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Mountain Man
Donnie Conway Hey buddy I'm in treestand can't watch Sorry buddy watch later Love them heelers myself buddy
Joni Knight Hi Tim! Love Bert!
Randy Richards MOUNTAIN MAN! I am the Army pilot that Ran into to ya at the Lake Charles airport last week. Thanks again for your time sir!!
Nancy E Jenkins I see you have a heeler dog. Less to find up my way in Alberta, Canada. Lost my two to death. Want another heeler dog.
Tim Ward Night night. Early start on the shoot tomorrow. Hope you have a great show. All the from Scotland in the Uk
Danny Cronan Hey MM. Would you follow Jase's lead and get a shave and haircut for your favorite charity? or for Mia?
Cynthia Pascoe I think Bert's Speaking loud and clear, he's saying "Hey I don't know you folks let me outa here". 😊 JK Bert'a A Cutie!
Pj Degiorgio Frost is crazy in the morning here in ny already
Ernestine N Owens Hello there. My little dog growling at your dog. Are you single..
Drexel Lay Howdy from Kenosha Wisconsin love the show Mountain Man you look a lot like my older brother who's on Facebook by the way Stanley lay is his name and you actually sound like it you to talk alike
Christian Matter When did you last shave im curious
Christian Matter Lets give a shoutout to the fire victims out west
Kaylene Errett U need get there and fix the air like u did on one episode of Duck!
Kaylene Errett Mountain man that was a funny and good episode. U showed Missy and Jase
Kaylene Errett Can't see stars here where I live, either. Too many lights also
Jeanne Tipton I think Phil will have conservative view show.
Jeanne Tipton Bert is perfect puppy. A rope with a knot tied in it may help
Jeanne Tipton Bert will be great by 6 months
Nancy E Jenkins Hi from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
GloriaRandi Swan Hey mountain man from rainbow island in Arkansas...
Jeanne Tipton Didn’t mountain man repair said air conditioner at duck commander?
Mary Leann Bring him to Chattanooga, Tennessee ❤️😂
Bonnie Lloyd My 17 year old dog is named Bert!
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.1 week ago

Radio show y'all call me 800-259-1440 emmmhmmm

Mountain Man
Kirby Burch Hey Mountain Man from Cainpole
Carol Welty Hey Tim , love from Boomer and carol
Carol Welty Happy Birthday from Boomer and Carol,
Lorie Rosenberger Hi there hope you have a great year ahead. thanks for the update and wishes you a blessed day and may the Lord bless you and keep you safe Amen
Justin T. McGeorge Mountain Man, be sure to call in to the Rick and Bubba Show when you go hunting Bigfoot. They will LOVE it. They're big fans of you and Bigfoot!
John Payne I'm gonna tune in every day till I get a shout out then I'm gonna watch everyday till I have a phone call with mm. Love yall so much
Russell McAllister that's correct Mountain Man, the hog head cheese is made from the meat from the hog's head.... :) and it has a great spicy flavor
Keith Parish Happy birthday Mountain Man! I never tried hog head cheese but I will sometime I've never seen it in Arkansas.
Connie Stanley I watched the episode when yaw were in the RV .and one of them cooked something then stunk the whole RV made me laff
Marion Wilson Happy birth . the hog heat chesse good to the last bite. pigs feet good. potted is good with hog head cheese. God bless.
Tana Starkey Hey Mountain Man! We’re seein the comments thread here in Indiana but no audio or video... 😦 mmm hmmm
Garth Fitzgerald Hi hurry up here in Northern New Brunswick Canada just keep right on talking enjoying this much thank you
Tim Costlow Hey Mountain Man...Good to hear from you again...hope this New Year is full of prosperity and good health...Captain Tim...Jacksonville Fl...still looking to move to Georgia just south of Folkston Ga..get to do me some fishing on the St. Marys river.
Joseph Foti Sr. Hello again from another redneck down here in Mandeville, Louisiana. Thumb up!
Chad Roberts Hello From Clarksville Tennessee!! Not the Chad your niece married!!! Cute doggie!!!
Joseph Galasso Any new shows in the works for the duck dynasty crew
Sherry Kunce Jr you rock don't eat all the cup cakes
Sherry Kunce Going to class love you Mountain man katelyn happy bday
Sherry Kunce To much we need laughter that's why we need Mountain man.
Sherry Kunce Mountain man I need your address to send you your Iowa Hawkeyes bumper sticker
Sherry Kunce Here too Iowa wet cold rainy
Sherry Kunce Awww that's awesome Bert is laughing
Sherry Kunce How is Willie and the boys doing ?
Sherry Kunce Bert is making Mountain man itching
Sherry Kunce How are the boys doing Willie Jase ms kay
Mountain Man
Mountain Man is with Tim Guraedy.3 weeks ago

