noyes What up mountain man. You remind me of my brother Gary Noyes from Broken Arrow Oklahoma. My grandson loves all of you,his name is Brady Noyes . I love all of you. Kimberly Noyes from Mulberry, Arkansas.
Bryan Fulton Tell mountain man and his crew to come to tater day in Benton ky on April 1st bring everyone with big and loud trucks
Peggy LaRock You should have a look alike contest. My brother looks just like you. My kids think your him. Uncle Joe
David Batson Currently 30 degrees here in Mishawaka, Indiana, but it feels like 17 degrees. There is a SantaClaus, Indiana.
Dennis Gunter Hey Mountain Man have you any idea what the cheapest nuts are ? I hear deer nuts are...Their always under a buck !
Margaret Dobbins i love u mountain man , i watch ur show an im trying to get a shout from u for christmas!!!! living in port charlotte Fl.
Jordan Wesley Curtis If dogs are smarter than cats... then how come, you never seen, a cat fall for the peanut butter trick?
Emily Shook Davis Hello Mountain Man! My 7 year old son & I are enjoying watching you from Hiawassee, Georgia! We're ready for some snow!
Deme Anderson Yes, Roll Tide is right, thanks. Never been in your town, but hey, there's always a first time. Have a wonderful Christmas. God bless you and yours.
Michael R. Quill All rednecks need to catch gators and release em into into Rio grande river,anualy have gator events,crokadile tears in the south west u.s.! Get em boys
Stephanie Johnson-Mendiola Hey there, just finished putting up lights and my daughter and husband finish decorating the tree now it's raining.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago

Radio show call 800-259-1440 to say hay! Dr. Sharma is here to answer questions again...and Bert is here to make noise emmhmmm

Mountain Man
Mountain Man 800-259-1440
Katie Knight Dr Sharma injected my mom with PRP. She could hardly walk for 7 years and after the injection she has been pain free now for over a year.
April East Must be the age. Mine is like a little Ibot vacuum 😂
Kirby Burch Well I tried to call you buddy
Toney Cooper Hey mountainsn
Jimmiesue Pooser Can I come visit you when I get there in Monroe for my birthday in March? I love some Mountain Man humor and down to earth logic.
Robbin Clark Jackson How do you know if your doctor is giving you the best care. I know my doctor is giving me her best but over prescribing drugs. I have a long history with chronic pain.
Eric Rogers I thought you were supposed to rub dear urine all over yourself to disguise your scent? Isnt that what Missy and Korie did?
Gary Noble What's up Mountain Man I recorded all Duck Dynasty that I could I still watch them over and over wanted to say I miss all you guys howdy from Cincinnati Ohio
Marissa Fay Shattuck I loose feeling in my feet and legs feet swell I had c section 8 months ago ever sense this what happend also high blood pressure
Eric Rogers My back is jacked up bad. Does Dr. Sharma have any reccomendations for anyone in San Diego that does the same he does?
Mark Johnston I have A lot of cramping in my hands. With or of pain in my arms at times not near the wrist what could be causing this
Wanda Carlisle Caulder Howdee from North Carolina!! Just butter my buns and call me biscuit....always good to hear from ya...
Linda N Tim Kling I had a total hip replacement 3 years ago and now i have pain in it when i lay on that side and when i drive my leg hurts to the point where ive got to stop get out and stretch any suggestions of to what's causing it?
Dawn O'Rourke-Bodrie how do you get rid of lower back pain! I hurt to the point i cant bend over to to put socks on!
Stacy Cubbage Did you say that Andrew was a hamster Tyler lol
Sybil Tayes Elliott Hey Mountain man,you are my favorite. From North Carolina.
Doreen Gould Hi Mountain man, l just did that lost a hundred pounds
Sheila Peek Is the duck hunting good this year?
Eric Rogers Hey Mountain Man EmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHmmmmmmmmmm. Hi Beautiful Katie, the lady in red.
Jerry Jameson I got duratrac tires on my truck 65k miles and still got bite
Eric Rogers Is Katie back in there yet?
Wanda Carlisle Caulder Thanks y'all Have a safe and blessed evening.
Eric Rogers What's Al's church called? White Chapel or something to that effect right?
Eric Rogers Kaitlin your note was backwards. Couldnt read it.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man3 weeks ago