Hello there, I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE Y ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Bobby Dobbs I missed your birthday happy birthday bud sure love to have you come to my handicap kids fishing tournament Friday special needs kids whatever I got a hundred of them fishing and anybody is more than welcome to come
Tom Musso Happy Birthday Mountain Man! Hope you had a great day and that the year ahead is filled with blessings for you.
Grace Stone Happy Birthday Tim ! Our hope your day was filled with fun and laughter but most of all love !!! Hugs from Grace and Jonathan ! Jonathan looking forward to getting some hunting in with you again next month!!!
Pearl Wrolen Happy Birthday Mountain man. I hope you had a great day. sorry so late God Bless you and keep you safe.
Tim Costlow Happy Birthday Mountain Man....May this New Year be filled with prosperity,happiness and good health...!
Wendy Shoen A very Happy Birthday to a very nice man!
Danny Sullivan Happy Birthday brother. Sure do love them boots.
Diane Brooks Finn Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day!!
Ryan Dalasinski Sending birthday greetings from Gallatin, Tennessee! Have a blessed birthday!
Daniel Morgan Happy birthday Mountain Man
Bill Janous Happy Birthday ‘ol mountain man....
Richard Steen Happy Birthday Tim.
Kareena Henson Happy late birthday friend! If I was there I would give you big birthday Hug! And Kiss! Love to be your Mountain Woman! I can cook to! I may look like Ms. KAY.. I'M SURE SHE IS BETTER COOK! BUT I CAN PROBABLY COOK BETTER THAN KORIE..LOL
Jeff Smith Happy birthday mountain man God blesssss you.
David Stevens Happy Birthday Tim "Mountain Man" Guraedy!!!
Robert Leath Happy Birthday Mountain Man. Mine was Sunday.
Wade Smith Happy Birthday Mountain Man! Appreciate your humor.
Jam Knue Happy birthday sir hope it s great one
Gary Richardson Happy birthday, Mountain Man! We love you here in Indianapolis, IN!
Jeremy Bliss Hello and Happy Birthday from Mobile, Alabama !!!!
Livina-Conrad Oxford Happy Birthday Mountain Man,Blessings to you and yours enjoy your special day..
Connie Fenton Love you, Mt. Man. And if I missed it, than. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you, with many more...
Dawn Marie Cottrell Thoenen Happy Birthday Blessing over you! God Bless your family. And have a beautiful week!!!!
Henderson Chris Happy Birthday mountain man God Bless you too
Cathy Cauble Happy birthday Mountain Man! Hope you had a good one!
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago

Radio show time - call 800-259-1440 and say haaay y'all

Mountain Man
Carol Welty Hope your getting some good fish Tim , Hey from Boomer and Carol
Michael Andrew Degnan Yo thanks for the shout out. Scotland the birthplace of all nations 😎 Go on Mountain Man, Quality human being. Peace brother 🙏🏻
JW Marcus What is your opinion on all of the NFL protest? Pretty sure what it is - we've turned off our tv and headed to the deer lease!!!
Robert Kilkenny Mountain Man you should be in the studio and recreate The Charlie Angels Pose with the lovely ladies in the studio.
Hollie Smith It was really cool seeing Moutain Man, he showed up at Lake Washington in Chatham, MS saturday to the kids fishing rodeo. :) The kids had a blast
Dante Jensen If the NFL is so worried about political correctness then they should allow TRANSGENDER CHEERLEADERS 😂
Donna E Cassidy-Larson My son makes beautiful knives out of deer antlers
Michael Andrew Degnan Redhead is the Flower of Scotland 💐
Doug Kuchek Stop holding up pic so I can look at your beautiful face!!
Danny Seamon Hey mountain Man Prattville Alabama here
John Cheek HEY MOUNTAIN MAN me and my wife love you GOD bless
Bob Heinlein I run around at 3 in the morning too
Steve Rakosky U said church I'm in the wrong place
Randy Salkill I just got out of school mountain man glad I got to see this
Jerry Magee Always fishin, Its my therapy
Brian Edwards New Orleans here, tell Tim what up!
Curtis Cain Hey Y'all - put a picture of postcard address
George Gielow III I just got back from fishing in Minnesota 👍🇺🇸
Jimmy Strain Katie love that red hair , my granddaughters is that color
Al Saggese We need a good Reality television show Mountian Man TV,how bout it.
Brad Lope What are you doing over in my neck of the woods, Mountain Man ?
Brad Lope Well you all are not paying any attention to your viewers comments. So I'm out. ✌
Al Saggese God Bless Mountian Man much love to you.
Sherry Renee Atchley Tell mountain man hey from bait n thangs
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.1 month ago


Mountain Man
Tim Costlow Helloooo Mountain Man...From Captain Tim ....Jacksonville Florida.
McCoy Anderson Hello from Gainesville Fl !! Enjoying your show live on Facebook
Jerry Magee Hey, my dad caught a 14.1 pound Large MOUTH bass today, indiana
Curtis Cain Howdy from Alaska Mnt Man - your bud "Ole Spare Tire"
Travis Spencer jambalaya with crawdad sauce sounds good
Herb Batson Hay ya enjoyed watching this, thanks Herb in Tennessee
Roger Johnson British Columbia Canada
Stan Orr Sounds like a Si sighting , Purple Panther
Donna E Cassidy-Larson Mountain man I miss all of you I have been praying for Mia, she has been such a big blessing for me, I am an ol lady and that little lady has touched my heart. she stay so plain talking i just love it. tell her hello please.
Joseph Foti Sr. Hello again from another redneck down here in Mandeville, Louisiana. Thumb up!
Donna Ford If asked to have your own show, would you do it like maybe a Mountain man TV show?
Dickie Dennis Hey Mountain Man. How do you feel about NASCAR ?
Donald Parker Hello Hello Hell out there from North Carolina let's go fishing mountain man
John Wood Really enjoy you and your program. John Wood Madisonville, la
Alan Bomstein I'm going cat fishing tonight
George Wing Hello from the Wing family up here in Maine. Hope you all are doing well down there!
Victor E. Conner Hello mountain man from Boones Mill, va moonshine capital of the world
Steve Conover Hey there Mountain Man! You getting ready for duck season? Cuttem' All Jack!
Steve Massie Hey mountain man can you pay for a plane ticket so I can come visit you you're the man
John Svoma I love the show ! I do not blame them going to the mountains because all this rioting and BS going on !
Bobbi Fultz Gray What jase cut off his hair and beard off OMG
Robert Kilkenny When The Mountain Man Harmonica going to be released? I want to buy one for Christmas
Debra Causey Brown What's the number to call u
Mike Davis A big old Texas Howdy from Mike Davis
Mountain Man
Mountain Man is with Tim Guraedy.1 month ago

Ran into some great men at the motel in Galatin Tennessee. Thank you Vietnam veterans for your service! God bless y'all!

Patty Swift You were about 60 miles north of where we live, God bless our vets!
Daniel Alexander god bless you all!
Donna Lee Great bunch of guys !!! 🇺🇸
Stan Vaughan Salute 🇺🇸
David Struttin Gobbler Kirk Thats where I bought my boat
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.1 month ago

Radio show y'all call 800-259-1440 if you've got a question mmmhmmm

Mountain Man
Mountain Man 800-259-1440
Shalon Churich Mountain Man I am having a surgical procedure tomorrow morning...would you please keep me in your prayers?
Donna Ford I wish you would write another book I sure loved your first book :) Will you write a book called after the show see you can use that name and it would sell too.
Tim Ward Gotta be up at six cheers for the shout out. Take care from the ward family in scotland nighty night
John Lehrke Hello from Wisconsin my name is john.... how's the fishing there ?would love to fish or hunt with you that would be a dream
Lois Moore Good morning mountain man .glad to see dry sky for a change. however the slight breeze has felt good.not big gusts. Just thankful to God that we are safe .
Roger Kennedy Who is that beautiful voice beside you
Tim Gilbert I miss watching Duck Dynasty also brother
Joseph Foti Sr. Hello again from another redneck down here in Mandeville, Louisiana. Thumb up!
Jeff Taylor Hi Mountain man, from Elkhorn, Wisconsin!
Joey Hatton Winchester Ky is where uncle Si wife is from that's where I live
Zane Dillehay Trying to call it's busy. Would love to talk you Mountain Man
Robert Deckard You got a good looking Turkey sitting by you mountain man
Mark Haithcock What going on mountain man just one this country boys from myrtle beach giving a shout out
David Robb Hay from Iowa how's the weather down their
Donald Sullivan Hey Mountain Man from Tampa Florida thank you for your prayers
Ray Bell Hi y'all from Orange New South Wales Australia
Russell McAllister do you have an app for your radio station so i can listen on the internet?
Glenn Castille Be careful you going to start a fire with them glasses
Mark Malcom whats up mountainman from Covington Ga.
Joe Loforte Ormond beach Florida in the house!
Xavier Xman Diaz Love the show brotha from Chi-town....
Jessica Free Hey Moutain Man!! I was at Frost Cutlery, When you came there a few years back!!
Chad Roberts I am the Chad from earlier I live in Clarksville TN. Where the 101st airborne are from
Myra Pearce Sending love from Myra in the morning... Idaho!