Mountain Man Had to another SELFIE!
Katie Jacobsen I love you man all the way from Boston
Tony McRae Happy Thanksgiving Mountain Man! I hope you all had a good cajun thanksgiving with some rice dressing and boudin!
David R. Dahl Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish Mountain Man. You have given me many good laughs on television. God is great and worthy of so many thanks. Dave
Aja Link Hi! My name is Aja and I’m a producer at the Maury Povich TV Show in Stamford, CT. I would love to speak with someone about a fun, upbeat show I’m currently working on. If someone could get back to me so we could discuss this further, I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you! Best, Aja Link
Livina-Conrad Oxford Happy Thanksgiving to you Mountain Man God Bless you and your family,From Newfoundland. We Enjoy your Radio Show.
Joey Scott What'sup mountain man happythanks giving man.If I move my family out therecan you help get us ajob? We are very hard working family.
Michael Jones It was sure nice to meet you in person today at RNR TIRE in LUFKIN TX, Mountain Man. You're a class act brother. Safe travels
Ann Burkes I had lunch with your cousins Bruce Guraedy and Carol Guraedy Hawkins today. Carol remains positive about her health situation.
Donna Lee Happy Thanksgiving Mountain Man to you and your family !!
Carol Clark Happy Thanksgiving to You too!!! Hope it was wonderful.
Tribby Graves Briley Happy Thanksgiving friend from the Briley House:)
Wayne Larson Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family from a big fan
Cheran Schick Happy thanksgiving to you and your family
Josh Servellon Well thanks Mountain man, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Clarence Eddie Edward Biddle Thanks, Hope you had a very Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Mountain Man from the Biddle's
Kevin Thompson Sr. Happy Thanksgiving brother hope it was a good one
Wm C Bill Harris Happy Thanksgiving yall an even Birt !!!
Brian Williams Happy Thanksgiving mountain man to you and your family hope you have a safe and blessed day from NC.
Leanne Labelle Happy Thanksgiving to yall have a good 1 don t eat too much blessings to u and family 😀
Nancy Stephens Happy Thanksgiving Mountainman , miss watching your show
Duane Cartledge Hope You and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Rebecca Cullers Happy Thanksgiving God Bless you and your family
Jackie Darby Bowman You have a Happy 😊 Thanksgiving Mountain Man And God Bless
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.4 weeks ago

Radio show call 800-259-1440

Mountain Man
Bryan Kevin Miller She liked seeing u on duck dynasty, i hope u get the message to call n tell her happy birthday 706 244 5060
George Heck Fun to meet you in the Atlanta Airport a couple of years ago Mountain Man. Love your show!
Bryan Kevin Miller Mountain man, could u call n wish my wife a happy birthday, 706 244 5060 shes the big 37
Tim Wieland You need to come back to Illinois and hunt with me again
Jean Nelson I need a shout out from mountain man
Rick Otte Love your book!!
Patricia Mathis Reynolds Watching live from South Carolina on Facebook.. Love watching mountain man.
Hope Cundiff Everyone talks about Duck Dynasty guys, I really hope you know its not just because of them that some of us listen! We love ya feller!
Lew Fiord Here is the report
Jordan Giesbrecht Hello mountain man! Love and prayers to you and the Robertson family! From Myself and my family in BC Canada. Happy thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas!
Lew Fiord Read about this in a article. The person is a wealthy person and he has a super rare disorder killing him.
Peggy LaRock I think mountain man should have a contest of people that looks like him. My brother looks so much like him that my kids think he is my brother Joe.
Jonathan Bradford I am a Mountain Man fan in Texas! I'm happy to say that some of my relatives look like and sound like Mountain Man! We can all take a lesson from Mountain Man, to take life slowwww n eassssssy!
Eric Rogers Jean's in love with the Mountain Man!
Randy Darity you aught invite Squirrel down nar at junk yard to eat Thanksgiving with you
Steve Massie What’s up mountain man we love you brother
Rick Biehle I could use a 20 year old body but I bet the surgery would be a pain in the neck
Rick Biehle Sounds like a bona fide news program now
Eric Rogers I love Randy Travis too!
Eric Rogers Okay, Jean Nelson is lovin' what Mountain Man is sellin'!
Eric Rogers Im leaving San Diego. West Monroe or Bust!!!
Eric Rogers She's so cute, it's driving me cray cray!
Eric Rogers Hey Katie, please send me a friend request when you get a minute.
Eric Rogers Katie plays Geetar too? She is getting even more perfect by the minute.
Eric Rogers Pan to your left, my right.